Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a quick note!!

Need to get some sewing done!!!!
Just so you know this...and me too... :)

Just have to say a few words before I take myself up to the sewingroom... ( haven´t noticed that the steps have been so high that I almost cant climb on them... ;) )

I love all your comments ...
they all make my days so special!!
But please...see to that you have an email attached to your comments...otherwise I CAN NOT answer your questions...
If you don´t know how to do this...take a look at Chookyblues blog...she made a tutorial today!!
And one more thing...make you email visible at your profile...if you want replys... And I love to make replys...!!! :)
So if you haven´t got any answers to your questions..thats because I can´t come in contact with please make another try!!
Have a wonderful day and now I´m off to climb a mountain!! (read stairs)


  1. Hope you made it up the mountain. Have a wonderful sewing day.

  2. Did you say stairs? Yes, I too have my sewing room upstairs. Sometimes this makes me crazy! (and wore out) I get upstairs and left something downstairs that I needed upstairs...and vice versa! Thanks for the tutorial link...I am a new blogger as of this week and I am still working out the kinks. Belinda at Brown Dirt Cottage Blogspot

  3. You can do it, Stina! Climb those stairs, lock the door, and create something beautiful!

  4. Have fun in the sewing room *s*

  5. Stina Hello: My name is Ana and I come from Granada Spain, a beautiful city to the south. We apologize for not putting my e-mail. If you're so kind, because I am very interested in the project An Angels Story reports as I get the book. I say a distributor for Europe and if we can get into bookstores.
    I love your blog and I look every day.
    Excuse my English, but what can I do about a translator of google, I imagine it will not be very correct. Many thanks to respond.

  6. Stina yo are taking such nice photos of nature. I just love them.

  7. Have fun in your sewing room -- creating something beautiful!

  8. Hey Stina! Just thought I'd tell you some gals who have typepad accounts can't get their email address to show up when they leave comments on a blogspot blog - some funny quirk of blogspot! My clever GB tried to find a way, but hasn't yet. The only way is to include their emails in the comment. Hope you made it to the top of your stair mountain and had fun sewing - I've been cutting squares for a shaggy quilt after Peg inspired me with her lovely one! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)



So nice to hear from you all... makes my day special...:o)

If I dont reply to your email.. you are probably set as a noreply...
so please see that there is a way for me to contact you...

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