Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sewing Weekend at Marica...

Ahhh...what a lovely weekend I have had... :)
having fun...

Finally I have made the blocks for our quilting groups blockexchange ... pheeeww... :)
we started this January 2008 ... and havent exchanged these yet... they have been lying in a box way too long...but now they are made...
We will exchange these ones at our next meeting in March... you can see my blocks here...
Will be fun to see all the blocks soon... :)

So ...this is what I have been working on this weekend...
... ;) ...
Ohhh...and before you say anything...
Marica have helped me with the cutting!!!! Thankyou my friend ... :)
Sorry ... cant show you anything of this... we promised not show the blocks until the exchange...

Today I started with the little gift I got from Kris... but it aint finished ... working with the stitchery... so stay will come...

Marica...who loves to be at a picture... ;)
...worked on her tablemats ...WISP...from last year...
Is it finished now Marica??? :)
She promised to work on this one after I left!!
Jennifer...her daughter...worked on Maricas Angel Story... I wonder...isn´t this a little cheating... Hmmm...have to think about the rules here... lol...
Just kidding... I just wish I had the same help... ahmmmm...
So My sweet daughters...why cant you be interested??? ;)

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend like I have...
Thanks to you Marica...and your family for a great weekend!!


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful weekend Stina....hope the week continues to be productive for you...take care...!

  2. What a fun weekend . . . nothing like stitching and chatting with friends *s*

  3. Stina, It looks like you had a fantastic weekend. It is really nice to have that time to relax with friends and sew. Can't wait to see what you have made.

  4. What fun getting together with friends to sew!

  5. A lot of vitamin Q that will help healing your arms. I am so happy you manage to take care this weekend. Clever girl !!!!

  6. I'm happy to hear that you have a wonderful weekend with your friends!
    Have a nice week!

  7. Looks like fun to me............. and like you wouldn't it be great to have a daughter interested in quilting!!!!!perhaps in a few years.

  8. Sounds like a great weekend...the scraps look like lovely rich colours...look forward to seeing it!!!

  9. Glad you had a pleasant week-end. I really want to know what you are making from those itty bitty scrap peices. I only have one daughter and she has no interest in quilting. I am leaving all my quilting stuff to my sis when I kick the bucket.

  10. What a delightful weekend. Must say I think your a tease giving us a peek at those lovely scraps and nothing else.

  11. Looks like a wonderful weekend with friends and fabrics.

  12. A weekend sewing with a friend is just the best fun!
    I am interested to know what all those little pieces of fabric are for.

  13. What a great weekend you had! I'm lucky my daughter and I do share the love for sewing! It's so nice to see her stitch and create too!

  14. There's nothing quite like time with sewing friends.

  15. Hi Stina,
    oh, how great to visit friends and work on what you love...I've already read at Marica's blog that you've been a good girl and didn't do too much ;o)
    Have a great week,



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