Friday, July 24, 2009

A win..and some things bought...

Hello !!!

I´m hanging in here...
work goes just fine..
they have been so so kind...
So everything will solve
and I can relax...

But nothing is going on in my sewingroom..
nothing at all..
I even have trouble packing up from my trips...
we are sooo tired...
sure dont know what it is...
Maybe the weather...
Anyway Im taking Viktor to a doctor today ...
just to make some tests...
Ok.. that I am tired but not he...
Hate it when the kids are not well..

While I was at my trips... I received some mail...
I was so fortunate and win these gorgeous patterns
from Renee Plains at
Liberty Star
Can you tell ..I love them all..
Sooo gorgeous!!!
Thankyou Renee!!!

And I have done some shopping too...
Long to try this one out...
on the backside of half Square triangles...
so I hope this one works like magic!!!
Take a look at it...
Clearly Perfect Angels
from New Leaf Stitches!!
Kari added a pattern to my order ..
so so sweet of her...
A beautiful pillow!!!
Thankyou Kari!!

And some gorgeous fabrics have been bought...
...still waiting for the pattern to arrive...
dont know where it have gone..
hopefully on its way...
with two new books that I just had to have...


  1. You have some very pretty fabrics there and what great patterns you won. I do hope you get your energy back soon.

  2. Hia Stina, I hope you feel well again soon. Lovely fabric selection. Congratulations on winnign the lovely patterns. Hopefully you will feel better soon and can make a start on them.

  3. hej,hoppas ni mar alla bra igen,här i tyskland regnar det sa mykke,att vi nästan kunne simma i trädgarden,har det bra,susi

  4. Hope you find your energy soon *s* It's just no fun to feel tired.

  5. I'm glad that work is going well but sorry to hear that you're feeling so tired.

    Those patterns are adorable - enjoy!

  6. det ser intressant ut dina nya paket och saker.vad fin blogg du har!det ar sa fint med lapp-teknik!!!komplimanger!!!

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon... and Viktor. Poor little guy.

    Love all the purchases/wins... lucky girl! Your flower pictures are lovely :o)

  8. Hope you guys get better soon. you have had some busy weeks, no wonder you are tired. Hope you and Viktor feel better soon.

  9. Stina, I hope you feel better soon.

    Love your goodies,and again, you lucky you! Renee's quilt is simply fab! don't you think?? :-)

  10. Renee's patterns are lovely.........I have a couple of bags to make.........
    hope you get your energy back very soon.........

  11. Hey Stina....relax whey you are so tired and recharge and then you will be feeling heaps better and ready to go!!! Hope Viktor is all right? Congratulations on the win...lucky you!!! And very pretty fabrics you have there♥x

  12. Have you ever pressed the line with an iron to mark half squares? I just started doing that for a quilt I am working on. Hope you and Viktor feel better soon.

  13. Maybe once you settle into your new job you will feel better. It's stressful to start a new job.

  14. Dear Stina, thank you for your inspiration.......just loved our swap.....hope Viktor picks up your flower pics...hugs lyn

  15. I hope that you and Viktor feel better soon. Rest and relax because you've had some busy weeks lately.

    Your new fabric looks wonderfully romantic. I can't wait to see what you're going to make.

  16. Det var mycket smått och gott här som du har fått/vunnit/köpt...

    Hoppas att ni annars mår bra? Här har vi haft regn i flera dagar och i dag känns det som värsta höstdagen. Regn och en massa blåst :(

  17. kul att du varit in pa min blogg!!!!!ha en bra helg!!!kommer tillbaka och ser vad du hittar pa.

  18. Some lovely new fabrics there - hope to see some sewing soon

  19. Hej!
    Hittade till dej via Evas blogg. Vad mycket fina quiltar du har. Du verkar vara så duktig på det, så det är roligt att se.
    Ha en skön helg uppe i norr där ni lagt beslag på solen.
    Kramis Birgitta

  20. What a lot of lovely things . You rest and take care , hope you get better very soon .

  21. I hope you and Viktor are feeling better. You sure have got some lovely things, rest and enjoy them.

  22. Lots and lots of lovely things! I like the new patterns from Renee Plains. I think I can guess what is going on with those fabrics in the last photo:) (Sweet Dreams?)



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