Sunday, September 7, 2008


Harvesting month... then we all start to think of when the potatoes will be dependes a lot of the weather...this year it was rather early... the frost took the potato foliage a week there was no return...the potatoes must up!!!
And we all know what this means...sore back, legs and arms... :(
We went early Saturday morning ( 25 swedish miles)...loaded Lindas furniture in a trailer... glad mom and dad have space enough to store whatever we come with... :) THANKS!!!
And were we lucky with the weather this year or what!!!!
Sunny and warm...a beautiful day and NO wind...
We have harvested the potatoes in all kind of horrible weather...but I think it was worst when there was snow on the ground!!!!
And a happy surprise for this year...we were many "madmen" who had joined... the more the merrier... ;)
My brother with family were aunt and friend were dad drove the old tractor and...boy...they were quite happy when we came... Me, Lars, Petra and Viktor...
My Mum...she got time off this year...from the potatoes ... the cows still needed to be milked and fed... and we also had good food...fresh cooked potatoes ...that is sooooo good.... :)
And all the potatoes were harvested in ONE day...hurray!!!!!
We did a VERY good job!!
So I´m not that sore at all... :)
On the way back home we filled the trailer with logs ...and now we do feel very rich...we have firewood for the winter and yummy fresh potatoes....
Did I sew any...Nah...not a single stitch...but I did have it with me... :)


  1. Welcome home Stina! Glad it wasn't as hard as you thought. What cute kids! Great pictures :o)

  2. WOW that looks like hard work. I think I'll just keep buying my potatoes from the market. LOL

  3. Hi Stina, you are to feel so good, all the hard work you did. The pictures are great. New potatoes are so good....I see Viktor got busy working too. Were the little one's your brothers? Rest up.

  4. I love the new photo at the top of your blog! I can see why you would be sore bringing those potatoes in. Glad you had extra help!

  5. I think you are feeling good now when you know all this is done.

  6. Love that header is good when the wood shed is full and winter is on it's way.

  7. Looks like you had a great day with your family! Wonderful photos!
    I envy you eating the new potatoes...there's nothing like it. Are you having "surströmming" too? If you are, I think I'll come!!!

  8. Really enjoyed this post Stina ! Many Hands Make Light Work... & That Woodpile is just Soooo... Neat !!!

  9. What a joyful day that you spend with your family!
    and thank you for sharing us beautiful pictures.
    BTW, are those red berries lingonberries??

  10. Hej Stina!!
    Trillade just in på din blog....have done my share of potatoe picking, long time ago though! Looks like you guys had a wonderful day.

  11. Sounds like a lovely family time!! Love your photos!!! Cathyxx

  12. Oh it may have been hard work . . . but it looks like you had the most wonderful day - lots of laughs and then the yummy potatoes, too *s*



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