Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas feelings...

true christmas feelings has come ...
Once I started to hang up the stars and played some nice Christmas songs...
then it came to me...
It began to be fun to decorate... :)
...this is a little pig I have adopted from my daughter Linda..
think I love this little fellow more than her.. ;)
...some ragballs on the dinner table... ( no food
... a tree I have borrowed from my daughter too....hmmm...
don´t know if she ever get it back...;) little cozy corner... beside the fire...ahhh...sure is nice and warm here... :)
...think I showed this quilt last year too...but love it so much I´ll show it again...
made this one with my son...then 5 years old ( it is his hands and feet that builds up Rudolph and his buddies) and Viktor smiles from ear to ear every time we hang this one...and then we sing the song is written on the back of the he will never forget it and our week that year... :)
He picked the fabrics ( with little hints from me)
This year I said to him ...that this will be your quilt when you move from home...and do you know what he said...

-Thanks Mum...I love you...( and gave me a hug) and this quilt I will give to my children and then they give it to their children... :k

Ahhh... can you love them more than this... :)
...thought I´d show you my snowmen... a quilt I made in 2000/2001...but still special...
...and this is our House Santa...
he keeps track of Viktor´s mischiefs... and maybe mine
So he and I better be nice...
Lars is already out of help... ;)

Take care out there..lit some candles... (how does this work in the Southern hemisphere ?)...
enjoy the simple moments in some games with family...
or just enjoy some lovely stitching...
Tomorrow I hope I have all the decorations done and will relax with some nice fabrics and be creative... ;)


  1. Stina, I have to tell you I made a copy of the reindeer quilt, I want to do this with the grandkids. I want to get started so bad on decorating, but it will have to wait till next week. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Everything looks so nice Stina! And I love the reindeer quilt a la Viktor! Very sweet :o) I am glad you are in the spirit... and I am going to decorate this week and try to join you!

  3. Blogger isn't playing nice...I hope you don't get weird unfinished comments from me.

    Stina you home is lovely. You have so many wonderful Christmas treasures but I think my most favorite is the reindeer made from your son's hands and feet. How very special.

  4. Hmm where do I start?....At the top, love the new header photo... Very cute tree in your kitchen. I have to ask, cause I'm nosey.... what are those disc things hanging from the rod in the litchen?
    Love the quilt you and Viktor made, such a clever idea, and those star lights look so pretty. What a lovely corner you have for sitting and stitching. I haven't even thought about decorations, running so far behind on all my Christmas gift making.....

  5. I want to come visit! I can feel the Christmas warmth in your home from here. I love the smowmen but I am so envious of the snow on the tree outside your window. I just want one good snow like that here!

  6. Stina, Your home looks so inviting and festive. Very warm and welcoming. I love all the decorations that you have made. Beautiful!! It is no wonder your children love it! I could just snuggle up with a quilt and look at your pictures.

  7. Just wonderful wonderful wonderful Stina!! All looks so beautiful!!

    I'm tagging you...if this is not ok, please let me know.
    Robyn xx

  8. Hi Stina

    After seeing your place I have to start and decorate for Christmas too.
    It looks so lovely and I too would love to make the Reindeer Quilt using my granddaughter Sophie's hands and feet.

    It is hard to get in to the Christmas spirits in 32 degree heat, but I have Airconditioning so will make it cool.


    ps. I miss a white Christmas (came from Germany)

  9. lOVELY, lovely decorations,Stina! O, it feels sooo good when X-mas is starting to fill our homes, doesn't it ? ;>)
    Your quilts are beautiful, I just fell in love with the SNOWMEN one: so cute ! I never saw this one before. Can you tell me what pattern it is, dear ? Guess it's too late for this year, but I'd gladly make it for my grandson's
    next Christmas ;>)

    THANKS! Hugs & smiles from NADINE

  10. Hi Stina!

    Your home looks so christmassy! Very beautiful! We put lights up outside here in Adelaide Australia, but it doesn't get dark until about 9pm! So we stay up late to enjoy the lights!

