Monday, July 28, 2008

Still at Louise....

Do we have fun or not!!! :)
Thought you wanted to see some of Louise´s´s such a shame she doesn´t have a blog... to show her quilts at...but I´m happy too...
You should have seen her when I took up my camera and went around taking pictures... ;)
picking up socks from the beds...taking away glasses...-Wait...not yet!!! she said...take that picture away...take a new one... pheeww... So here are some pictures...
...from one of the this ninepatch... of my favourites...the one on the bed...the wallhanging is from me...made it for her birthday...:) you see the lovely dress...
...from a patten of Anni Louise style...bright colours... this one with stitcheries and patchwork...
...a quilt in progress...Pinapple Blossom...can you see some mess here... ;)
...and this room is the best... :) I just love it...She is just as NORMAL like anyone of us...
Forgive me Louise...hope you´re not cross at me now... but isn´t this great to see ...that here lives a VERY creative Woman!!

After our POOLPARTY... :)
We went to Paviljongen and had wonderful wonderful thaifood...
It was sssoooo good...really yummy!!
And after that we started on our Beach Ladies...and today they were finished!!!
May I present...
How we were supposed to look like at the poolparty...

...Louise and Stina... :)

(Hope we can add these to your challenge Peg!!)


  1. you were not supposed to take pictures of my messy rooms!!!

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  3. Lololol I LOVE the beach ladies! That is funny :O) Louise, you have wonderful quilts displayed! You need a blog! Lol, I try to get my best friend here to make one too, but she is not having any of that. She hops on the computer, Instant messages me and says, "send me blogs... I wanna read and be inspired." So I send her blog addresses! What a hoot.

  4. Hi Stina! Sure looks like fun! Love your header pic! Louise you have beautiful quilts- definatley should get into blogging so we can see more! Stina could set you up before she leaves!?! : ) I think your beach ladies are awesome too.

  5. Louise has a lot of beautiful quilts. And it look like you are having great fun. Enjoy your time togehter. Quilting friends are the best!!

  6. Takk for blogadressen Stina, jeg legger deg til i min egen blogg som en inspirasjonskilde. Håper du koste deg på pandurobutiken Syssla i dag.

  7. Gorgeous beach ladies ... and looks like you had fun at the pool party. Louise's quilts are lovely ... it would be great if she had a blog too.

  8. Hi Stina and Louise, you ladies are just have too much fun. Enjoy and cherish the friendship. The beach dolls are darling and the food you are having, really looks good. Louise you would have so much fun with a blog....

  9. Hi Stina, Your friend is a very talented lady she certainly needs a blog, All her quilts are lovely and your beach ladies are just gorgeous, I can definately see the similarity to their creators.Enjoy the rest of your time together.

  10. Love the beach look like you are having a wonderful time.....! what fabulous quilts in the house....very creative!!

  11. Those beach ladies are a hoot - LOVE THEM. I'm drooling over those quilts - they are wonderful. Glad you enjoying yourself and having fun.

    Hugs - karen

  12. Louise needs a blog, she can´t make so many wonderful quilts and then hide them in her house! Tell her how fun it is to get in touch with people all over the world.
    About your beachladies, wow! Creator look-a-like I think. Go on and enjoy yourselves!

  13. Looks like you both had SO much fun. Love the girls... COme on Louise open a blog!

  14. What a lot of lovely quilts, and I love the sewing room mess too, all too familiar!

  15. My gosh Louise's quilts are beautiful. Now wouldn't it be lovely if you could convince her to start a blog of her own? Your beach babe's are just adorable. Would I be right in saying that little Miss Pink is Stina? sounds like you're having a wonderful time together.

  16. Hallo!

    Love your blog Stina! And now I want Louise to make her own blog too, can´t you please help her Stina? I have my blog at

    lot of hugs/pia

  17. Love the dolls!



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