Thursday, April 23, 2009

I won....

How lucky can a girl be????
Look what I won at Bonnie´s place...
...Spring Giveaway...
Just the word makes me happy...
These fabrics are sooo lovely... and they are perfect in my home...
and better up... I love tea too...
I think Im the happiest girl on earth...
Bonnie have made a wonderful work on this tablerunner...
choosing lovely fabrics..the embroidery...and the quilting... and the finish...
LOVE IT!!! made my day....Thankyou thankyou so much

Ohh.. now I can make a inquiry here...
don´t know if you see the fabric Bonnie have used as
background fabric in the blocks...
cream fabric with tiny pink, blue or yellow dots...
Is there anyone out there who knows if this fabric can be found somewhere???
Have searched for this kind of fabric to use for a BOM I have in mind and wanted those fabrics for stitchery...
Earlier this week I got my pattern from Kellie at Don´t Look now...
...will be fun to try this one out...
And today I bought some yarn to start to crochet some hexagons...or granny squares...
havent decided yet...and I couldnt decide on the colours either
so I bought the ones I liked most...
Dont know if I want to make in just one colour or many...
And this is what I have sewed on this week...
..Looks like I have baked some bread... you who knows...

Hope you all will have a great weekend...


  1. Well just aren't you a lucky gal! The crochet yarns are pretty. There was a time when I made lots and lots of granny squares for baby quilts...wish I remembered how at times but then with all else..I have not time! ....and as always you leave us guessing!!

  2. What a wonderful gift for you. I knew it suites you perfect :) Lovely yarns and me like the colors alot..

    Baking some bread?! Oh no I know what you are doing but I will not tell anyone ;-)

    Take care!

  3. Congrats Stina ... what a lovely prize. I like the colours of your wool .... look forward to seeing how you use them.

  4. You are lucky. You should look back and count how many different times you have won something from the different blogs.

  5. You won a lovely prize! I used to do a lot of crochet and still occasionally do, I wish I had time for it all.

  6. Hi Stina,
    So glad the runner made its long journey to you.
    I tried to order more and no luck. The fabric is Seaside Rose by Three Sisters for Moda. Maybe you could find it on etsy or ebay.
    Wish I could help.
    Love the yarn colors, it's so hot here, I have to crochet in the winter and could it be legs or arms I see?
    Keep Stitchen'

  7. What a wonderful win! I just love all of Kellie's patterns. I am tempted to try some day.

  8. What lovely colours for the crochet...and yes they do look like baguettes!!!

  9. Wonderful wins...that pattern from Kellie at Don't Look Now is amazing!

  10. Congrats,Stina! a.k.a. The Lucky Girl. :-)

    Awww... I love those yarns.... I love crochet. (But I'm not really good at)
    I'm looking forward to see your chrochet project soon. :-)

  11. You lucky girl!!! Grattis!
    Went to a quilt meeting tonight at "Klein meijse quilts", met some neat people. Talk to you soon!

  12. Hej!!! Ska bli kul att se dina hexagoner så småningom.... Jag kommer nog att skaffa mer garn, de var så roliga att virka!

  13. Well aren't you the lucky girl. If it went to anyone else I think I may have been a little green, but was so happy to see your name drawn. Have you checked with Bonnie about the fabric? I'm very tempted to buy Kellie's pattern. Let me know how it goes and you may make up my mind for me. Hmmm those look like legs????

  14. Hi Stina,
    You are just way too lucky;) Such wonderful gifts...your yarn reminds me of shebert...good enough to eat. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with them;) Have a great weekend;)

  15. Congratulations on a great win Stina...the colours are divine! Love your yarn....mixed together they will be pretty.
    Have a nice day.
    Kind Regards

  16. Congrats on your win from Bonnie. She does some beautiful work.
    Do I see legs instead of breadsticks?

  17. Congratulations, you lucky girl. Have fun with your winnings...

  18. You are a lucky girl! That looks like a nice bunch of gifties! I like the color selection for the knitting project:)... I can smell the bread from here!

  19. You lucky girl! How pretty. I just love the lovely yarn. Make something with all those colors together. It will look like a Spring bouqyuet. Thank you for showing all the fun Easter photos.

  20. Congrats on a Gorgeous Giveaway...Lucky You.!! Crocheted that I gotta see...we have gone Hexagon mad here in OZ at the moment..can't wait to see how they look.!!
    Love your new header...

  21. Congratulations on the winning of the lovely giveaway! And I just love the Pretty 'n Pink pattern! So happy and bright.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  22. Indeed, Stina, you are the most lucky person I know!!! I can enter 100 giveaways, I hardly win a thing!!! I love the yarn you bought and I'm looking foward to see your knitted hexagons, I know they will be lovely! And I'm wondering what kind of "bread" you have "baked"!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. En liten kikk innom for å ønske deg en God Helg!

    Hilsen fra Kari Anne

  24. Stina, I'd like one of those baguettes for my dinner tonight. They look delicious. VBG

    You are so lucky to have won those wonderful gifts from Bonnie. They're lovely!

    I wish I could crochet. I love granny square afghans. I can knit but I never learned to crochet. I love the colors in the yarn you chose.

    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Hi Stina, lovely gifts from the coloured yarns you have chosen....Regards Lyn

  26. Pleased the pattern arrived safely! Have fun with it and let me know if there's anything I can help with! Looking forward to seeing your version!

  27. Aren't prizes fun? Love that yarn, too. I wish I knew more about working with yarn (knitting) I would love to set aside a shelf for a yarn stash *s*

  28. Congrats on your lucky girl. Enjoy your new tea time runner.

  29. Hi Stina

    Came across you blog. Love everything that on there. Just wanted to know if you made the quilt that is your background. I'm looking to do one similar but haven't found a pattern yet.

    Kind Regards

    Deb Sal

  30. What a lovely tablerunner I can't see the material well enough to be able to help you. Love your colours for the granny squares and Kellie's patterns are wonderful, so bright and happy.

  31. Stina, you've been tagged. Go to my blog for the details.

    And congrats on your win!

    ~Tootles for now!



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