Monday, December 22, 2008

So many packages... :)

Busy days... and I cant keep up with my blogging... :)

The fourth Sunday came and I opened my last package from May Britt...
had one more wonderful morning with my candles and package and this time...
she had prepared a little "nisse" for me to stitch... isn´t he cute!!
I want to thank you May Britt from all of my heart for thinking of me and introduce me to this wonderful idea with the Advent Calender!!
Thankyou again May Britt!!

And packages ...packages... :) is coming from far and near...
and I who thought that there wasn´t going to be packages for me to open...
Friday last week this came from Colleen...
one for the stocking and one for the tree and a not wrapped lovely magazine for me to read...
and oh there were a lot of lovely ideas in it for next year...hope I will remember it then... ;)
and a little chocolate Santa that I gave to Viktor...
Thankyou so much Colleen... :L

And todays mailbox was so full of packages...
...this one is from Marica.... and it came like this ...must be really fun to be mailman and deliver so beautiful packages ...
Have not opened it... went under the tree...
Thankyou Thankyou Marica :L

And I said it was full ... cause all these came from Louise!!!
Oh my gosh!!! Seven little packages...some went in the stocking and some under the tree...

I need a larger stocking...;)
...and she also included a pattern with more packages!!! :)
Louise have made this quilt earlier and ...hmmm... think I have a picture of it somewhere...
have to show you some of her Christmas quilts dont I???
So Louise send me more pictures...!!! :)
Thankyou so much Louise... :L

And there is more too... I got an receipt that I have a parcel to pick up at the postoffice... :)
Might be from my swappartner in Australia...
We will see tomorrow...

Thankyou you all sweet friends...
I love you so much!!


  1. Oh lots of lovely parcels to tempt you to open

  2. Now this is all very tempting...I don't know if I would be able to wait!!! Have a lovely Christmas and I will come back to see it all...

  3. Enjoy all your pressies. Have a happy Holiday season.

  4. Good to hear that it has arrived in time ;) You know that you could open it because the gift inside it wrapt too *S* and it was nice to see that the "post" had been careful with your parcel..

    hugs Marica

  5. Holy cow!! You have been a very good girl this year. Lots of wonderful things delivered by the mailman. Enjoy them all, they have definitely made you smile! Merry Christmas!

  6. Who is a lucky girl then??? You must have been VERY good this year! Have a fabulous Christmas Stina...and I hope 2009 is wonderful year!

  7. I am so happy for you Stina. You deserve every one of them.

  8. God jul Stina

    Hoppas att du och din familj får en skön jul.

    Ulla i Kalix

  9. What lovely packages! You're going to have so much fun opening them all!

  10. Love the snowman stitchery.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. OMG Stina, you have so many gifties, that just means you've touched a lot of people. The quilt with the presents on it makes up so cute.
    Try to be good for just another 2 days, no peeking.
    Merry Christmas,

  12. Hi Stina, what a lovely lot of pressies.Enjoy. Hugs Lyn

  13. My mailman is also carrying a lot of packages these days. And it is so fun to go and look in the mailbox. Thanks for your package, it's in my stocking now (hehehe I dont have a stocking so I have to make one )I'm out now to buy some extra to put in my DD and DS stockings for tomorrow. Enjoy opening those packages.....I know I will.

  14. I agree with the other girls ... you must have been VERY, VERY good this year. Enjoy all your gifts.

  15. Hey Stina! We're still being strong! No peeking!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Looks like Christmas Eve at your place is going to be HUGE! So many presents, you won't know where to start! The little stitchery from May Britt is so cute - you really have been spoilt - Enjoy, cos you're worth it! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  16. Isn't it wonderful? So many parcels, so many lovely gifts from all over the world! May this wonderful joy stay in our hearts through the whole New Year!

  17. This looks like so much fun. You are very lucky, Stina. I'm looking forward to see what you got (O:

  18. It's easy to see that you have been a VERY good girl this year *S*

  19. Ha en riktigt härlig jul och ett gott nytt år! Hälsningar



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