Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Going away and a thankyou....

Think I´m in love with my mailman!!! This came in the mail today from
the one and only...Karen.... I became so happy I just sat and cried...glad I was alone.... :)
She knew I fell in love with the wonderful pincushion she made for me...so she bought the pattern and then she sent me a little prepared kit for one pincushion...In WOOL...she knows I have trouble finding it here in Sweden...
....THANKYOU.... :L
...Not much sewing these last days...moved out my oldest daughter from her apartment...helped her clean that one up...and family time...
...managed to finish the label for the summer swap quilt....

...and Linda ...she teases me all the time with lovely pictures of mine to be "Cup cakes" thing she´s making... so this one is for you Linda...
...some pictures from the garden... Iris...

...and look at this...I swear that...the lupins were not pink last year...it´s magic!! Maybe I´m senile...and don´t remember...
...they are both pink and purple...I love them soo... :)
Tomorrow we will go away for some days and visit our parents...that will be some fun...my brother is there with his children ... so we will have a lot to catch up on... and I have prepared some stitcheries to bring along...and Linda...I have with me your "Cup Cakes" too...
I wish for you all some lovely days and I see you on Sunday...


  1. Have a wonderful time with your family! Enjoy rhe kids!
    Hope to see you soon....I need an
    inspiration fix!!!!

  2. Stina - your garden is beautful! and the little wool kit is wonderful...lucky you.....have a great visit with your family!

  3. Have a nice trip and hope you got fine weather. Roger is some were around there and fishing so I´m alone until late friday evening..
    I hope I will find the my sewing machine ;-)

    Take care!

  4. Stina, I am going to have to stop sending you things. You cry every time! I am glad you like your surprise.
    Have a very good trip and enjoy seeing your family.

  5. How sweet of Karen to send you that sweet parcel. Hope you have a lovely time with your family and that sure was a tease.

  6. Beautiful flowers, Stina!
    Have some wonderful days with your family!
    Hugs May Kristin

  7. Have a nice time with your family...Love that label..I think we will have to tell that hard working husband about your affair with the postie....Lovely garden snaps.

  8. Oh I love those pin cushion patterns - I have all 3 of them. How sweet of her to send you a little kit to make one. Beautiful flowers. Have a nice time away.

    Hugs - karen

  9. Have fun--- love your flowers--- definitely a green thumb to go with that thimble.....

  10. What a nice pkg you got there. Love the wool pincushion. Do they have wool there anywhere??

  11. I love seeing your garden pictures. Have a good time away.

  12. Stina,
    The summer swap quilt is beautiful!! Thank you so much!! I have already hung it up. Your needlework is to die for. (And the chocolate was delicious!)
    Thank you for a great swap!

  13. Hey There Stina... Beautiful Lupins & No not senile... AAADD... *Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder !!! My DDD gleefully informs me.........



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