Monday, March 30, 2009

A bit annoyed...

...but mostly dissapointed...
...on how we in other countries are treated by this magazine...
I just love this is filled with so much inspiring things to make...
now to the annoying part...
I have been a subscriber for this magazine a couple of years now..and have mailed them back and forth some time now... with the promise that they will look into a better way to distribute the magazine to cut the shippingcosts... well thats ok for me.. I happily pay the the shipping charges...
But here comes the annoying part... I cant use their offercodes ...which I can to other Australian magazines...Im not interested in all the free threads ..lamps and whatever they offer... just a fair and square deal.... is this to much to ask for to be treated as an equal...

Sorry..I just had to.... AArrggghh... get this out of me...

Now to something more fun...
Remember the sewingbox I got from Marica for my birthdaypresent...
I wanted to add a little extra to it... I made a padded inner lid...where I can put some needles...if I want to...
and a matching bottom...
and I think it got quite cute...
one thing that is best though...hopefully I can keep track of my sewingthings...and not having them all around... at least I can if I try...


  1. It's a shame you're having to pay so much postage and not being able to get a good deal.
    The sewing box is terrific and so practical, You've done a lovely job of it.

  2. I can understand your feeling ;>) I've been subscribing to Australian P&Q for 7 years now, and could NEVER benefit from one of their subscribing offers !... But must admit their subscribing sheet do mention "offers for Australian subscribers only". TOOOOO BAAAAAD, UNFAIR (and not very commercial) Grrrrr ! :>(


  3. I always have the best intentions of keeping better track of my sewing things while working. They usually end up buried under fabric on my cutting table. Your box is so pretty...

  4. Hi Stina, such a pretty little box for your bibs and bobs. Hugs Lyn

  5. Hi STina...and I think it's very cute too!!!

  6. What a pretty makeover for your box. You do realise though there now no excuse when the family stands on a pin. :-) I try to keep tidy too however....

    Yes it is annoying when special offers are only available to readers based in the country that that the magazine is published in, especially when they market those same magazines in different countries. It should be a level playing field throughout the world, after all the subscriber is paying the extra for the postage costs.

  7. Your sewing box is gorgeous! Love the pink! I understand your frustration with postage...I'd love to subscribe to some of those Australian magazines...but the postage rate are sky-high!

  8. Love how you did your sewing box. It looks perfect for storing lots of sewing goodies.
    Hope your having a wonderful day!

  9. Stina I agree with you, besides the shipping cost it is sometimes frustrating to not come with the same goodies than the Aussie friends. I really love the magazine and fortunately one of the quiltshops close to my home sells them I am happy with it. I cancel my US suscriptions for this magazine I really prefer something more inspiring than the same old patterns. I am just tierd of the same boring stuff.
    I love the box so cute

  10. Cute update on your sewing box. Hope you have a great Monday;)

  11. So fine you sewingbox looks now :) I went in to the shop today and it was only one left. So it went with me home ;-)

    Take care!

  12. What you added to the sewing box is very creative, Stina!
    I do not get the magazine you refer to. I can understand your frustration, though.

  13. Very impressive, what you did to the sewing box. It all matches so well, even the things inside.
    And I know what you mean about the magazine. Very disappointing.
    Have a lovely week!

  14. Hi Stina, love what you have done to the sewing box, it's gorgeous! Shame about the magazine and it's offer....I find the same thing happens but with the American day they all might think global and do it properly.
    Have a wonderful day and week,
    cheers Julz

  15. Very pretty box. Ooo, it would cost me a fortune to get that magazine. Sometimes I will by it from shops on the internet.

  16. Brilliant idea on the sewing box! Oh and you think that Australian Magazine code thing is a pain....while DH was military living overseas we had an APO address. Do you know how many companies refuse to mail to APO? For Pete's Sake...we were overseas working to protect there freedom!

  17. Love the box . Shame about the mag you'd think they would be thrilled at a worldwide audience .
    clares craftroom

  18. So sorry about the magazine.... that is too bad.

    I do love what you did to your little sewing box! Cute!

  19. I know how upseting that is Stina, but I guess they won't change that...Your sewing box looks even more prettier with the lovely set you made!

  20. Hej Stina,
    wow, awesome goodies!
    Before I forget: I got a subscription for Homespun but not directly in Australia but from a British distributor (?) - maybe it's worth a visit:

    {I get my copy around the 20th each month, some days later than the Australian girls but it's still much earlier than some shops in Germany).
    Hugs, Julia



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