Sunday, October 12, 2008

A real housewife....

Have felt like a real housewife today...
have worked hard from morning to evening...

First of all...had my breakfast... mmmm...I love my breakfasts...ok...not like the hotel breakfast my DH and son had this morning...but enjoyable nonetheless... ;)

Btw...they won two (almost three...) and lost two... :)
pretty good and today he is hunting autographs and looking at the finals...

Ok...back to me...
Took care of the sewing at know all the patching and sewing...that kind of "boring" ;) stuf... and got my top ready...almost...
...oh my gosh how ugly...all this orange fabric...too bright!!! This definetly need some fixing..
After that I took care of the washing... don´t you just hate those really sweaty workout clothes and socks... so I prepared...
...a nice hot bath....steaming... :)

After that I had to start to think of the dinner so I prepared...
...something really yummy to marinate... doesn´t it look delicious... :)
Mmmmmm... Oh ...
...I almost forgot my wash...have to spin it!!!
Back into the kitchen and put my "dinner" into the oven...
Oh..I just love to cook!!! ;)
And finally after a whole day of hard work I can feel pretty pleased with myself...
Dinner on the table...
A lot of Pumpkins... :)
...still not satisfied with my day...think I will add some more sewing just for fun!! Not quite pleased yet...
I know I have missed something...yepp cleaning...but as I said before ...that I wouldn´t take care of them by now huge dust elephants...
tomorrow is another day...
back to some sewing..

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend...I sure have had even if I´m all exhausted of all the housework... ;)
(although if I have rested me)


  1. Stina, You are so funny! That is definitely my kind of housework!! I will have to try that tomorrow. What a difference all that "cooking and cleaning" made!

  2. Hej Stina,

    I found your blog via my daughter's. You do nice work. Jag ar fran Vasterbotten (utanfor Umea). Ar quilting populart is Sverige nu?

  3. You are a DOMESTIC GODDESS. Shame about the dust elephants.

  4. Sewing is always more fun than housework...I'd call it good! Your got laundry done and dinner on the table...and had some time to sew;)

  5. Your cooking looks great, LOL - and so does your quilt - adorable.

    hugs - Karen

  6. I love watching the progress on your wallhanging. I think it is turning out very nicely. I like it.

  7. Hi Stina :-)

    Washing details please :-)
    Tea in the water ?
    A touch of bleach ?

  8. Hey Stina! I'm not normally a big fan of orange, but your finished quilt looks great, teamed with all of those warm and rusty browns - well done! You have been a busy beaver! And your Autumn Harvest quilt will certainly warm you up as it starts to get colder there! Now all you need is a big bowl of creamy pumpkin soup and a slice of fresh bread - YUM! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  9. I love your "dinner", beautiful!

  10. Hi Stina,
    Looks like you have had a lovely weekend, I like your autumn pumpkin quilt.

  11. You're doing my kind of housework. The dust elephants will wait. And if you do get to them they just come back so I am so glad you are letting them keep you company while you take care of the important stuff.

  12. How lovely! I love your pumpkin "ORANGE" quilt. I love hot "tea dye" bath! Yum! *S*

  13. Hi Stina, now that is my kind of housework. Love the tea dye. Makes it feel warm (like tea).
    Keep Stitchen'

  14. I love both versions...What a great way to tone down the brights and I love the appliqué...something to keep in mind!

  15. LOL. But I LOVE it!!! It is adorable:o) Sorry about this commenter thing... I have that updated blog list thing, and yours didn't come to me as updated for any of these posts! So I will give you lots of commentary now :o)

  16. Great photo's and very funny!! I wish i could cook like you...may have to copy your ideas!! Pumpkins for dinner...Mmm!! Cathy



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