Monday, October 5, 2009

Some presents I made...

to wonderful friends ...
One week before I went to Norway I sent this little package to
May Britt for her 50 th birthday!!!
Happy birthday again!!!!
I know she likes cats...
so I just had to make this little cute needle keeper...
with little pockets for threads and other things...
I also sent her one of my Grandmothers thimbles for her collection...

...and I added a cat pincushion to her collection as well...
and a little brooch...
just to feel special..:o)
Have you by the way seen the quilt she got...
Just wonderful...

And in time for my trip to Östersund...
I finished a little birthday ( late one..) gift

for Louise...
It was really fun to make...
hardest was to find a cup that would fit..:o)
So now I am on a bargain hunt for more cups.. so I can make some more!!!
Happy BELATED Birthday

Im at home...
walking slowly.. not bending so much...
guess I will be home for some days to recover...
Im packing up slowly from the Norway trip.... is way way far down to the bags at the floor!!
But... I have found some pretties.. at least I think so!!
Think I forgot to look at
all very light..;o)


  1. Do rest and get all better :)
    I love all the pretties in the photos!

  2. Such sweet gifts Stina! Very cute!!

  3. What adorable gifts you made for your friends. I love them!

  4. Stina,
    Your trip looks like it was such fun.:))
    Sorry your back is not well, take care and be well soon.
    Hugs, Carrie

  5. Such sweet little gifts you made for your friends.
    Get better soon.

  6. And I LOVE my presents from you!!!! Thank you Stina.

  7. Gorgeous gifts...hope you feel better soon!

  8. What lovely gifts Stina!!! Take care with that lumbago of yours...put your feet up when you need to and take it easy♥x

  9. I hope that you feel better soon. Such lovely gifts for your friends.

  10. OMG! Your needle keeper is SOOOOOOOOooooooooo cute!!!!!!! Who's pattern is this???

  11. Ouch Stina I hope your back feels better soon. I'm stil unpacking from my trip[ too- a few Christmas presents and some things for daughter's birthday.

  12. I love the gifts you made as I'm sure the recipients will as well.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  13. How cute. I love the dolly in the teacup and May Britt's kitty presents are adorable. Hope your back improves very soon.

  14. Adorable gifts Stina -- you're such a wonderful friend!

  15. Your gifts are so sweet! I love the tea cup and the lady!!! Hope you'll get better soon, best wishes!

  16. You creat such fun things. The lady in the teacup is adorable. And your cats delightful.

  17. Hej Stina

    Jag brukar följa din fina blogg. Vill därför ge dig en umärkelse och utmaning.....




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