April 25, 2010

Schnibble top done...

77 blocks completed in my 
Schnibble for this month..
And I just love how it turned out...
Love the old table cloths I used ...and the old tea towels...
and I also added old curtains...

Recycle all the way...
not a single new piece in this one...
Feels good...;o)

Finished the quilting yesterday... will put binding on today...
and wow..almost another big finish!!!!

Hooray to me...:o)

And I want to thank everyone that have left  a comment to me...
and I am so sorry I haven't had time to answer them...
But I want you all to know..
I read them all and they mean LOTS AND LOTS to me..
LOVE them ALL!!!
SO please don't stop writing them... :o)
One day...
I will reply again...

Well.. back to sewing again...
new plans after the binding is sewed on!!!
Stay FOCUSED!! :o)
(My new motto...;o)

(What would I do without you........)


  1. I love, love how the quilt turned out, it has a soft old patina and it looks wonderful on a bed. Keep sewing and stay well. I'm impressed by how focused you are with working and a family to care for.

  2. Stina, the quilt is amazing! So well done ~congrats! It is so beautiful...
    Makes me really want to start this Schnibble right now (sniff, won't happen...)
    Love your new layout & the current header picture with the promising sneak peeks of your quilts....!!!
    Have a lovely Sunday,
    p.s.it's a great motto that I definitely should write on my forehead!

  3. At least we know you are still out there Stina and working hard on your beautiful quilts to inspire and amaze us . Keep going and well done.
    Love Shirley.

  4. You are really focused! Can you send me some focus, I sure could use some:)
    Great picture of you and Victor!
    Keep sewing!

  5. Your quilt looks really fabulous....I love how you have recycled table cloths and tea towels and even curtains...well done and it really is very pretty :)

  6. Nydelig quilt Stina! Den er som en sommer morgen - sola gjennom blondegardiner og fuglesang utenfor vinduet.....

  7. Stina it is just wonderful...love it!

  8. So pretty! So soft and pretty! I love it.

  9. Wonderful work as usually :)
    Nice to see you ;-)

    hugs from me

  10. Stina - it's lovely. I love that you recycled!

  11. Fantastic recycle quilt!! Small bits are mailed and on their way!

  12. What a wonderful use of the old table cloths and tea towels. Your new quilt certainly has a vintage look to it.

  13. Your Scnibble is beautiful! And well done to have it all come from recycled fabrics! :0)

  14. Great quilt! Great recycling project! it turn out really nice!

    Happy quilting!

  15. Stina your quilt is lovely. A wonderful way to reuse old linens. I am looking forward to seeing your finish!

  16. Stina, I love your quilt! You do such lovely work and I mean that. I really love the room and the bed that it's laying on. Sooooooo cute!

    Enjoy you quilting today :)

  17. It's gorgeous Stina! I LOVE the pretty, muted colors!

  18. Can I borrow your new motto?! I really need one like that.

    Just love the quilt and all the recycled fabrics. Looks just like Spring.

  19. What a great way to re-use those fabrics!

  20. Beautiful quilt- reminds me of a quilt my grandmother made...and also a beautiful picture of you and your son!

  21. What a gorgeous quilt! Love that it is all from vintage and recycled fabrics *s*

  22. Vilken vacker quilt du syr, så fin i pastellfärger. Tänk så fint det kan bli av gamla kökshanddukar!!

  23. Such a lovely quilt -- and what a wonderful way to recycle those old fabrics! So pretty. And I love reading your blog.

  24. Love the quilt and what a smart idea to recycle the towels and table cloths. Love them too.

  25. Luv the fact that you have re-used old items...Your Quilt looks Beautiful...

  26. WOW---I just love it--and all from recycled things---can I "use" your idea--this week end it was my food and clothes closets that I cleaned out rearranged--next weekend is my vintage linens, a dresser and my quilt dresser--so I will have to think about what I am going to put in the thrift store pile a little harder--hu?????
    Hugs, Di

  27. Very beautiful, Stina! And Viktor is so cute!

  28. What an awesome finish, Stina. I love the look of it too. I'm so impressed with the fact that you didn't use any new fabrics. The different textures must feel wonderful.

    Great job!!!!!

  29. Kära vän vad du är produktiv! Lycka till med det du gör ;o))
    Sy så det ryker, kram från kristina i Arjeplog

  30. It is so beautiful, Stina! So soft and feminine like a rose! Looking foward to see it all quilted!

  31. What a lovely quilt top! I think I lost you for a time when I re-did my blog to the blog list...I am glad I am getting your posts again. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  32. Your Schnibbles Quilt is adorable! Love the fabrics you have used.

  33. Hi Stina, I'm loving this quilt. What a wonderful idea. It looks beautiful. Nice to catch up on your blog again. I've missed being away for so long. Can't wait to see what you're up to next. D :=)

  34. Beautiful and Earth friendly too. Way to go!

  35. Very nice a good way to use old table cloths and tea towels it came out very pretty.

  36. Stina,

    Thanks for taking a break and showing us your Schnibbles quilt! Love the whole recycle and reuse idea. It is a beauty.

    Now...Carry On...I mean, Sew On my Friend :0)

  37. Great job Stina...I just love the look of that quilt. Keep up the good work...and stay focused--I like that. Think I will adopt that motto also!

  38. That is a fabulous quilt. I am sure going to weed out my tea towels when I get home (from visiting Mother). Some have holes, and now that is a GOOD thing; they can be QUILTS! Karmen

  39. WOW you are getting heaps done (love what I am seeing)- you go girl - hope you are feeling like it is all rolling along smoothly...

  40. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous! It took my breath away! I am a new follower and look forward to visiting you often. Be blessed!

  41. This Schnibbles turned out to be so beautiful! I love it!

  42. Wow, just wow, so much work!

    It turned out great.
    I love the old table cloth, tea towel idea, the colour is so soft, its adorable.

    'Stay focused!' is definitely a good motto. Thats one of mine too.

  43. Hei!
    Ble imponert av din bruk av gamle duker,gardiner og kj.håndklær til nye tepper og lignende!
    Dette har gitt meg TIPS om hva jeg skal gjøre med en hvit duk somhar fått en skjemmende flekk.
    Her kan jeg skjære duken i kvadrater og legge inn kvadrater av et annet faget stoff eller lignende!
    Håper at det er i orden at jeg kopierer tanken din om gjenbruk av gamle ting?
    Ellers syns jeg din blogg er fasinerende å lese!



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