Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter wonderland...

Late last night it began to snow...and when Viktor woke up he was sooo HAPPY... :)

All white and COLD...
-7 C ( 19F) today and I´m not ready for this...
Guess this will melt away and more will come...or not...maybe we will have a cold and early winter this year.....
One thing is good though... it is light and fresh ... not black and rainy and dirty...
...and my turtle week keep on going...not much more speed here...
In a crazy moment I started out a new little cross stitch...a little sampler...
..I know I´m not finished with the first... I just had to try out how tiny I can sew with my new glasses... ;)
So this is 25 count linen and sewed over 1 is sooo cute...but TINY!!! :)
And I can see I guess my new glasses is rather good... except for a little problem I had yesterday...
They have the little peculiarity that they will go down on the nose and I dont like yesterday they were going to shorten the frame...
And what happends...???
They broke them!!!
So now I have another pair... in another colour (black and purple instead of black and green)...
And I might need to get another pair because they can´t fix the little peculiarity at the glasses!!
Or maybe its my my nose that needs some
So I´m back on zero with my glasses!!
Hope not...


  1. Hi Stina.. what a beautiful photo of the snow... wow!!!
    I send you an e-mail yesterday, I hope you have received...
    Have a nice snowy day

  2. Snow... ack!! I am not ready for that yet!! Your cross stitch looks great. I am sorry to hear about your glasses. I hope the you get that all worked out soon!

  3. Such pretty winter pictures! Winter? Who said that? Hope they are able to fix your specs! I know how important they are to a girl. I HAVE to go and get my eyes checked!

  4. Oh the cross stitch is nice:) Good luck with your glasses. I have worn glasses since I was in 3rd grade and the teachers always use to push up my glasses because I didn't have a bump in my nose to keep them up. They tease me and say I have a ski jump nose. hehehe...doesn't work so good with glasses. I hope you get them working ok.

  5. Oh Stina it is way to early for that awful white stuff. It is col and raining here today!

  6. Now that is tiny but oh so cute. Hope you get your glasses figured out.

  7. BBBbrrrr -7 sounds way to cold, we only get down to 0 here in winter, that's chilly enough for me. Love the wee cross stitches, pretty colours. Good luck finding some glasses that do their job without sliding down your nose :-)

  8. Stina , the snow looks so pretty it was cold and raining here today . that stitching is so tiny but so cute. I hope they get your glasses figured out for you I keep forgetting to put mine on then I am so tired .one of these days I will probably fall asleep right at my sewing machine lol :)

  9. Hi Stina :o)
    Wow, the snow's so pretty..time to rug up and snuggle in lots of warm quilts :o)
    Gorgeous cross-stitch...sooo tiny and lovely.
    You funny girl. Good luck with your glasses :o)
    hugs to you
    Robyn xx

    daisyquilts at gmail dot com :o)

  10. That snow looks beautiful! I know it must be so cold but it looks so pretty! I think I will need a magnifying glass to look at those tiny stitches too!

  11. Wooow, that is a very small stitchery, nice!
    Winter on pictures looks good!

  12. Lovely for me to see the snow - I have seen so little in my life in Australia!
    Lovely little stitches - hope your glasses get sorted out soon - look after your vision!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  13. Love the snow pictures, I happen to love snow!
    great quilting weather!
    the wreath with the heart is a wonderful picture.
    hope they can fix your glasses.
    I like your stitchery so far, can't wait to see what sampler pattern it is.

  14. Hey Stina! Brrrrr! That snow looks cold and I don't want any more of that for a while! The photo with the heart wreath is gorgous thoug - would make a great Christmas card! I posted a couple more jacaranda photos today if you need a touch of spring to thaw out again! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  15. Hope we'll have some snow this winter! I love it.
    Wow, your stitchery really looks tiny. I could never do that without my glasses. Good luck with them ^^)

  16. stina I am yet to see snow, so thank you for the pics..

    It was 32C here today and its not even summer yet.. I hate summer with a passion...


  17. hej
    waouuu brrrr it's so cold !! but I love so much the snow , that's so beautiful

    I love tyour pictures too

    see you !!!

  18. Fresh snow is always so beautiful - everything crisp and white. Your new cross stitch does look tiny but that first bit is very sweet. I'm in denial on glasses in the first place. Should wear them all the time but I don't so I'm forever putting them on top of my head when I don't want them on - then they get a bit stretched - so now I need to get them tightened up a bit. Maybe my head is to big, LOL.

    Hugs - karen

  19. I love seeing your snow pictures. Our high today is set at 82f (27 c) I need to find my seasonal weather in pictures like yours. Thank you *s*

  20. Beautiful pictures. I like the first snow and after than I'd rather not have any. Too cold for me. I might not survive if I lived in Sweden!

  21. Love seeing the snow. It's 90 here today. YUCKO!! I'd love to see some snow.
    I'm sure your nose is fine. It's gotta be the glasses. LOL

  22. Your snow pictures are beautiful. We don't have snow where I live. I don't like cold weather but I do like to see snow once in a while.

    My, but your cross stitch project stitches are tiny! What is the design to be?

  23. Snow! Beautiful! And beautiful photos!
    Glasses, I've tried to get used to my new progressive glasses over the last three months, with no great luck, so now it's on to trying another kind of glasses!
    Good luck with yours!

  24. Wow Sinta no wonder folks rave about your stitching that is out of this world stuff its just great

  25. Hi Stina,
    The snow looks so pretty but I know it must be very cold. I havent done crossstitch in ages but just bought myself some cloth to start a pattern I have had for years.I think the display of crosstitches framed at the craft fair got me all inspired.
    Keep warm JO

  26. Hello Stina, such tiny little stitches, love to see the finished piece.Good luck with your specs. Regards Lyn

  27. Lucky you living where it snows, I have only experienced real snow in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2006 when our daughters were living there... we loved it.. can't wait to go back. I think you must have dicky glasses it can't possibly be your nose.. love those teensy-weensy stitches they always look perfect but I need newer stronger glasses to do them... thank heavens for magnifiers...

  28. I love your over one cross stitching and am interested to see more of the design.
    The snow looks pretty BRRRRRRRRR



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