Sunday, February 24, 2008

One of my favourites...

This weekend I was supposed to have a sewing weekend with my quilting group "Kviltarna"...but I had no energy at all and needed time to be with my now I´m MISSING (!!!) all fun things they do and inspire themselves with!!! But I hope they share some of the fun to me...
While waiting for some energy to struck me...I am surfing around blogs and maybe that will inspire me some... One of the blogs ( On the Hill)I was visiting wanted us to make a comment on the blog and tell wich quilt was their favourite quilt... I don´t think it´s so easy...cause so many are favourites...but one of them is "Everyday Angels" by Chookshed...
I feel lucky when I am making my bed and spreading this quilt over it...then it must be a favourite!!


  1. Yes, It's very tough decision to pick a favorite quilt.... I agree with you. :-)
    Your Angel quilt is superb!
    I bet you can have a good dream under this quilt! It's very lovely.

  2. Beautiful - lovely in these soft colours.



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