  11. I love all your Christmas Decorations. I especially love they reindeer quilt. Too fun.

  12. Beautiful decorations. Love the little pig and the rag balls!!

  13. Your decorations are all so wonderful!! So cozy.

  14. Stina, your home looks so welcoming with all your Christmas decorations, I hope to get mine out this weekend, the reindeer quilt is such a treasure, Viktor must be very proud of his mum...
    the snow outside the window in the photo of your house santa looks so beautiful... very Christmassy something we just don't have over here.. house santa is cute too..

  15. Your Christmas decorations are lovely !
    I am not in the mood yet.

  16. Your corner of the house looks so cozy. A wonderful place to sit at stitch. Rudolf is so cute, and it will be a wonderful memory for your boy to bring with him. I will do a lot of decoration this weekend. Enjoy the christmas time.

  17. Ohhh Stina... I love your home, your christmas decorations are wonderful!!
    A big hug from Italy

    ps... I hope the postman arriving soon so you can add a decoration to your beautiful christmas tree :-)))

  18. Oj, så fint du har julpyntat, fina arbeten som du hängt opp! Sen måste jag bara säga att en så härlig randig gris har jag aldrig sett!!!

  19. Hi Stina,
    Your home just looks beautiful with all your Christmas decorations. I love the quilt you made with your son and I'm curious about your raggy balls. What are they?
    Julie. :-)

  20. Stina, you really gave your home the Christmas spirit. Wow! And then the snow outside. It looks cosy and warm and should give you the real Christmas feeling.

  21. Like so many others, I hope to make that reindeer quilt now with my girls feet and hands!!! Maybe even two different ones with so they can each have their own when they grow up...what a lovely idea!

  22. Oh Stina - everything just looks so festive and inviting . . . . wish I could just hop on over for a chat and some stitches by the fire *s*

  23. Looks like you are all set for Christmas. Looks wonderful!

  24. Hi Stina,
    your Christmas decorations are just gorgeous, love Rudolph and your cozy corner, and your snowman! Just beautiful, makes me wish for a white Christmas down under....
    cheers Julz

  25. Your house decore is sooooo beautiful, full of Christmas spirits! I love your version of Rudolph. :-) I made Rudolph quilt for my son several years ago and time to move it to living room. :-)

  26. Stina, your little Victor just won my heart! And brought tears to my eyes. It is everything you hope your children feel! The quilt with his handprints on it is darling! I love seeing your house all decked out. Lovely!

  27. I love the Rudolph with your son's handprints...clever girl! I wish I would have thought of that when my kids were little.

  28. All your decorations look just lovely cosy and warm...wish we had a white xmas in Australia...I would love that.

  29. Hi Stina,
    would you mind if I visited you? Or move in right now? I love your home...frome the painting on the walls, the the beautiful rudolph-memory quilt. I love the idea that you used your son's hand & foot prints...
    ...and the quilt display ladder (?)...*sigh*...all makes me feel the Christmas spirit ;o)
    And just in case I don't manage to write on Sunday: I wish you & your family a wonderful second Sunday of advent.
    Hugs, Julia

  30. I'm loving that pig also...what a wonderful festive house. I must put that hand-feet-reindeer quilt to memory for when i have grand children...what a lovely idea. Little problem there as by the time I get grand children I will have forgotten it as i struggle with remembering breakfast.... at tea time these days. LOL.

  31. Hi Stina - I absolutely adored seeing your home decorated for Christmas - thanks for the lovely pics! Is that SNOW outside your window??WOW thats neat! We are in the middle of summer - BBQ's and lots of fun times outdoors.
    My son Jordan made a reindeer face with his foot and hands so I really enjoyed seeing yours of your sons too!!! We are on opposite sides of the world but a lot is the same after all ;-)
    xoxo Cathy

  32. Thank you for the tour of your lovely home and all your amazing quilts and Christmas decor. I love the story of Viktor and the reindeer quilt, these are the truly special things :) I am loving the view outside your window all that I sit here in shorts and flip flops because it's so warm.

  33. Oh I want to come to your house...It's so festive and beautiful!

  34. Your decorations look lovely...I particularly love your Rudolph quilt too!! CAthyx

  35. What a great idea to use your sons hand and feet for Rudolf! I just love it and this little man, treasure him!



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