Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Raining outside..sunshine inside...

...its wet, windy and cold outside...
But after lunch my mailman brought me SUNSHINE...a lovely pink parcel...
Was in a hurry no pics of that...
Sweet sweet Linda sent me a
stitchers package...
She knew I have been looking for smaller hoops and embroidery needles...
and gosh ... look at this..
...ahhh I just love the colours of the hoops and...some fresh needles...
and my first flower pins..and a cute pattern and isnt the cards cute...
and the tape everyone is talking about...
will try this one out and tape all my rulers!!!


...Borrowed a needle from Marica the last time we met...but that one is bent already...
so it will be so much fun to try my lovely presents this weekend...

Working on secrets in my sewingroom...
so no peeks just yet..maybe tomorrow...


  1. Lucky Girl who got so much goodies :) It will be intressting to hear what you like this needles, perhaps I will borrow one of yours ;-) The stitcheryhoops is one more intresting to hear what you like about to..

    Talk to you soon..I´m a little bit tired after my time outdoors *s*


  2. Let me know how the tape works, and if it does I'll have to get some for myself.

  3. What a lovely package...I love that tape...I've even got it on my new Dresden ruler already!

  4. Great package! All the makings to start on some wonderful new projects!

  5. Don't recall ever seeing that cute little bunny pattern....I just love seeing him all laid out on his belly with legs stretched. Made me smile EVEN THOUGH THE PKG wasn't mine!! LOL

  6. Heisan
    Tusen takk for noen flotte mønster som kom i posten
    Gjett om e vart glad da :)

    Har så lyst å sy det teppet - håper på litt tid til høsten ein gang
    klemma fra monika

  7. What awesome goodies you received. I'll be looking forward to seeing what secrets you've been working on!

  8. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who bends needles!! Lovely of Linda to give you such a great package!!

  9. How sweet of Linda! What a great package to receive. Have fun.

  10. How lovely! I bought some of that tape and it is fantastic. You get such wonderful mail, you're very spoiled.

  11. Oh, She is so sweet. A lots of neat goodies, Lucky you! :-)

  12. This was a lot of goodies in the mail. What about that tape??? Is it something special for sewing????
    And you will love those hoops. Its said it will rain all weekend here so i have cleaned the house and are ready to enter my sewingroom, but first I have to work two more days.

  13. What a wonderful package! I really need to get some of that Nexcare tape!

  14. That is a SUNSHINE!!! What a wonderful parcel from Linda, everything is just right and lovely, you lucky girl!!! I'll be looking foward to reading how that tape works, I still have no idea what it is for. The pattern is a pretty one and the cards are sweet!

  15. What wonderful goodies, Stina! Aren't blogger friends wonderful?

    Now you'll have to tell me about the tape because I think I've missed some IMPORTANT information. Is the tape magic? Does it make perfect corners/ Does it do the cutting for us? I just HAVE to know! (wink)

    Enjoy all your new gifties...and happy stitching! Or does the tape do that for you?

  16. Such a lovely post for you, dear Stina! Look forward to you secret projects you're working on!
    Have a sunny evening (O:

  17. Hej Stina,
    oh what a gorgeous parcel ~ so nice of Linda {quilter's are best, aren't they?}. Please, tell us about your experiences with the tape...I'm curious if this should be on my list ;o).
    Hugs, Julia



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