Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fusible webbing...

This is driving me crazy!!!!! :#

I want a fusible webbing that dont do like this...
...this is the kind of webbing we have in is called Vliesofix...
and it works super when it is fresh and not rolled one or two times
( when going to classes or something like that)...
but after a couple of times the layers start to separate from each other and you have to pin everything together...and not to mention how fiddling it is when you are supposed to iron it on fabric!!!

So please give me some suggestions to other brands that don´t behave like this!!!!
Tell me what you use...please...!! :)

Last night I started to fiddle with my "Wool Garden" blocks...
and finally, I have these three finished.... :) now I have some blocks prepared for prim stitching.... ohhh I love those stitches...
Found a perfect pair of scissors ( in my drawer...:) cut the wool with and it saves my hand too...
totally forgot I had this one... bought it when I sewed my frayed quilt...
so it is good to look through the drawers from time to time... :)

Had another ....Aarrrrggghhhh...moment today...
When I went to the postoffice to send two quilttops for a Bushfire project...I found out that my creditcard had been exposed for skimming... and was blocked... :@
Dont people have something sensible to do instead!!
Hope the rest of the day will go smoothly... :)


  1. I have the same issues with fusible - once it's been around for a time, it just begins to separate.
    *argh* What is up with people stealing from credit cards. The Princess just had over $500 stolen from her checking account. The bank helped her right away, but it is upsetting anyway. Hope yours is quickly fixed.

  2. Hi Stina, Yes I find Vliseofix is a pain at times so now buy it in much smaller quantities which is also a pain. We are also able to buy a product called= "Heat a Bond" which is much better. It comes prepackaged in set amounts but I think you may be able to buy it loosely by the metre also.
    If you get stuck and can't find any,email me and I will put some in the post to you.

  3. Oh Stina! Sorry about your credit card. It is so scary that stuff.. Hope the problem gets resolved soon.
    Your wool blocks are BEAUTIFUL! And I am glad you found your scissors. That looks like it would help with hand function.

  4. Hello!
    I use something called Steam-A-Seam. It's a sort of vliesofix with paper on both sides. Five sheets in a package (each sheet is 22 x 30 cm). A bit more expensive than normal vliesofix, but much better. You can save even small pieces and the parts will not separate. Sorry, english is really not my language, but I hope this is understandable....

  5. I got a tip on the vliesofix when I took a class some time ago. I was told to keep the vliesofix in a plastic bag when I stored it away, then it would'nt get ruined so fast. Look forward to see more of your work as your hand and finger gets better:-)
    Happy sewing:-)

  6. Hi,
    I use Steam-a-seam 2 too. It`s a double stick fusible web, sticks temporarily (both sides) when applied and permanently when ironed. I find it much better than vliesofix. If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I`ll send you some links for internet shops where you can buy Steam-a-seam.
    Sorry about your creditcard, hope the rest of your day went well.

  7. I keep identical snips beside my sewing machine and love them for snipping my threads as I sew.
    I rarely use fusibles so I'm no help.

  8. Very sweet blocks there Stina. My dh had the same problem with his credit card two weeks ago, such a pain in the neck. Remember those lovely spring photo's I shared of Kellie's work, she told me she uses steam-a-seam lite. apparently it works really well and the fabrics don't fray. I'm shopping for some on the weekend.

  9. Hi Stina,
    I have the same problems with Vliesofix...gmpf! I recently read about a tip to cut your bigger sizes down to A4/letter sized pieces so that you can store them without rolling or folding in a plastic bag...maybe it helps.
    I haven't tried steam-a-seam or the others yet but I definitely do when my vliesofix is used up!
    Your blocks are lovely!!
    Hope, youre credit card issues are solved soon...I had similar problems and it took about a month until I could use my card again (arrgh!)....
    Take care,

  10. Hi Stina, Yes I had the same problem with Vlisoflex. I now use Heat and Bond, it comes prepacked and it in heavy weight and light weight. It wont seperate from the paper. Good Luck.

  11. Good work Stina!
    As I have told you before Steam a seam it the perfect one. I have used it in the ANGLE blocks and also to others that I have vliesofixat just because it is so very wonderful to work with. At Lapp Elisa you can buy it but I so she has it not right now..

    Take care!

  12. Hi Stina! Doesn't vliesofix drive you crazy?! I have given up on it & use Heat-n-Bond LIte. It is great. It perhaps is a little stiffer than vliesofix, but doesn't separate from the backing paper. Happy stitching on your beautiful blocks! Best wishes, Ros.

