Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crazy Christmas...

Ok.. be brave..
Christmas got new dimensions this year.. and Santa ..
sigh.. Santa ... is never ever going to be the same again...
Dont know if I should laugh or cry...;o)

Mission Santa was set out to my DEAR DAUGHTERS....
and this is what the creative bunch came up with... ;o)
Please look at the header...
Edit ... inserted the picture here instead..

( Sorry Girls.. I had to do it...lol..)

Viktor havent laughed so much any Year..
So I guess that was a success ..
but the belief in Santa got its questions!!

Have you recovered...???
Hope so...lol..
I had a lovely time with my family...
Just sorry my Brothers couldn´t attend this year..
It would have been lovely!!

And I got wonderful presents...

From Louise I got a
wonderful little PINK doll quilt...

and a tin heart...
When I was at her place this summer..she made two wonderful baby quilts with these fabrics... and I sighed over those ... and surprise..
she remembered..and gave a little pink mini quilt... :o)

Thank you Louise!!!!

And from May Britt...

I got a vintage transfer 
and a lovely red pinkish fat quarter...

Thankyou May Britt!!

And from my Friend Åsa...

I got a wonderful book with
lots and lots of inspiration....
Have thumbed and thumbed this one ...
and finds lots of things I really would like
 to make and decorate with....
And she also gave me a pretty heart and a lovely magnet ..

Thankyou Åsa!!!!

Have one more gift to show and some pictures from New Year...
and then I think I might be up to date in my life...

And yes.. I will also make a little collage of gifts sent...
See you later..
Have fun..
Take care..
And guess what ...
Im off work tomorrow..
NICE!!! :o)


  1. LOL Your daughters made me laugh too. What lovely presents once again.

    I am having Christmas here with a FQ Santa parcel arriving with the snow and son home early with his school shut.

  2. Most awesome santas ever! Haven't laughed that much in a long time!! Are you in trouble for putting their picture up for the world to see?! ;)

  3. They sure are ugly! Thanks for sharing the fun pics of your Christmas & all your beautiful presents!

  4. Such fun you had with family. Looks like you had a very merry Christmas. And Happy New Year, Stina.

  5. my boys would kill me if I put pics of them on my blog.. hmmm maybe its worth thinking about???
    You received some lovely gifts this year, lovely :O)

    melting in Australia

  6. Gorgeous gifts, Stina. Your friends know you very well.

    It looks like everyone had a great time and isn't that what it's all about?

  7. Happy New Year Stina, glad we have caught up....you have some lovely gifts....looks like you had a lot of fun....love the funny santa's ...hugs lyn

  8. Your Santas are just too funny...and such lovely creative presents, I would look at that beautiful book for hours. If you ever find you don't have room for that georgeous mini quilt, I offer to mind it for you! Ha ha



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