Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi to you all...

I so hope all the freezing of the blog is over now...
Special thanks to my my testpilots...
The only thing I havent done anything about is my pop up window for comments...
I like that one the best... but please tell me if it bothers you...

Well back to some sewing business
Finally started to sew on my Wool Garden and test the threads I got from Karen at Farmhouse Woolens...

I must say I just love this wool thread...from Aurifil...feels perfect to use for the wool pieces...
...one thing with the thread is that you cant use too long thread...then it will get worn and a bit divided...otherwise it is lovely!!

Have sewn threee blocks and on my way on the fourth...
and it is so much fun...

Hope you all are having a wonderful time wherever you are...

and please...if anything isn´t working as it should...please mail me.. or make a comment


  1. I didn't even know Aurifil made a wool thread!!
    Your blog and comments pop-up worked just fine for me.

  2. Ah, it's so nice to vist here and not have my pc freeze up. I love using Aurifil thread (cotton) it's all I'll use for piecing. Your wool block looks terrific.

  3. Hej!
    Javisst är det härligt när man börjar känna av våren :)
    Dina ylleapplikationer ser väldigt intressanta ut...hoppas vi får se mera bilder på de här!
    Ha de bra!

  4. I use the Aurifil Wool thread and love it too, I/e been told you can use it in your machine too, just use a large eye needle.

    Wool Garden is looking so good.

  5. I didn't know that Aurifil made wool thread. I think you are right that is a perfect match for your project.

  6. Everything is working as far as I could tell. Your wool work is lovely. Didn't know they made wool thread.

  7. Just so lovely, I love your block that you had sew..

    Still I had not found out whats wrong with my blogg but it seems that everything is gone :(

    Take care!

  8. Ooo wool thread! Definitely must check that out :o)

  9. Hi Stina!! In my humble opinion, Aurofil makes the best thread in the world!!! You should try their Cotton Mako 50 weight...it's fantastic for machine-piecing!!
    Happy Birthday to your Dad, too!
    What a nice picture of you and your parents!!! Cheers! Mary Ann

  10. This time your blog and comments came up soooo fast. Something has happened.
    Working with wool looks so nice. They have a lot of wool in different colours at the quiltshop here now, perhaps I'll buy some pieces and give it a try. Wonder how it will work to combine wool and cotton applique??

  11. Thanks for this information, I didn't know that Aurifil had wool thread! I hope to see your blocks soon, they look so neat!

  12. These blocks look like fun! Very nice colors!

  13. Stina, your project looks so good, can't wait to see this one completed...

  14. I have the same BOM and haven't started it yet. Are you using the same wool thread colour for all your stitching?

  15. Love what you are working on and yes, Aurifil wool is wonderful.



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