June 28, 2010

Schnibbles and Midsummer ...

Hi everyone...

One week left now...
for the exhibition.. and this house aint what is should be...
too messy and too unorganized..
but I am getting there... having finishes almost every day now...
even if they are small.. they are finishes!!!! 

Managed to squeeze in a very very reduced  variant of this months
Schnibble  "State Fair"

Needed a small table runner for my table.. and used this months pattern... 
I used all recycled fabrics... 
And all I can say is when I had sewed all the blocks together in  a long row... 
I almost yelled out load..  SIGH...
you know what happened..  with very lose weaved fabrics.. huh... :o)
they stretch...  A LOT!!!! 
So I never thought this was going to be anything.. 
but I managed... pheeeww..:o)

The past weekend we celebrated Midsummer in Sweden...
this year we didnt do much... just at home the three of us...
cooking a three meal dinner together ..
And it was a success.. :o)

Midsummers Day.. it was Viktor´s Birthday... turning 11..:o)

Breakfast in bed ... as always... and my Grandmothers stitched  
Happy Birthday cloth.. sooo special to us...:o)

We had Lars family here for dinner and cake
 an it was nice to catch up on everyone.. 

 Otherwise nothing else is happening around here except for me sewing every free time I have...
So I end this with some more little peeks from what I am working on.. or in fact.. they are finished!!! :o)

So better get on with some more sewing and THINKING...
I think it is the hardest part with all this...
trying to organize and not knowing how it will be... 
But on Sunday night I will know...



  1. Viktor has had his big day...happy birthday Viktor!...and yours is coming soon.

    I'm really excited for you and for your show, Stina. You have been working so hard that I think you just might need a vacation afterward.

    Make sure you take lots pf pictures because from what you've shown us, everything looks gorgeous!

    Good luck and have a great day on Sunday.

  2. Your runner looks fabulous despite your problems with it.

    Happy birthday to Viktor. I know it was a wonderful celebration.

  3. Happy birthday to Viktor! 11 is a good age enjoy the year. Every thing looks fabulous Stina, you table runner is very pretty. I;m glad you were able to take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some time with your family. Can't wait to see the finished products from all your labor.

  4. I can tell that you are creating some wonderful things with what looks like vintage things.

  5. Love the flowers on your header there Stina. Hope your back, neck and shoulders are coping with all the sewing. Can't wait to see what you have been working on. The table runner is so pretty and Viktor looks like he enjoyed his birthday.
    Love Shirley.xx

  6. Such pretty things, Stina. Happy birthday to Viktor and happy Midsummer to you, too.

  7. Happy birthday to Viktor, looks like you had a lovely day to celebrate his birthday. Your tablerunner looks fantastic and I am dying to see photos of your exhibition, those little photos are such a tease.

  8. Happy Birthday Viktor!
    Good to hear you're getting lots of finishes and it's all coming together for you!

  9. Happy Birthday Viktor, time does fly because he is growing so fast just since I've been following you.

    I can't wait to see all your goodies put together Stina. They are beautiful and so you. I know it will be a great show.

  10. Gratulerer med overstått gjebus til sonen din! Gledar meg veldig til å sjå bilete av utstillinga. Du må gje ut ei bok etter dette! Framleis lukke til!

  11. Lykke til med utstillinga, Stine. Jeg gleder meg til å se bilder!

  12. hi stina :)
    lucky to know your daughter didn't kill you for the last post ;)
    I love all the things you show us; they all look so nice, and well...I mean perfectly finished!! don't worry; you will go well
    just don't forget taking pictures for us, your fan club
    say "feliz cumpleaños 11" to viktor for me

  13. Hi Stina! Lovely post- sounds like Viktor had a great birthday! Love your table runner.

  14. Happy belated birthday to Victor!
    I can imagine how excited you are!!! don't worry about the mess in the house, that's part of the game;-)) Love the projects you've been working on, so soft, so feminine, so beautiful!

  15. Happy birthday happenings...many wishes sent from the hollow! Oh Stina, the little tiny runner is so perfect on your table!! Fun!! Love it!!

  16. Hey Stina! Love your table runner and can't wait to see more of the wonderful projects you've been working on for your upcoming exhibition. Oh ... by the way ... I think you'd better pop across to my blog to read all about this month's OPAM winners! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  17. I like the way you changed this month's Schnibbles to use as a table runner.

  18. I just love your State Fair table runner.. it is so striking. Well done!

  19. Hi Stina
    Love your table runner.
    Belated happy birthday wishes to Viktor.



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