Thursday, May 22, 2008


You all should try this ladies..and men!!! Join a PIF and make gifts for is SOOOO fun!! First I couldn´t come up with any idea at all...took all my magazines to bed...old ones too...and started to get some inspiration...maybe this...and Yes this one I can do!! And no...not that one...and finally the ideas started to come...then the fun starts ...planning the projects...selecting fabrics...this is the part I enjoy most of all I fiddle with my fabric!!

This is my fives...
...and now they are all finished and delivered to their new homes... two of them didn´t want to leave Sweden...not the north part ended here and the other one here... The other ones was a bit more adventurous and decided to a much longer Australia ...all three of them!! What a trio... and they ended up at these and to this place where it been some dispute of who is going to have it or not!
Have heard that they all have been very well taken care of...
hope they will help their new owners to become more organized...not putting any more needles in the couches...the other halves ( the DH) doesnt like that... ;) ...
Good luck to you all!!

So I have taken up a new PIF...and I have signed up for Four Seasons Quilt Swap...ohh...this is exciting...what will I do...who am I going to sew to..and ...who am I going to receive from...exciting!!
Go here and sign up for a PIF...she makes wonderful things!!
BTW...still time to join up for Cyber Stitching Day... there are some wonderful things made for this by Gail Pan and Anni Downs...

Have a wonderful weekend...
mine sure is ( better say so far) ...have been in the sewingroom all day...secret...secret... and tonight it is Euro Vision Song Contest ( link to all the contestants) ..big happening in Europe...more people watching than Superbowl!!! Go Sweden...Go Denmark...Go Norway... :~
Enjoy your day!!


  1. Another new header and I love should bottle your energy you are amazing.

  2. I have already seen one of your PIF and it was just your new header...

  3. love the presents you made for all the girls........and I had seen most of them and just checked out the remainder.....

  4. Stina, I love those cute little needle keeps you made for your PIF's. They are adorable!!!!

  5. Stopping in for a peek. Great gifts for your friends. Love your colors. Can you tell me about the pattern? Chelsey graduates today. Her open house was wonderful yesterday. I'll be back to quilting before you know it.

  6. Stina, the PIF gifts are so pretty and useful! I'm sure each recipient was thrilled to receive their package. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  7. Hi! I am visiting your blog for the first time and love it! Thanks for sharing your cute PIF's! I checked them all out and love the stitching- gorgeous! : )I'll come by again!

  8. Your PIFs look wonderful. Can't believe how quick you were. Put me to shame.! Looking forward to seeing what you make for your Four Seasons swap. Last day of term tomorrow, so hopefully lots of stitching will happen here for the next two weeks.

  9. First of all, I really like your new header picture!
    Secondly, that is quite a load of things in your package from Colleen. Your PIF gift that she made is very good. Lucky you!

  10. Stina I love those lovely needlework cases you made - may I ask where you got the pattern or is it your design? I would love to make one as a gift for my mother-in-law. Please tell! I would even buy a pattern from you!!



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