Friday, November 28, 2008

Quiltweekend!!! :)

First of all I want to thank everybody that left a comment on the last blogentry about Yvonne´s "little" disaster about her Angelquilt...

I know that Yvonne will try and quilt the quilt some more when she feels like it again... and I hope she will share with us it turned out...
So thankyou all!!

And I want to thank Simone especially much these days...she has been my energy booster...sending energy every morning... :)
So thankyou ..and if that wasn´t enough... this came in my mail today...
a christmas present...but I was allowed to open it right away... :)
...let it snow...let it snow...
Don´t you just love the little snowman quilt...and an adventscalender and some dutch chocolate...
it got Viktor really I guess I´ll share with him...
Thanks Simone... :L

for cheering me up ...and I think it has helped...have more energy...and it was fun to sew this evening...

Cause we are having our little quiltweekend with my quiltgroup "Kviltarna"
only me...Lotta and Cici this time...
Marica has her school to think of and Kristina is newly operated ...
So here are some pictures from tonights sewing...
....Hmmm...wonder what this will be...Lottas squares....
...and Cicis triangels...
...and my...
oh my goodness..what is this...

Will be back tomorrow with some more pictures... have a great weekend


  1. Hey Stina! Isn't it lovely to get surprise presents?! The girls' quilt blocks look great and I think yours might be ... a dolly of some sort ... a Christmas Angel perhaps?? Will have to wait for more sneaky peeks, won't I! Oh - the suspense will KILL me! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Busy, busy girl, Stina! Nice to see you getting some sewing time in :o) Your gifties are very cute!

  3. Hi Stina,
    I feel like it has been forever since I've come for a visit.
    I'm so sorry for Yvonne's quilt but I really think if she quilts around the angels and her applique it will be alright.
    Congratulations on it being a year, clap, clap, clap!!!!
    I'll be checking back on what in the world that picture is and I like the colors you've put together.
    Keep Stitchen and have a fun weekend.

  4. Enjoy your quilt weekend. I look forward to see the finished projects. You are using such wonderful fabrics, love the colours of them.

  5. great header picture and love your background ...very pretty. Oh your new little quilt is just adorable
    I love snowmen!
    oohhh your blocks and triangles look great too, can't wait to see what your making next

  6. So good to see lots going on!! I love everything that you are showing. I especially love the triangle wedges.

  7. I miss you all and I hope you girls had a great meeting..and I hope to see some more photos soon ;-)

    Take care and happy blogoversary!

  8. What a lovely friend!!
    Don't you just love that?!!
    What a lovely fun thoughtful gift :o)
    Gorgeous blocks too Stina!!
    I especially like the first bundle :o)
    Our local group met yesterday also and there were only 3 of us as well :D
    Have a great day!
    Robyn xx



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