Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sommarlov och Farmor...

I love this the fragrance and it always make me remember my Grandmother. She had a poem on the kitchen fan about this tree and its fragrance ...we all read every time we visited this tree will always be very special...So this is for you you wherever you are... still miss you.... :(
This is the poem:

Jag såg att häggen blommade,
det kom en doft av den.
Då gick jag till min älskade
och sade: Se och känn!
Hon stod vid makaronerna,
hon sydde på en klut.
Och när hon lyfte blicken
hade häggen blommat ut.

Av Alf Henriksson
I dikten Visa skaldar han 1964 i boken 'Medan göken tiger' om Häggen och dess blomdoft

I saw that bird cherry blooms,
there was a smell of it.
Then I went to my beloved
and said: See and feel!
She stood at the macaroni,
she sewed on a piece of cloth.
And when she lifted her eyes
had bird cherry flourishing.

While reading this my tears started to run...lucky this ain´t a paper I´m writing on...
this became very sentimental...and so is the next one too...I always cries at the schools finishings...and today Viktor ended his second year in school... A happy moment but I cry... :)
...this is my DH with Viktor just after the last song was sung...and he jumped in his armes and shouted "Sommarlov!" (Summer vacation!)
In the video below...Viktors class sings a song of Cat Stevens "Morning has Broken" one of my favourites...first on swedish...then the last verse in English...

Today the summer started with wonderful weather and happy kids...yes I´m happy too...just a little bit touched...


  1. Stina.... they are so cute! Summer with your family. It will be great! And I am sorry that you are missing your grandmother. It is hard to lose ones we love. I lost my dad 3 1/2 years ago. Still hard.

  2. Grandmothers always hold a special place in our hearts, mine passed away on my birthday so each birthday has a tinge of sadness cause I loved her dearly. For me I remember my Grandmother's smell and brushing her hair.
    I sang that song when I was in a school choir a long, long, time ago, it's a beautiful song.
    My son is on vacation too, staying with his cousins about 2 hours away, for 10 days, I'm missing the noise around the house! Happy holidays to you and your family!!
    And that song

  3. Oh... Stina, I deeply moved about your grandma's memories.
    I always love to visit your blog and see beautiful flowres on your header. It's so lovely, as always.

    Your hubby and Victor are so cute together. (oops, Sir,sorry to call you "cute" but this picture is so sweet!) *S*
    Hope Victor and you all have a wonderful summer!
    My image of Sweden's summer is the movie "Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn" ! :-)

  4. Music Truly Transcends All... Thank You Stina. Your Grandmother's Special Tree is nothing short of Spectacular!

  5. Er det ikke herlig når barnen har avsluttninger. De er så flinke også underbare. Jeg forstår godt at det kommer tårer.
    Jeg fikk se ultralyd bilder av mitt første barnebarn da han var bare åtte uker og jeg gråt masse. Enda så lite som en kunne se. Tårer gjør godt de

  6. Oh what a darling video . . . those sweet moments pass so quickly *s* Enjoy the summer!

  7. Enjoy the summer holidays, Victor. Hope Mum gets to do lots of stitching. I liked hearing your song.



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