Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yummy for me....

...Summers bliss...
Strawberries from the North of Sweden..
so much sweeter than other ones...
Grown under midnight sun...
they receive a special taste...
Nothing better!!!

This is what DH came home with last night...
Delicious Strawberries!!!!
... and the same day... some more "yummy" things came ...
fiesta for the eyes and mind!!!

Kim Diehls new book Simple Comfort...
and Folk Art Favourites from Joined at the Hip...
and a pattern....
Sweet Dreams...
Have waited so long for these ones to come...
but now they are here...
... have to read them a little bit more.. and decide what to make.. and WHEN!!!
The Sweet Dreams quilt I have seen on Sintas blog..and fell in love with it.. so
I ordered the fabrics in last blog entry to use for it...
Want some more home alone evenings... !!!!

A little sewing have been done...
needed to test sew my small 1 1/4" squares to something...
...and I chose nine patches..
Love them.. .
Think I will use this design... simple and easy...
don´t know if I will make it bigger.. or just make a little doll quilt!!!

See you...


  1. Oh Stina I think your little nine patches would make an adorable doll quilt just the way you have it laid out! Your strawberries are beautiful too, what are you going to make with those??? Yum

  2. Oohh those strawberries look Yummy! A big bowl of strawberries, new quilty books and a quiet corner - bliss :)
    Can't figure out how to make my email come up - have to admit to giving up and just using my blog addy.

  3. Those strawberries look delicious!! And I recently bought that Folk-Art Favorites book and I want to make everything in it! Enjoy your day! :0)

  4. Wow what a sweet scrap quilt Love it ... and the strawberry lucky YOU

  5. Your strawberries look scrumtious!! Ohh... lots of new books!! They look great! And... what a great idea... to use up all of your scrappy scraps.... well done! It looks beautiful!

  6. Hi there! I just found your blog through others I follow! I have the Kim Diehl Simple Comforts book as well as her other books! Oh so nice. It is hard to decide what to make now, isn't it? I am actually getting ready to work on a quilt from her other book 'Simple Blessings'. It's the Country Whig Rose wall hanging!

    The strawberries look great. We had our season end just recently.

    Your quilt you are working is quite adorable!


  7. I am waiting for Kims new book too. Hope it arrives tomorrow. Enjoy your books and the strawberries.

  8. OH boy those strawberries sure do look yummy.
    Have fun reading your books. I like the quilt so far. Pretty fabrics.

  9. Boka i middten ønsker jeg meg også. Er den fin ?? Nydelig prosjekt med scrappy nine pach :o) Gleder meg til å se det ferdig !!

  10. YUMMY!
    1. The strawberries.
    2. The new books and pattern
    3. Your Sweet Dreams quilt

    Love it all - enjoy!


  11. Well, that is going to be a sweet little quilt. (cute for PIF too!)

  12. Those strawberries looks simply scrumptous. Love your "litte" 9 patches, and such terrifc books and pattern. Plenty to keep you busy stitching.

  13. Wow, nothing like fresh picked strawberries! They look delicious!! And those books look great for some quilty inspiration.

  14. Wow, nothing like fresh picked strawberries! They look delicious!! And those books look great for some quilty inspiration.

  15. Those strawberries look delicious. You're not going to be short of inspiration with the new books. Love the soft nine patches.

  16. Those strawberries look delicious and those books look like good reading! Love you wee nine patches too, the colours are so you!

  17. mmm strawberries, my favourite. What are you going to do with so many?

  18. wow vad härligt med så mycket jordgubbar...Har Lars varit och plockat själv eller?

    Härliga böcker, måste kanske köpa till Kim D´s nya bok till samlingen :)...Ditt lilla nya projekt blir jättesött..Kan man tänka sig att de kommer till användning dessa små tygbitar :)

  19. Very sweet nine patches. The strawberries look delicious.

  20. Oh, those strawberries look soooo good. We're past our season now so I'm a little sad. I'm very intrigued about how different strawberries grown under the midnight sun would be. It sounds wonderful...blissful even.

    I am resisting Kim Diehl's new book...but just barely. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.

  21. Stina, your heading with the strawberries looks fabulous. Such an intense colour and they look so luscious, mmmm

  22. Our strawberry season is almost over but I had a good helping a few times and also made some jam which should last through the winter. There's nothing like fresh strawberries!

    Love your little scrappy nine patches and enjoy your books too!

  23. Simple is good! so soft and lovely!

  24. Love the strawberries and your 9 patches!

  25. What a great Header your strawberries make and they look delicious, too! Love your 9-patches - so dainty and feminine!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  26. wow,yummy red!!
    and your scrappy nine patches is very lovely.

  27. love strawberries too!
    oh my I just love your little nine patch quilt
    its just beautiful!
    oh leave it as a doll quilt it is perfect
    so sweet PERFECT!

  28. YUMMMM - nothing like sweet berries. Your nine patch blocks are sweet and love the fabric you picked. Even if I never make anything out of the quilt books I collect I enjoy reading and rereading them for inspiration.

    Hugs - Karen

  29. It seems we have such similar taste in books and patterns...I have the two books you've pictured as well! Those stawberries look wonderful...enjoy!

  30. Yummy strawberries! Ours harvested a few weeks ago, and now we have moved on to raspberries. Very yummy too :o)

    Love your new books! And your nine-patches are so cute. Love the colors. Hope you get some "Stina" time :o)

  31. Hello Stina, thank you for strawberries...we have a strawberry farm not far from where we live and we often go and pick our own......LOL....not many come home with your scrappy nine patch pattern...hugs lyn

  32. Stina, I love your little 9 patch, they are so tiny. Would be a great doll quilt.
    I think all of us quilters love the same books. They are wonderful.
    Keep Stitchen'
    PS. I have to tell you I craved strawberry's with both my babies and they had a little strawberry in their hair. I told them it was because I ate so many.

  33. Good luck Stina. The Folk Art book looks great.

    Sorry I'm catching up late- Demon messed up our download speed so I couldn't see any blogs.

  34. Yummy-ness all around....yummy books...yummy strawberries and
    w-a-y yummy little

  35. Oh goodness those strawberries look yummy!

  36. How pretty those little nine patch blocks are. I love the colours.
    Lovely new stash!


  37. Hi Stina!!! I know it has been a while. You have been so busy... It was wonderful catching up with your blog. I have really missed it. Will drop back again soon. D. :=)

  38. Thanks for posting my giveaway! Good luck!


  39. Hyggelig som alltid å besøke din blogg! Ønsker deg lykke til med ditt nye prosjekt! Vakker start!

  40. The strawberries are making my mouth water! They looks so good! I love the little nine patch. I have just started making doll quilts... but like the shabby chic look with the lighter fabrics!

  41. Beautiful strawberries! We had a bad strawberry season because of all the rain. Love your new books, especially Kim Diehls book.

  42. Love the strawberries in the header!
    And your nine patch is so cute with the sashing just perfect scrappiness.



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