Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It have been busy days at Kviltstina home....
and that was about time... :o)

Marica told me she had sent me a package for Christmas...
but that it was going to be late...
but not how late...
NEVER... :o(
So she sent me new gifts..
Isn´t that sweet of her...
And they were so lovely....

A hanger for Christmas... will save for next year...
A lovely wire Angels with prisma pearls...
and  Lovely Heart made in linen and with a Vintage picture on...

Thank you Marica....

Busy I said..
I have stitched 7 blocks for Gail Pan´s Christmas BOM....

Don´t know yet ..what I will do with them....
but I don't think I will use the original setting...
Have to see.. what I come up with...

November Schnibble top is in one piece.....

It is made from old Swedish fabrics...
Kind of fun sewing with a different kind of type
of fabrics...
I did change this one...
used white  strips in between the blocks instead of printed....
and just a white border

Realized I didn't have anything for Valentine...
So I started to stitch a new Stitichery....

Not sure how this one will be...once it has grown... :o)

And one more thing...

I have a SECRET!!!!! lol...
And I will tell you tomorrow...
it is all about LOVE!!! :o)

Hope to see you then...


  1. Love your Picnic quilt...and can't wait to see what you do with your Gail Pan stitcheries!

  2. Wonder what your secret could be! I absolutely adore those snowmen in your header, where can I get the pattern from?

  3. You've been very busy, Stina and you have lots to show for it.

    I said it before and I'll say it again...I love your Schnibbles quilt with the vintage Swedish fabric. It is so colorful.

    Hmmmm...I wonder what you've been up to? I guess I'll have to wait til tomorrow.

  4. It is such a shame when things get lost in the post. I do wonder where they end up.

    Your November top looked fun- I like brghts with white.

    Ooo wonder what your Valentine project will look like?

  5. Wow Stina you have been busy, all your sewing projects look great. A secret ..... I'll be back tomorrow!

  6. Lovely Post, Stina - oooh, can't wait to find out your secret!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Lovely gifts from Marica! Love your Picnic quilt top - beautiful. Your stitched blocks by Gail Pan are lovely but I'm crazy about your Angel stitchery. She's adorable.

  8. Wooohooo!!
    Look at you... you're a crazy sewing girl!! all so beautiful too Stina.
    I adore that Picnic setting!!
    Have fun :D

  9. Your schnibbles is fantastic! And the stitchery is beautiful! Can't wait to hear the secret.

  10. I always love your photos and looking at the nice things you get from very nice friends.
    Wishing you to stay warm where you are at :)

  11. I loooove you November Schnibble. Gorgeous! You have been soooo busy!

  12. Hi Stina!

    Lovely little gifts that you received! Your Schnibbles quilt is the cutest. My kind of colors--merry and bright.

    I love secrets! DO tell!

  13. Wow, you have been VERY busy indeed, Stina. Lots of stitching happening :) How neat the schnibble quilt is.
    What a lovely person Marica is, replacing those lost presents she sent.

  14. OOOOOOOO! A secret! will be watching your blog to see what it is...!! Love those snowmen in your header....too cute!!!

  15. Good to hear you are in sewing modus again. Lot of lovely projects now :)

  16. I´m happy that you like it ;-) Lovely things is going on in your sewing room and I can´t wait to see whats your secret is ;-)

    Take care!

  17. Ohh I love your schnibble top and your Gail Pan blocks. I look forward to see how you put them together!

  18. My gosh you have been busy, love your schnibbles top, so fresh with the white.

  19. Your new version of Picnic is very sweet and the fabrics are great! Oh, and I love your little snowmen with big hearts in your header... they are adorable!

  20. You sure got me curious now! Is it tomorrow soon?
    Love your angel stitchery!

  21. I love the Angel stitchery. Is it your pattern if not can you tell me where to get the pattern for her?
    Barbara in TX, USA



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