Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just sorrow.....

I´m angry, sad and very dissapointed in the human being this day!!! Some idiot or whatever has burned down our lovely old EFS Storstrand building!!! It were a church, camp and a place where courses could be held... and it was in my neighborhood!!! When I went to bed last night I just felt the smell of fire...but didn´t see or hear any sirens ... that is strange cause I looked out through my window very late at night (01.15) the dark and I couldn´t see any flames at all... I relly should have...but I think that sometimes you doesn´t want to see...must have been so. This morning I did see it burn through the same window!!

We just were so fond of this old building...and we had a lovely time at this place just a few months ago when we had Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen from Denmark here to teach for us (in March 2007)... I´m so sorry for the human kind...where are we going in this world...


  1. Uff da......var brannen påsatt??

  2. Hello Kviltstina,
    Yes it is very sad...the sorrowful bad things are happening all over the world...I keep praying for all of us and especially our children. I am concerned about the world we are leaving them! My heart goes out to you and your community. Your mystery quilt fabric is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more of your progress...
    Hugs from USA

  3. Så trist at noen finner på å gjøre slikt. Nå har jeg sittet her og kost meg med å bla bakover i bloggen din, så mye fint du har. Kommer nok til å følge med framover. Fant adressen din fra quiltville-mysteriet. Hilsen Sølvi midt i Norge

  4. Visst är det hemskt!!! De pratar om anlagd brand och mordbrand...hoppas bara att de får tag på dem!!

    Awful...Awful...they are talking about fire raisers...hope they catch them!!!



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