Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time flies!!!!!

My only excuse is...
for not being inside and sewed and blogged...
Some days we have had...
warm lovely summer days...
and I have enjoyed the weather so much...
On the other hand...
I have neglecting
saying my thank yous...
Hope I am forgiven!

First of all I want to thankyou to All of you who made a comment on
Viktors Birthday...
You all made his day so very special...
You should have seen his smile
when writing his list with

Back to some sort of sewing related things...
You may remember that I said that I had been lucky at Madam Fortuna AGAIN...
And so I had!!!
First to arrive was this book that I won at
Fat Quarter Shops blog
Jolly Jabber!!!

Its a lovely book...
You can go to Heather´s page to have a little peek of whats inside...
Just have to figure out if I can use my old 60 degrees ruler...
or if I need to buy a new one...

And after that my mailbox was full with a package from
Helz in Australia...
I was so lucky to win her Blogiversary Giveaway!!!
The package was was full with surprises...
2 Homespun Magazines...
( I had them ..but as I said .. I gave them to Marica and she became so happy!!)
Christmas Ribbon
Charm Pack with ME fabrics
Labels from Anni Downs
Cute little tin box
Lovely Buttons
and a lavender bookmark to cross stitch!!!
Wasn´t that a package of Happiness!!!

Thankyou so much Helz!!!

Days after that have been spent with family...
Viktor have had his cousin here from Arjeplog...
Full speed every day for 7 days!!!
Birthdays..and outdoor activities!!!
Can you tell I'm happy that SUMMER finally arrived...
Hope for some more days of this!!!
Sweet sweet Summer Days!!!

Don't know when I will come to something looking like needle and thread
I just enjoy my days here..
Hope that you all are having wonderful days...
See you soon!!
27 degrees today..and sun is about to shine through some clouds...
Bye bye...


  1. Hi Stina! First happy belated birthday to Viktor, what a handsome boy you have! It seems like it was a great birthday party! And, well, YOU ARE the most lucky person I've ever met!!!! I wonder how you do that! A great book and another lovely parcel of goodies, delightful! Happy summer!

  2. Enjoy your summer, Stina. It can be too short sometimes. I can't believe it is July already!

    Lovely gifts you received. Lucky you! You'll have lots of time to enjoy them after the lazy, hazy days of summer have passed.

  3. have fun in the sun
    for me it's time to stay inside, winter has arrived completely :(
    and also did the flu
    kind regards

    happy belated birthday to viktor (there's always place for one more in the list, isn't it )

  4. Well aren't you the lucky one, again. I don't think I've ever known anyone to win so many giveaways as you. Enjoy the summer.

  5. Oh yes, you must enjoy the sunny days! There will be plenty of time to sew in the winter when it's cold outside.

    I missed Viktor's birthday post (I've been out of town a lot)! Happy Birthday!

    The photo of him with the garland on his head is adorable!

  6. Enjoy those beautiful carefree summer days Stina...needle and thread will always wait for you♥x

  7. Lucky you! So glad that summer has arrived. Enjoy it. The cold will return soon enough.

  8. Enjoy the summer days! We have also hd warm, sunny days lately, but today it's raining.
    You have been very lucky - so many lovely things you have got! Isn't it exciting? Blogging is great!

  9. That picture of Viktor in the water is so nice! What a great photograph :o)

    Congratulations on all those bloggy wins :o)

  10. Glad you finally got some sunshine. Enjoy while you can!
    You are the most "winningest" person I know.

  11. Good to hear from you...Enjoy the sun...ours has gone and in its place wind, fog and rain...Oh for summer in Aus again... Cathyx

  12. It sounds like you're having a great summer Stina! Congratulations on your winnings -- that quilt book looks great!

  13. Stina,
    you are just so lucky! Lovely pressies....enjoy the's cold and wet in Australia where I am....roll on Spring and Summer.
    take care Julz

  14. Good summer for you. Enjoy!!!

  15. Make the most of those summer days!! Viktor certainly looks like he's having a ball!

  16. Stina, you are one lucky girl, all the winnings and to have summer upon you. Hope it stays with you and you can enjoy it with the family.
    Keep Stitchen'

  17. Congratulations on two great wins, I like the look of the book. 27 is perfect weather, enjoy while you can.

  18. Hello There Stina... pleased to see you enjoying the lovely sunshine outdoors... Special Stuff... Viktor has been having fun too I see... Boy Heaven !!! May your luck continue to shine...

  19. I hope you are still enjoying those wonderful summer days!!! And congratualtions with your wins.

  20. Hello Stina, Happy Birthday to Viktor.....congratulations on your wins...enjoy your Summer Days....warm regards lyn

  21. Enjoy the sun Stina. It's so lovely to be having a real Summer in the UK after 2 Summers of floods.

    Wow you are a lucky person. The book looks really interesting, and what a lovely lot of goodies- the bird house buttons are so sweet.

    Sorry this is short- I'm between trips and have a mound of washing.

  22. Great mail you have there!!! The new book looks interesting. Gotta check that one out.

  23. Enjoy those sweet summer days! They are the best!



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