Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back to work...

after two weeks with a cold...that still havent let go of me...
a bit tired...
but it can of course be because I have been a bit stupid too...
You know..
lots of snow on the roofs...
doors that wont open because of that...
soo.. what did I do...
I did tackle the garage door...
(holding my fist just on the lower ribs)
I hurt my ribs... :o(
I havent been to the doctor ..yet... :o)
Please be kind to me..
I know.....stupid.. but thats how it is...
Well.. anyway I did go to work today..
Good of me..or not... ;o)

Enough of that...
First signs of a change in the seasons...
Melting snow..:o)
but there is so much snow...
 I think we will have snow here until May...

Have worked slowly on things while I have been at home...
And started something new...
which I wasn´t supposed to do
But you know how it is...
And one more thing..
I opened up my first Jelly Roll..;o))
Hope I can sew some this weekend...
It hurts a lot bending over the sewing machine..:o(
but they say it is worst the second week.. right..???
Anyway .. see you soon..
and please dont be this stupid..:o)


  1. ouch! Hope your ribs are healing very soon. Your secret sewing project looks appealing. I'm looking forward to seeing the final project.

  2. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Håper du blir helt frisk snart :o) Ser også at du har mange spennende prosjekter på gang - gleder meg til å se dem !

  4. Sorry your cold won't leave you alone! I've had mine for a week and it's hanging on tight to me too! I say sit back and watch the snow melt! :0)

  5. Hope you are better soon...that "Porcelain" fabric looks beautiful!

  6. Now Stina do take it easy and look after yourself. I am sure a thaw will bring on some much needed sunshine to charge the batteries. Can't wait to see the secret sewing. A little teaser for us.

  7. Holy cow -- that's a LOT of snow!!! It's beautiful, but I'm sure you're sick of it. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Ouch! I hope that you feel better soon. Hope you get to sew on the weekend.

  9. Gosh. I will be praying for you healing. It's no fun being sick at all and I really wish you well.

    May this weekend be a time for rest:)


  10. Porcelain...I love that fabric line. It's so soft and pretty. What were you thinking??? just be more careful next time! You poor girl! I wish I had a secret remedy to give you in exchange for you telling me your secret project... but I don't:)

  11. I hope you feel better soon, you've had a bad winter of colds. I love your sneek peeks and pretty jelly roll. Have fun sewing if you can.

  12. Feel better, hope you're able to sew too this weekend.

  13. Sounds to me like you need a doctor visit!
    Looks like you have lots of secret projects going on. You always have something interesting in the works.

  14. You tackled the garage door!!!! Oh,are you OK? Hope you will feel better.
    Me too,I will have snow until May.
    I can't wait your secret sewing.

  15. Oh dear, your ribs sound painful!
    I wonder what your secret projects are? very interesting!
    Lovely colours in your jelly roll of fabric.

  16. Oh, I hope your ribs feel better. That can be one of the most painfull injury. So much snow, I probably couldn't even walk in it.
    Be looking for your projects...

  17. enjoy your weekend and take it easy
    love the sneak peaks and I think you deserved to start a new project!!!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  18. God bedring, Stina. Ta nå vare på deg selv, jente! Gleder meg til å se mer av dine nye prosjekter.

  19. You've had a really bad run - ribs are so painful. I can't believe all that snow! Dying to see your secret projects and your Porcelain project is looking very pretty. Have a restful weekend.

  20. Oh, Stina, here is a biiiiig wish that you will be feeling better soon. Lovely lovely fabrics...swooon!

  21. Den tredje dagen er verst... god bedring!!

  22. Looking forward to seeing your Porcelain project ... such a lovely range. Very you. Hope the ribs and cold are better ... not much fun for you.



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