Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First section made... and

Lovely mail for me!!!

I love this magazine...
And sweet friend Colleen came to my rescue and bought me one copy!!!
I can dream myself away..and wish I was there...
shopping like a madwoman!!!
And she added a lovely blue piece of wool...
so now I can continue with my Wool Garden blocks...
you see I have to change the blue colour that followed with the BOM...
too dark for me... so this will be perfect ..I hope...
And a lovely pink homespun...and a JAM pattern for Christmas...
Love her patterns...
Thank You Colleen!!!

In the sewing room I have battled a war with fabrics to get my Swedish flag
finished for the first section of GCQ...
Its a scrappy one...
and not quite happy with how it turned out..
but sigh.. It stays like this until I know how it looks with all the other blocks...
Think I like my start with the quilt...
it will look so different from the other girls quilts... but that's one of the fun parts in making quilts...that all are not alike ...

Otherwise here in Sweden at my place ...
an expectant son and DH have started preparations for this years
big happening...
Wimbledon 2009..
at the backyard...
Improvements being made since last year...
painted lines this year...
and serve squares!!!
Ohhh.. they sure have some fun here!!!
Guess tournament starts this weekend!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful time out there..doing what you like..
and enjoy life!!!

ps... stay tuned.. I have done it again.. won some gorgeous giveaways...
three more...
Happy happy me...


  1. Looks like a nice package of goodies from Colleen.

    Your flag block is different from others but then you live in a different country. I think it will all work well since you are going with more pastel colors to suit your style. I was anxious to see what you would come up with and it looks good.

    You have won again! Stina, you are so lucky at those drawings.

  2. What a brilliant idea of including your own flag...I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to steal that idea and put in a UK flag in mine.

  3. Great fabrics-- love the pink!! Stay outside as much as possible.. our summers are so short...

  4. Your Swedish flag is perfect. You know, your own style is shining through on this Garden Club quilt! I like it. :o) Nice gift and I love to see quilt magazines that I typically can't find here. Jane @ Sew Create it sent me a magazine a while back, I still have it for browsing. So thanks, Jane! The JAM pattern ~ will be fun to see what you do with it. ;O)

  5. What a lovely gift from Colleen.
    I like your beginnings of the quilt so far.
    I just saw your name on the Jabber Jolly where you had won something. Congratulations! Girl you got the magic touch.

  6. Your project is beautiful! I love what you made at your retreat also. That bluebird is adorable! You must have had so much fun:)

  7. THREE more??? Are you putting a hex on bloggers LOL? I love your little quilt so far!

  8. Glad you like the goodies :o) I wasn't sure about the blue wool. When I went through my scraps, I realized I didn't have anything but dark blue except that one scrap I sent to you!

    LOVE your quilt! It is going to be beautiful :o)

  9. I like your scrappy flag. What a lovely package you have recieved and sounds like lots more are on their way. You lucky girl!

  10. I think you must be the luckiest person I know! You always seem to be getting things in the mail!!! Maybe my bloggy friends don't do enough giveaways!! ;) Congrats again!

  11. Love your quilt...and congrats on your win from FQS!!! I was so happy for you!

  12. Ooh I love the quilt, can't wait to see it complete.
    Aren't we lucky, I've won some goodies too and one from Homespun magazine, just waiting for them to arrive so I can blog about them!
    Love the mini-Wimbledon in the back yard, whose their favourite to win this year?

  13. You sure do have the magic touch, Stina. I wish some of it would rub off on me. (wink) I wonder what your postman must think about all the wonderful mail you receive?

    I love your quilt with the colors of the Swedish flag. The block seem to blend so well together.

    And who knows? May the tennis player from Sweden who placed second at the French Open will win at Wimbledon...sorry but I can't remember his name.

  14. Great idea to use your own country's flag. Your first section looks wonderful. Look forward to seeing the next part ... and your new prizes.

  15. Colleen is so sweet! What a wonderful package. I love your quilt on the design wall! How fun to have wimbledon in your own back yard.

  16. Hi, thanks for the visit, love the flag idea, fantastic! Tracey

  17. I think your flag piece is wonderful! Congrats on the wins. Can't wait to see what you won.

  18. I do love the colours you're using on this quilt, and three more, my gosh I think Anna's right, you must be putting a hex on the rest of

  19. very nice ..and congrats on your win! the blue wool is also very nice....good luck with your own Wimbleton in your yard too!

  20. hejsan
    Hittade din blog när jag letade efter quilt camps i USA!!! Lustigt. Bor i Tucson, Arizona och är en quiltlover too. Är just nu hemma i Laxå och hälsar på föräldrar.
    Blognybörjare som du ser, startade den för att en kompis sade att jag behövde den för att sälja mina väskor.
    Kul om du hör av dig

  21. Som vanligt helt underbart bra gjort med byte av tyger i en quilt ;-) Grattis till alla dina vinster, har nog sett lite här och där på nätet så det ska blir kul och se vad som dimper ner i din brevlåda..


  22. Nice goodies from Colleen...what a sweetie. I love your's nice to see the different takes.

  23. Lovely post, Stina! And I love the project you are making (O: Your new header is very pretty. It is my mother's favorite flower.
    Have a lovely Friday!

  24. Your block looks lovely. I think the scrappyness works well with the colours you've chosen. Lovely parcel from Coleen.

  25. Weren't you the other winner of Sizzlin' 60's from Fat Quarter Shop? Mine arrived yesterday - I think you'll like it! I'm going to start with the cover quilt and can't wait to get started. I'm curious which project you'll do.

  26. Your quilt is looking so gorgeous!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  27. Wonderful gifty in the mail - don't you just love mail, lol. Your project is coming along beautifully. Looks like some serious tennis happening there. Winning 3 more giveaways - you are a lucky one that's for sure.

    Hugs - karen

  28. Quilting mail is just sooo much more fun to receive than boring bills ;)

  29. Hello Stina, beautiful work on the first section of your quilt....such pretty colours.........Stina you are a trimmer another three goodies won...hugs lyn

  30. Your garden club blocks are more becoming just like your beautiful garden! Love those Stina colors. *S*
    and your goodies from Colleen is just lovely. She is a very Very sweet woman, isn't she?? :-)
    and she knows your TASTE!

  31. Lots of lovely goodies in the mail. Love the preparation for Wimbledon.

  32. Love your GC block - it is so very 'Stina' *s*



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