Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a weekend!!!!

This was a very much needed weekend...
filled with a lot of fun...
first of all my birthday... with so many birthday wishes from you!!!
Thankyou so much!!! :)
And to top that day... what a lucky day...I did win two giveaways!!!
One here and one here...
GOSH...two wonderful giveaways!!!
And I was the lucky one on both of them... >:D<>
For the swap we decided to sew six or eight blocks each in colours/patterns of our choice ...
and this is my green Tin Man blocks...
...think I will add sashing in cream and a corner square in some colour between the blocks... will have to play a little bit more with them...
Showed Viktor the blocks tonight..and he loved all the green guys!!!
So you did a fantastic work on the blocks!!
Thankyou!!!! :)

And this is Maricas blocks...
...she chose Churndash blocks...and wow this quilt is going to be just wonderful...
I definetly need to make a churndash quilt...
love these blocks... :)

And this is Cici´s blocks...
...and dont you just love these blocks...the pattern is great!!!

And Lotta she gave us all a work with some jewel fabrics...
but I think Cicis blocks were more challenging for me... black and white... never wear and almost never use them... the jewel ones I like to dress in...sooo they were a little bit easier...
This is her blocks...
... A Vitamin Kick!!!

The only block´s missing was Kristina´s... will be fun to see them later...

Thankyou girls for a wonderful swap!!!
And as if this wasn´t enough...
Lotta made us all a surprise...
She made us all a Blockholder to keep all the blocks organized during the swap...
and I was the last one to know since I was last on the list... :)
What a surprise!!!This is my Blockholder/keeper... :)
Thankyou so much Lotta!!!

Think this was the most "quiet" quiltweekend ever... :)
Lottas machine was at the Machinedoctor´ she handsewed , I stitched all the time... and it was just Maricas machine that was buzzing...
Hmmm...think I will post these photos later...or maybe Marica will post some...
hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend...
I sure did!!! :)
Quiltweekends are the BEST!!!


  1. Your quilty turned out nice for Viktor. So glad you had a good time!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love all your blocks, but I think I prefer Maricas churn dash blocks. That is one block I want to make a scrap quilt of.

  3. Great quilts for all of you!
    I'm happy you had a wonderful week-end!

  4. I love every single quilt that you posted! They are all wonderful. And congrats on the 2 giveaways, what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday!

  5. All of the quilts are wonderful and didn't you have a great weekend with your wins and the block holder.

  6. Wow two giveaway wins!! And Happy Birthday!!

  7. Boy, what a fun weekend you've had! All the quilts are just beautiful -- such a fun idea!

  8. The blocks look great, Stina! And what a lovely weekend you must have had (O: Congrats on your giveaway wins! So many wonderful things happening around you.
    Happy week.

  9. Thanks for a great weekend It was nice to meet you all again :)

    Have a nice day!

  10. What a fun quilt weekend - love all the quilt ideas *s*

  11. What a great weekend you had...and giveaway wins too! And the block keeper is really going to be great! Congratulations!

  12. What a great weekend! Happy belated Birthday! Congrats on the wins. Thanks for sharing all the lovely blocks. They will make some very wonderful quilts.

  13. Looks like you had a very productive weekend! Two winnings .... congratulatios!
    Lotta's quilt has Louise written all over it. I love it!
    I hope Viktor will enjoy his Tin men. I do recognize some of the greens :)

  14. Fabulous quilts. Congrats on your wins and your block keeper. That sure was nice of Lotta.
    And a belated Happy Birthday to you too.

  15. I love your green tin man! A belated happy birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day. SuzK

  16. Happy late birthday. Sounds like your weekend was wonderful. Lots of fun things being made. Your Tin Man is very fun;)

  17. I made a Tin Man quilt quite some time ago. Mine is in reds & blues. Your green ones could be Martians!

  18. Glad you had a good weekend. All the blocks look wonderful ... you will all have a lovely quilt.



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