Thursday, September 3, 2009

Last weekend...

I was home alone.... 
The guys were occupied with tennis...
Viktor at Tennis camp and Lars enlisted as cook for the camp!!!
So this meant ...
Oh happy days... 
So I started to sew my little teeny weeny little nine patches together..
and prepared for quilting.. 
draw out the design....
Good practice I thought.. 
Watch and learn
This is not how to do it!!!
My machine was NOT at a happy mood.. 
think I have left it lonely for too long!!!!
So this is what happened...
*Frayed thread
*So I changed the needles twice...
*More fraying...
*Changing the threads twice....
*Skipped stitches....
*Oiled and patted the machine and said 
I love you...
Do you think this worked... ????
Ok..  I fought and I wrestled my little piece of ART
size 10 x15 inches ...  ( sigh) *S*until...
Needed a break
and what could be better than this....
My lovely friend Åsa came over for tea...
it was ages since we met and we had a lot to catch up on!!!
And she sure knew how to make me happy again...
She had this with her...
Lots and lots of
wonderful birthday gifties...
(better late than never... and they were so perfectly timed...
and the company too...:o)
Do you want to see???
Thought so... *S*
OH MY!!!!!
I love them all...
Thankyou so much ÅSA!!!!
Hope it wont be so long before next visit...*S*
Ahhh.. that was a lovely break!!!
So .. with heavy steps... I climbed the stairs...
the daisies...
But finally
I had them stitched over my "big "quilt...
but not happy...
All I can say I practised my starts and stops...*S*
And this little machine is going to the sewing machine doctor 
at the end of September..
Oh yes you are.. dont say anything else.. 
I hear you mumble upstairs...
I know you did good when we sewed on some gifts..
but the quilting...
no no.. 
So off to the doctor!!!
And all of a sudden the boys returned home...
on Sunday...
And all I had sewn was two little gifts... **S**
That´s life!!!
The week have been filled with work...
sore finger..
(Oh yes.. not good.. 
so I have been going down a little in worktime)
Lovely mail in the mailbox...
Back with that soon...
This weekend..
I will have my yearly fun...*S*
picking up potatoes at Mum and Dads farm...
so sore finger and aching back on 
See you after the weekend!!!


  1. Sorry for laughing, but some days everything goes not the way you want it to do. But lucky you having your friend over for coffee. Hope your sewingmachine behave soon.

  2. Have fun picking potatoes! Even though it is a lot of work it is worth it. Just remember, it is almost over.... it will soon be Monday!
    Curious to see your daisy quilt!
    That was so nice of Åsa! Wonderful presents.

  3. Uff da - men sånn er det bare av og til. Godt du fikk sydd litt og trivelig kaffebesøk veier opp for lite søm ..... Lykke til neste gang :o)

  4. Thanks for today :) and you got wonderful gifts from Åsa..

    Have so fun this weekend and take care of your finger..

    hugs Marica

  5. Those machines can be a bit touchy at times. Your little daisies look very good in that second photo. Isn't it funny how you have plans to do so much when you are home alone and things fall apart!

  6. Hopefully your machine just needs a little adjustment from the sewing doctor. But it's frustrating when something doesn't work properly, isn't it?

    Lovely gifts from your friend. They should ease the pain a little.

    Have fun digging potatoes!

  7. Okay... I love your daisy quilting! I am going to definitely practice this on my next piece. Very cute :o) What a wonderful friend to bring you happy birthday gifties :o)

    Take care of your sore finger... ouch!

  8. Hey Stina. I'm having similar quilting woes over here. Perhaps you need to change the size of your needle to a larger size to prevent the thread fraying? Company bearing gifts for teatime sounds wonderful! I think your quilted daisy looks very good. :o) I like picking potatoes, too. Sore back and all!

  9. Sorry your machine was being mean to you. I hate it when that happens! Hopefully the doctor will make it feel better!

  10. Though your sewing machine did not want to cooperate with you, it sounds like a wonderful day spent your friend! She gave you such lovely gifts, that made you smile for sure!! And see, your daisies look so pretty! Be careful with your finger when picking up potatoes!

  11. I think your daisy looks great. My little old machine skips stitches too, but I really dont know how to fix this, i put it down to old age, which is why I rarely machine quilt on my machine. I think you are very clever making them look so nice.

  12. What about changing the needle?? You probably did that-- but if you didn't ... give it a shot. Also try a different bobbn of thread.... Love seeing the pink.

  13. What a ray of sunshine Asa was in your cloudy day. Thank goodness for great friends.

  14. How lovely, to have a friend come over just when you needed her. Wow, so you are going to have classes from Gail Pan and Leanne Beasley. How much fun can that be and what a wonderful happening to look forward to! Have a lovely weekend, dear Stina!

  15. What a great post Stina...sometimes there are days like this when things don't go right!!! And you going to Norway for class with Leeann and Gail...have heaps of fun...I like your header photo too!!! And potatoes...I love them!!! Have a good weekend♥x

  16. Oh it's so frustrating when the machine wont behave!!! Looks like you had a fun time with your friend though--and your daisies are very of my favorite quilting patterns, well any flower actually :) Hope your fingers and back feel better soon!

  17. Tack Stina för dom gulliga orden dom värmde mitt hjärta !
    Själklart kan vi inte vänta lika länge till nästa träff ! vi har ju så kul ihop !
    Hoppas ni haft det gott hos mor och far, och fått med er en massa god potatis, ha,ha
    Kramar i massor.

  18. Passei para rever seu cantinho e as novidades...
    Seu trabalho continua lindo e criativo como sempre!
    Espero você em:
    Um ótimo começo de semana!
    Beijinhos carinhosos.
    Itabira - Brasil

  19. Hia Stina, I hope you finger is more comfy now. Sorry I am late in replying to your email and in writing here. Our internet has been down all day.

    Don't worry I think we all have these conversations with our machines. I had one once which I swore would end up through the window if it didn't behave! Well done ffor getting anything done with such naughty behaviour. What wonderful timing your friend coming over and saving you.

  20. Hello Stina, enjoyed reading your have days like happened the other weekend the gremling were in my your daisy quilting...hugs lyn

  21. What lovely gifts you lucky girl. Perhaps it is catching my baby was playing up last night. It is nearly service time so they can both go to the dr together.

  22. Really are you going to have a class with Leanne and lucky girl.

  23. I just read on another blog and the lady had the same problem with her thread breaking. She switched to a bigger needle and no problems since. Love those daisies!



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