Friday, June 13, 2008

Angel story... Challenge...

First of all...check out Lynette Andersons blog....she´s having a wonderful giveaway...this one you don´t want to miss!!

...Angel Story...
Ohh these angels...they have been a project going on way tooo long now...
I started mine at least 2 years ago...and have been working on them every summer... so has Marica...and we have been setting dates for finishing them...extended the deadline...and so on.. you get the point...and guess what they are STILL NOT FINISHED!!!
So when we had our last meeting...we decided to work on them... You know how it is to start a project you have put don´t remember how you had been thinking...and it get kind of tricky to start again...
And this time we set another deadline...knowing in my mind...that we could extend it this time too... ;)
Then May Britt made a comment on my blog and said that they were her bad I challenged her to join us... and she did!!! And then Hanne, Anne Ida , Bjørg ( no blog) and Cathi wanted to join in!!
This is fantastic...more pressure ( I need that) maybe this time I can´t put them away...and thats good...cause I really want them finished!!
I talked to Marica tonight and she will make a little "sign" for this Angelclub...
So if there are more people working on this one or will start it...join us...
This is the deal:
Top finished by 30th September...and quilt finished (quilted and binded) 1st of January 2009!!

So I will add this to my sidebar soon with links to all who joins...and I´d be happy if you mail me at with your progress (and if you have no blog...we solve that someway) we all can help and support each other to finish this lovely quilt by the end of the year!! Haven´t thought of any prize ...but it could be possible there will be a drawing for the completed quilts... if I´m not to exhausted.... ;)
Good luck to all!!
...So I have started today...sat outside in the lovely weather ...and stitched one block finished...
...started another...
...and this is how far I have come...have all blocks finished...but not completed the stitchery on some... and I also have started to cut out the squares... so I´m a bit on the way!!

And for making this Challenge a challenge..I joined another Challenge...check out Peg´s blog!!
Finish Five by end of July!!
So wish me luck ...I can need that... ;)
I´m out of my mind...!!!


  1. Good Luck on your angels! You will have them done in no time...
    I also joined the challenge of five finishes. Pressure is a good thing!

  2. The angels are soooo cute! Good luck with finishing them. I will look forward to seeing it!

  3. Oh such sweet angels and such a good challenge. Where can the angels be found?

  4. Your angel quilt is lovely Stina. I would really like to join in on the challenge but unfortunately I wont as I know it would be impossible for me to be finished as I have so many other projects I need to do....sigh...sigh... ie. christmas presents. Good luck to all you other ladies though.Look forward to seeing them all finished.

  5. The angels look adorable! Good luck -- and I look forward to watching our progress!

  6. I have this book but NO I wont be joining the challenge! I am yet to start it! LOL I love the wee stories in the book.. I actually was talking to Anni yesterday and bought her new book of miniature stitcheries, its very very cute!

    who might actually use the new book! LOL

  7. I love the angels! This is going to be such a lovely quilt. Sometimes it does take others to nudge us along, but that is why we have friends, to nudge us.

  8. These are very pretty! Can't wait to see it all together! Go STINA!!!

  9. Hi Stina :-)

    You have to grant us beginners more than to the end of September, or you will see some breakdowns around here - hehehe - like a poor diet.
    Well - let's see where the road leads, and have fun together :-)

  10. I can't start my angel quilt probably till September, as I need to get the book and will be in America till the end of August at my parents place, so not sure I can get started there (maybe though!). I will be trying to do two quilts though, one for mom and one for me! Eek!!

  11. Hi Stina
    Count me in. I have the fabrics ready but never started. I must say with Hanne.. end of september might be hard for the beginners but in the angel club we come.

    Your stichery is beautiful absolut gorgeous

  12. Good luck Stina. Nothing like a challenge to get you moving.

  13. Your blocks are all done !they look wonderful !

    My angel's story is in progress too, I'm quilting it and hope to finish it in Juli.

  14. Hey Stina! Good luck with your Angel quilt! I bought the book a coupld of years ago and tho I've made small projects with some of the stitcheries, I haven't tackled the full quilt yet - too much on my "To Do" list, so I'll watch yours grow for now and maybe further down the track I'll get going on mine!! Oh! Loved your pinwheel quilt you gave away - what a great way to use up leftovers!! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  15. I bought this book when it first came out and have done little projects on it, have decided not to jump feet first and join the challenge but will get it out and see how I go!!

  16. Your angels are beautiful. I finished my Angel quilt last year, I just love it.

  17. Hope you get the angel quilt finished....the blocks look great so far.....nothing like a challenge to get you motivated..I have joined Peg for her finish 5 challenge.....

  18. Good luck getting your angel quilt finished. The blocks you've done look great. I really like the dress on the angel in the first picture.

  19. Hi Stina! I want to join in but have only just decided and found some fabric two days ago. I would like to have longer to complete the top but will stick with your final deadline for the whole quilt to be finished. Can you let me know if this is ok before I post the Angels Story picture on my blog?
    Thanks ever so much,
    Bec xxx

  20. wowww. love this site !!!

  21. I love these angels so much I ordered the patterns for them! I know I'll never get mind done by your deadline but I'll at least get a start I hope! I also added your Angel Story Club graphic to my blog. Good luck finishing yours quilt! :0)

  22. Hej!
    Vilken kul idé med en club! Ser fram emot massor med inspiration för att bli klar med min egen quilt. Inser att jag inte kan hålla er dealine eftersom jag i helgen börjat sy på den.

  23. The colours you have chosen for your angels are stunning - good luck on your quest - I recently FINALLY completed my Angels quilt! I look forward to seeing a photo of your quilt soon.

  24. hallo,

    the angels is sooo wunderful.
    so lovely.

    gretings sydney

  25. Good Luck on your Challenge Stina...I'm sure you will follow through this time♥x

  26. I am making the Angelstory but due to the hot weather I will not succeed to make all the blocks in September. Still 4 to make and cut all the blocks for the borders.

  27. Still two to go... and the squares for the borders are ready to sew..

    How is everybody doing?? September is hardly finished :-)
    Put today a new Angelblock at my weblog..

  28. Sou Brasileira e estou maravilhada com tudo que vi por aqui.......tudo muito inspirador, obrigada por compartilhar tantas maravilhas.....beijos em seu coração e toda essa gente que faz parte de seus contatos.........Rita.

  29. I started my An Angels Story Quilt in November 2011. now
    missing three angels to embroider. I put borders on 5 and
    I finished the Block A. Work them only at night, watching TV.
    I want to be part of the Club, but I have no blog ...
    Hugs to all.
    Yara (Brazil)

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