Sunday, November 2, 2008

I want to sew...

...and what do a girl do ...when she can´t sew... ;)

Oh..I have read a lot of magazines and books...and I have been reading a lot of blogs...and I have been visiting a lot of interesting shops worldwide... ;)
and...pheew...I have resisted A LOT!!!!

...but I have shopped some...since I can´t sew so much... :)
Is this a good sign or... I don´t know... at least I think so ..or hope it is like that!!
I decided on a new BOM...yes I know I haven´t finished some of the ones I have... but I couldn´t resist this one....
...Pockets of Posies by Annie Downs...I just love it...have plans for this one next year... :)

...and I coudn´t resist these ones either...
...a lot of lovely pink and browns fabrics from Petal House Collection...
don´t know what they will be used for...but I do want to make a quilt with quite large blocks...and I think the fabrics will be just perfect for that!!
Just need a little bit more "bright" pinks... :)

...and I have rediscovered cross stitch again...
found out that I can sew without having some strain on the fingers...probably cause the thread slides through the linen quite easily...
...and I´m happy with that... doesn´t go fast...but hey...wheres the hurry???
At least I´m sewing... :)
Hope you all are having a wonderful time around the big big world...

And I want to appologize to a lot of lovely lovely people that hasn´t been hearing from me lately...I have been such an idiot... in a very bright blonde moment...I erased all my emails...
don´t know how I managed with that... but I did... :$
So please get in contact with me if there is something on your mind that I totally have forgotten... so sorry!!!!


  1. Hej Stina,
    I have also 'Pockets full of posies';))(and MANY other interesting quilt patterns)It will be nice to follow you creating your BOM next year... Maybe I'll manage to start it too one day...

  2. Love your pink and brown fabrics. Will have to look out for those. I saw Anni's Pocket of Posies quilt last month ... looking forward to seeing your version. Good to have you posting again ... the cross-stitch looks good. Hope you're looking after your finger.

  3. Isn't it just great to have so many lovely things around you, even though you still have so much to finish. I love surrounding myself with lovely patterns, fabric etc. and just look at them and touch them, without using or making them for a very long time. Love your pink and brown fabric combination.
    Have a great week:))

  4. I do hope that your finger is on the mend. I thought by now you would be sewing. I probably would have been doing exactly what you have been. Browsing magazines, books, internet, blogs and then finally caved in and made a purchase. I do love what you have purchased and can't wait to see your progress on it, although I know it will be a while. Your cross stitch is lovely.

  5. How sad that you still can't quilt, take care of that finger...Very cute pattern and those fabrics, oh so pretty. Well done on the cross stitch.

  6. Sorry to hear that your finger is still slowing your sewing for the shopping...well, sometimes a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Lovely little cross stitch...happy Sunday;)

  7. Your cross stitch is so pretty and those fabrics! Absolutely yummy.
    Hope your finger mends soon so you can get back to sewing as much as you want!

  8. Your cross stitch is turning out so nice! And I look forward to working on that pattern. It is a pretty one!

  9. WOW! It looks like you will be ready to sew when your finger is able. It is nice that you can do your cross stitch while you are waiting. Hope that your finger is better soon.

  10. Oh what a jummy bunch of fabric and pattern. Dream a way my friend soon your drems come tru and you will saw a lot.
    Take care

  11. Your new purchases look lovely - there's nothing like a little retail therepy! The cross stitch looks really pretty too. Kathryn. XX

  12. I hope that you'll be able to get back to your sewing soon. I know that it's hard to not do something you for the shopping...well, all I can say is that sometimes a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Your fabrics are beautiful...I can hardly wait to see what creations you come up with for them;)

  13. Hi Stina! I have been following your blog since starting my own and just love it. I am also doing the Angel story quilt and have recently completed the top. Now all I have to do is get round to quilting it. Sorry to hear you have been unable to sew. How tragic. Hope that changes for you soon. Love your new fabrics they are gorgeous. Thanks for a wonderful blog. D. :=)

  14. Ohhhh I saw the Hatched and Patched booth at quilt market last week in Houston. I did pick up there catalog and adored her booth. It was so much fun to see all of her samples. Your new BOM will be adorable. Hey I have a couple of BOM's not done yet either and I will be starting a new one next week with another blogger. We are going to encourage each other to keep up, LOL. Love your new fabrics and your cross stitch. Hope your feeling up to sewing soon.

    Hugs - Karen

  15. Love that cross stitch, those fabrics look so pretty and a girl can't have too many BOM.. nothing nicer than getting a parcel in the Christmas all year, I must check out Hatched and Patched web site, happy sewing, Sheryl

  16. Love your cross stitch and those pretty fabrics, look forward to see what you do with them...The BOM looks really good, a girl can't have too many BOM... there is nothing nicer than getting a parcel in the mail...bit like Christmas all year.... happy sewing, Sheryl.sur

  17. hello !!!
    ahah your cross stitch is so beautiful i love it !!
    i love your fabrics ohhh so cute

    kiss from Paris


  18. Love your cross stitch, I like the change of pace that comes with cross stitching, it's nice to slow down sometimes.
    Hope your finger is all better soon, or you'll be broke!

  19. I hope you can soon get back to your sewings! I miss that too, health issues are the main thing at the moment, but I do hope things will really get back to normal. Just love your projects! Have a lovely week!

  20. Hi Stina, love the Petal House Collection fabrics.Where there is a will there is a way. Sorry to hear about the finger.Cross stitch is lovely. Regards Lyn

  21. I like the Pockets full of Posies pattern. That will be a fun one to work on. Love the cross-stitch!

  22. Hope you are almost back to sewing again, Love your cross stitch, (its fun isn't it?) What design are you working on there?

  23. Yummy Yummy things. Love your new header too.

  24. Phew, thank goodness you can cross stitch!! Love the new BOM..i have been tempted to do that from our local quilt store too!!! CAthy



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