  13. So sorry to hear about the creditcard problems.
    Your Wool Garden blocks looks very lovely!

  14. Lovely blocks Stina...they just pop out...I use "Heat and Bond" stuff ever..comes in 3 weights...I always use the lite...

  15. Oh Stina - that's terrible on your credit card - it's scary out there on what they can do. Your wool blocks are coming along nicely - your thread should be there soon.

    Hugs - Karen

  16. I agree....had the same problem with my card....I wish some people used their evil for good - they might make a difference in the world!....I love your wool garden blocks..I got another one in the post hope to get it done over the weekend....sorry no real hints with the is so annoying when it separates....someone said it is better if you keep it in a plastic bag with one of those little silicone bags you get with say shoes...that take the moisure out of the air....not sure if you know what I mean....but worth a try...I try to buy it in small batches when I need it - but that is annoying as well!!

  17. I also prefer steam a seam 2.

    I live in quite a dry area. One tip that works well is to store it in an air tight bag/container. When the fuseable web dries out is when it starts separating from the paper.

  18. I used to use vliesofix as that's all we could get. Now I use steam a seam lite. It's not too stiff and it seals right to the edges so the fabric doesn't fray. I like that you can position everything before ironing because it's tacky.
    It is more expensive though.

  19. I have the same problems with vliesofix grrr!
    I am going to try that steam a seam 2 now!
    hope your day gets better....don't forget to rest the finger a little bit!

  20. Hey Stina! Yep, I think we all have the same problem with vlisofix! I don't use it often, so now only buy little bits as I need it. I tried heat and bond once, but found it a bit thick to stitch through - didn't see different weights, though, so maybe this is a newer thing, as it was some years ago that I tried it. Isn't it amazing what you find when you go exploring in your sewing room?! It think there could be burried treasure in mine!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Oh - hope your credit card gets sorted soon! Even without the worry of someone using your credit, there's the inconvenience of having to sort it all out! Hope it's pretty simple for you! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  21. Sorry about your credit card problem. I have been through a similar problem myself.
    I use Heat 'n Bond Lite for a fusible. It needs to be the Lite version to keep it soft & more flexible. And I only use a rim of the fusible around the applique pieces which helps keep the applique even more soft & flexible.

  22. Hi Stina,

    I hate when that happens to fusibles too! I've tossed out so much because of pure frustration. I read the the comments to see what was recommended and they all pretty much have it covered. Did you need some sent to you? What thread are you using to stitch your wool and what stitch? I have those BOMs and have yet to start! I'm terrible. If I would just get them prepped and stitch in the evening I would get them done! Oh, and I use those scissors all the time. They are the ones that are near my sewing machine...and funny thing I too purchased mine for a rag quilt!

  23. Hi Stina, yes I too have that problem with vliesofix, very frustrating. I keep mine rolled up on a cardboard roll with a rubberband around it seems to have helped a bit, not as much wastage. I love the wool garden quilt, have seen it on a few blogs now, might have to invest in that one I think.

  24. Yes, we have that Vliesofix too and have the same problem... Your blocks look very pretty!
    Have a lovely weekend (O:

  25. Hello Stina! I am new to your blog but I just saw this post on fusibles and I laughed so hard! This is what happened to me all day yesterday! I quilt donations quilts here in Salem Oregon USA and I use anything that is donated...I was given fusible with NO backing left on it to use for applique and I have almost gone crazy trying to put in my own paper to protect my iron. I will tell you this...this fusible still works great. It is stuck to my iron, my ironing board and ME!

  26. I know all that about Vliesofix!!!...I keep it in a plastic bag and always away from the heating ( and the sun, too). Steam-a-seam is a good option, though it is more expensive. I've never tried Heat-n-bond, but I'm thinking of buying it to see how it works. Your blocks are lovely, I really like the one in the middle! Sorry about your credit card, that is so upseting...

  27. I use Heat and Bond lite. I think there are thicker/heavier versions too.
    Hope your credit card problem is resolved soon. Very annoying.
    Love your wool blocks and glad you found your scissors which make life easier.

  28. Sorry about your credit card! Hope it will be fixed soon.
    Vliesofix doesn't always play well, but I see you've got a lot of great tips already!

  29. Vlisoflix works both ways. I had some that didn't separate but when you iron it on it is really hard to peel the back paper off. I don't know which is worse. Bummer about the credit card.



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