Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For you Louise...:o)

 mostly anyway...
You see my best friend have gone to California...
and she will visit some lovely shops on her way...
 And before she left .. she said..
-Is it anything you wish for or need???
LOTS of course..  ;o)

HAve a little wish list already with her...
but I know she will visit this shop...
in San Diego..
and I did look at some pictures from the shop...and saw the WOOL...
LOUISE... :o)
If you see any small pieces with
Spring colored  wool or wool felt....
(soft pinks... soft greens ( you know the ones I like...not so blue...)
... blue ...cream ...white....
not too bright..;o)
please buy some...
if you can....

And I also know you said to look after new patterns by
Cheri Saffiote Payne... 
feel free to buy...:o)
Oh Not every
I know you pick some lovely ones..:o)

And If your sweet husband of yours...
let you go to this shop..
I know you will find lots of wonderful things...:o)

Have fun on your trip..
and take care!!!

And you know what..
Tomorrow it is THURSDAY.....
Download time for you all
Two more hearts tomorrow for you to stitch..
Hope the first ones have been stitched with out problems..:o)..

See you tomorrow!!


  1. Hi Stina...gosh it almost sounded like a list for Santa. Hee!! I hope your friend will deliver. Gosh, if she is in CA right now she is getting more than her fare share of rain on the ducking into quilt shops sounds like a wonderful plan.

  2. I wonder what she will bring back for you? :)

  3. I will try to find some nice things for you. Will do my best!:)
    We are having a great to you soon.

  4. Oh Stina, I used to live in San Diego! Let me tell you that those shops are so devine! The trip to the Country Loft will take her all morning. And while she is at Country Loft, she must visit Rosie's Calicao Cupboard.

    It is literally 5 minutes away! The girls at the Country Loft would be happy to give her directions. They get asked all of the time!

    Hope she brings you back lots of goodies! Oh yeah...I am working on getting you that strawberry fabric!

  5. Stina,
    WHOW!!! I use to live & work for the US Navy in San Diego & now live 2 hrs away in the desert & am only 15 min from Mexico & 1 hr from Arizona - and I didn't know abou either of these quilt shops and I was just in San Diego for my dear friend's Mom's 90th Bday!!. I have a course for the Navy last week of Feb in San Diego so I will have to at least check out The Country Loft. The Fat 1/4 Quilt Shop is almost to Oceanside by Camp Pendleton about 1 hr north of SD.
    If you ever get to come to SD you have to check out Rosie's Calico Cupboard shop !!! LOADS and loads of quilting cotton fabric.

    Thank you for the darling hand emb red work heart blocks. What stitch do you suggest for the flowers on bl #2. I saw the ones that Terty did on Terry;s treasures.
    Can't wait to see the other 4 heart blocks!!

  6. Oops forgot to leave u my e-mail

  7. Hope Louise finds what you are looking for. Those patterns from C S P is soooooo georgious. Hope she manage to find them for you.
    Looking forward to the next hearts.
    Did not manage to stitch the previous last one, but they are ready to be done.

  8. Oh gosh, if only I still lived there - I would have the chance to meet Louise and visit all my favorite shops*s*

  9. OOoo I wonder what she will bring back for you can't wait!!!



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