Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Had the strangest day...

...and its kind of scary... at least for me... #:-S
I was on my way home from town yesterday... and needed to buy some honey (cant be without in my tea...) and decided to buy this at a supermarket on my way...
And suddenly I knew someting was going to happened to me...or to the car... so I thought better not stop there...
but hey... cant let my thoughts decide..cant I...so I drove to the parking lot...
And what happens!!!!
I was hit by a car... a sweet old lady... just backed right at me...
she never ever saw me in my big black Volvo... and I can say... against white snow...Im pretty visible!!
Nothing happened to anyone of us...glad for that... nothing much on our car...more on hers...
Is this scary or what... PHEEEWWW....
Better start listening a little bit more from now on!!
Think someone is keeping an eye on me... :)

Had a wonderful weekend ...saw the fantastic movie "Australia"...
it was an emotional rollercaster for me...
lauging...crying... worrying..more crying...
But I loved it... :)

Spent some hours in the sewingroom...
but Im almost afraid of beeing in there... knowing I want to be there much more than I can right now...so Im avoiding it...;)

Started something blue and pink....
...and started on a wallhanging...
"Bunny Tales"
with the fabrics I was going to use for my NPNT quilt... but they are so "springlike" so I needed to use them for this one!!
But the blocks is pretty big for me... not used to this... ;)
...and made my fourth block in Wool Garden BOM... and I did it again... ;)
...I changed the colours... I needed a pink Geranium... :)

Hope you all have had a good weekend...
I sure had...
and so had my boys too...pretty tired after a long weekend with tennis...
but oh so much fun they had had!!

Today it is a fantastic day... :)
The sun is warm...SNOW is melting...
Oh HAPPY days!!! :)


  1. Glad to hear that you are OK;) My 'still small voice' has warned me more than once, and I for one am grateful;) Love your blue and pink and espically your BOM--just adorable;)

  2. Looks like you are as ready for spring as I--- great quilt pieces. I'm thankful you are oK through the fender bender. Hope the car gets repaired in no time.

  3. Hey Stina! Ooooooh! Spooky!! Glad you're OK! I sometimes have 'funny' feelings, too and have learned to listen to them even if it seems a bit funny - ring someone I haven't heard from for a while, wait to leave to go on a trip ... those sort of things. Angels whispering maybe? :0) Glad to bear it's getting a bit warmer for you - being cold is no fun. And glad to hear you enjoyed "Australia". I wondered how non-Aussies would like it - thought the humour might have been too strange!!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  4. That "little voice" is amazing....!! sorry you were involved in the accident but pleased nobody was hurt....My wool garden block arrived last week but I haven't had a chance to stitch it yet...I love yours.....perhaps this weekend I will get some sewing done!

  5. Beware of little old lady drivers! Glad you're ok. Love the pink in your wool project. I've never worked with wool but the more I see it the more I want to try.

  6. Glad the freak little accident wasn't major. Oh....so sweet little wool number! I love your changes!

  7. Maybe that little voice needs to speak to you a little louder, glad you're ok... OK so which Bunny Hills wall hanging are you working on? Glad you enjoyed the movie, saw it advertised here for sale in a couple of weeks, so am counting down the days....

  8. Glad you're okay...I love your wool garden also....I've never worked with wool either...but of course it's on my list!

  9. Stina, so happy no one was hurt. Your fabric colors are so pretty. Oh, and did you get that honey for your tea?!!

  10. love your fourth block!
    yes pink is so pretty and YES I am so ready for spring to come and see flowers again!!!
    glad you were ok and the car is fine too

  11. So glad you were okay Stina! Spooky, that inner voice!

    Good luck on your next project. It is looking very nice :o)

  12. Stina,
    glad that you are OK, listen to that little voice!
    Love your wool block, need to add that to the list...
    cheers Julz

  13. Oh, Stina! You are lucky that the situation with the accident was not worse. Listen to that "little voice"!
    I very much like the spring looking fabrics you are using. I think I used to have a piece of that blue with the spools of thread. Or something very similar.

  14. Oh that little voice . . . . good that you weren't hurt *s*
    Love all your spring projects - it will be here before we know it!

  15. Stina,
    So glad you (and this old lady too) are ok. OH! The little voice!? How to hear it?! =(
    Your wool block is beautiful (I never worked with wool).

  16. We should all listen to the little voice inside it is often telling us thinks like slow down ...take a break along with the scary stuff. Thankfully no one was hurt. I'm glad you liked Australia isn't Hugh Jackman wonderful.

  17. Hi Stina I just found your blog! I am so sorry to hear about your accident, fortunately you both were not hurt! I use to have a Volvo and had been in an accident...those are the best cars! So, when my sons started driving I insisted that they had a Volvo/you can't get much safer:)
    Sinta pinkpincushion@gmail.com

  18. I'm so glad no one was hurt! Best to stay home and quilt!

    Your photos of the snow in your last post are incredible. I have never seen the actual shapes of the snow flakes like that! (Of course, around here, we rarely see a snowflake at all. (pout))

  19. I glad to hear thats ok with you after this scarry day and of course that the old lady did feel fine to.. Yes and to day it had been a lovely day but I had been in the kitchen baking some bread to our winterholiday next week..

    Take care!

  20. I'm glad everyone was all right. I like your spring time block. And the pink geranium is cute.

  21. Maybe we should listen to those little voices. I'm so glad it wasn't a big accident.

    I love the wool BOM, I should get started on mine.

  22. I think sometimes our little guardian angel taps us on the shoulder. "Hey you, watch out" I try to always listen to that little voice. It is kinda spooky. Love all you blocks and so glad spring is on its way for you.
    Keep Stitchen'

  23. No one was hurt that is the main thing, the wool project looks great Stina..

  24. Glad you are ok...isn't it amazing how those little voices work...I have had a few of those moments too.



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