Friday, August 1, 2008

What was it?

Thought you had to be a little curious too... so what was it in my envelopes ....
The first one was from Bonnie...this is a very warmhearted woman...she was so touched by my daughters littlesister Wilma and her she decided to make her something...I know I shouldn´t have opened the package..but my daughters wanted that so we did...and this is what she made for her...ain´t this a lovely pillowcase...
Bonnie thanks so much...I have forwarded it to little Wilma....
This little brave girl have had a lot of operations ...they have taken a bit of the muscle in her underarm to try and build up the foot ...and made a skintransplant ...and fixing some veins that were trashed... and probably a lot more that I don´t know of...talked to her mother a week ago and they are doing fine... What fantastic medical care we have around the world!!!
...and she gave me this fantastic book too...I just love it..I love the prim and whimsical I have found a lot of projects I want to make in this book!!! Thankyou so much are an amazing woman... :L
...and the next envelope was from Christine in Tasmania...this one came the day after I went to I have been so curious...and look at this ladies...ain´t this tablerunner gorgeous!!!
I was so excited... I love the stitcheries so much and the fabrics...I´m happy happy happy!!
...and here is a close up of the stitcheries...arent they lovely... :)
...Thankyou Christine... :L I love it very much!!!

And I was so excited I forgot to tease you a little Linda...but I guess you will have to wait a litte bit longer then...that is teasing too... :) I guess...!!!


  1. I am so happy to hear that little Wilma is doing good under the circumstances.
    It must be good for you all !

    What a lovely table runner and what a cute book you got there :-)

  2. How sweet of Bonnie to send those things for you and little Wilma. Such good news that she's making progress, and such a lovely table runner. You are spoilt aren't you? and yes that was a tease......

  3. Very cute pillow case and runner! Love the stitcheries. Glad Wilma is making progress and will be going home soon :o)

  4. That well that Wilma recover and return home soon.

    Is perfect know he has good people like Bonnie

  5. What a cute pillow to Wilma. I´m happy to hear that she is coming home :) Your PIF from Christine is just so much you. Love the embrodiry..

    Have a nice weekend and take care!

  6. good to hear little Wilma is doing better and is coming that table runner....! you are lucky!

  7. Hi Tina,
    This morning I found on my blog the BlogAward...I was very pleased! For me to find 5 other beautyfull blogs to give this Award and...I give it to you....I regulare make a visite becouse I love your site.
    When you exept te should find a place on your blog to show it and than....(try) give it to 5 others....Regards from Klazien

  8. Glad you like the tablerunner and that little Wilma is doing well. Bonnies' pillow case is very sweet .... perfect for a little girl.



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