Friday, March 14, 2008


Today my daffodils blossomed...indoors of course...outside we still have a lot of no signs of springflowers yet...
This is what I have been doing at home this week...can´t believe how much time it took to get thoose together...pheew ...but there was a lot of reading in old magazines in between and looking at Mc Leods Daughter´s ( my favourite tv series)...and a cup of tea or two...with a book...;D
I got this kit from Marica last year...but never made it then... but better late than never...isn´t it?? Have you done yours Marica??


  1. do you joke with me or ;-) No I hev not done them but now I must make them! Your Bunnies get so cute....

    hugs from me that forgott to do what I promies todag :( Sorry but this weekend I´ll do it.

  2. Awesome bunnies-- the noses are my favorite part.

  3. Fantastic bunnies to welcome spring. I love the birdie in the pocket.

  4. OMG! Those bunnies are adorlabe! Oh, you did a wonderful job!
    Such a lovely decoration for Easter. *S*

  5. Hi Stina, Still haven't gone to bed LOL McLeods Daughter is filmed very close to where I live.



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