July 21, 2010

Ready for more....:o)

part three... here we go.... :o)

Loved the windows in the house and there was already beautiful white curtains there...
but I wanted to add a little something..
So I made paper mobiles ....hearts from old books ( love books..:o)
Loved to watch them swirl in the windows...

"Paper mobiles"

In the windows I had two "Framed little mini quilts"
made from a Bareroot Pattern...

Between the windows ...
I had a little worktable for me... with some small items on...

"Love my Tea"
bag  made from a pattern by Christine Book...  
( hope this was right... correct me if I am wrong..)

And a matching "Wrap for my Tea Mug".... 

"Jar Pincushion"
And I borrowed Maricas pincushion that I made from a Jar... 
and put a little mini quilt inside...

And above all this I hung the quilt I worked day and night with ...just to get finished for the exhibition....
 I so knew that it would be just perfect for these walls and the light in the house....

(And at my place too...lol..)

"Butterfly Garden"
made from a pattern by Leanne Beasley....
Ahh.. and I am soooo pleased to have this one finished... started this one ...
2008... after having a class with Leanne in Trysil, Norway in 2007...

Here are some close ups....

During the class in Norway... Leanne made special blocks for us who had this class... 
and I decided to use mine and my partners in crime (who also attended)... 
Louise and Marica... :o) in this quilt
 so I just swapped some of the butterfly blocks for these special blocks...

Mine is the one with the Sunflowers... :o) 
I added a bee and some more lavender to the block....
Maricas block is the one with the Lupins and Louise´s with the Cosmos...

I also changed the stitched quilt blocks...  and used an off white linen as background and a pale pink/white thread from DMC... wanted the quilt to have a very light and almost sun faded look...

Here it is ...in all its glory... 
I am so pleased with how it became... 

It was very hard to take photos of the quilt... 
both because of the light from the windows... and the quilt itself being so light...

but I hope you can see some of it ...

For the first time I used Swedish for the sayings in the block... 
I dont mind the English at all... but it was fun having it in my own language... 

At my work .. they made two lovely little rocking chairs from two kitchen chairs...
just made rocking runners for them...
Clever idea... and they were just perfect and comfy too... :o)

Had my Angels story with me... and thought I might be able to take a stitch or two during the show...but it was to difficult to start and stop all the time so I crocheted instead... :o) 
I also had my Gardeners Journal Blocks with me.. but oh I totally forgot about them... sorry girls..:o))
(I do have LOTS to catch up on now .. haven't I... my Stitch-a-long-girl -friends!!)

In one of the chairs my very much Loved little Bunny sat and kept count on all the visitors... 
is made from a pattern by Rosalie Quinlan...
isn't she cute..:o)

Ok.. are you still with me?????
Hope so.... so you didn't fall asleep!!! ;o)

Corner again... 
and some bags...
My blue summer bag...
"Beauty of a Flower"
also from a pattern by Rosalie Quinlan

And a recently made bag from a pattern by Keyka Lou.... 
and believe me...I hate making bags... (ask my friends...)
but with this pattern so very well described..  I made it and without ANY problems..:o)

"Bucket Bag"
Made in fabrics all recycled... ;o)
Thin old curtains in some strange polyester mix...
But it worked Super!! 
Just have to add the button I missed  to sew on before the show...;o)

And this is the bag I worked on for my design education... 
see .. I made a bag all by myself... and I just told you..
hate making bags..lol...

Recycling all the way here too...
stitcheries... and ribbons and ricrac and lace ...buttons..lots of them... and old crocheted tablecloths...
Ohh.. so much fun I had making this one.. adding this and that all the time... 

"Stina´s Bag"

 Ok.. this will have to be it for today..lots of photos for you to see.. hope you liked some of them..:o)
2 walls left to show in this room...
so I´ll be back with some more pics later.... and leave you with the picture from the corner....

Hugs to you my friends.. 


  1. OMG! Okay, so I think you need to put a book together of all this fun stuff so we Americans can drool over it!!!!!
    WOW! Have you ever thought of making a quilt book for purchase?
    LOVE everything. WOW some more:)

  2. Once again Stina everything is just beautiful! The Butterfly garden quilt and the bunny and the bucket bag and your bag! So much loveliness all in one place! :0)

  3. Have enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your latest blog posts. OMG!!! You've made a lot of gorgeous quilts and quilty projects! And your 'Butterfly Garden' are just stunning!
    These schnibble quilts you've made are also soooo gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the beautiful work, Stina. I hope you've got your shoulders down to where they belong now, I know you've been working so hard! But I guess it was worth it ;o)
    Hope you're enjoying some Summer Time with some sewing and your family.

  4. STINA,more lovely pics thank you. I get dumb with what you are able to do. I try my best.
    You don´t like making bags but I really do. Sure I have made almost hundred. Nice as gifts I think.
    Hugs from Louise D.

  5. How can one fall asleep seeing such gorgeous things! It's all so lovely!
    The Butterfly Garden, the bags, that lovely bunny, the little quilts, too much to recall. Absolutely stunning!!!
    Greetings, Cisca

  6. Thank you for this wonderful show. Your work is exquisite. Especially Butterfly Garden.

  7. Oh I wish I could have come and visit your show it just looked to beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Also could you tell me how to make the mobil please, my grand daughter would love some.


  8. wow, thank you for showing us your show...it's almost like being there...beautiful things you have made...especially your Butterfly Garden quilt...love it!

  9. I have so enjoyed your photos.... I love your style....Great husband to live a life of "pink".... You are very talented.

  10. Oh Stina, more gorgeousness! It would have been so delightful walking into this building and seeing your whole collection. I love the colours you use! I love that bucket bag too!

  11. I love, love Butterfly Garden! And from what I can see of An Angel's Story, it looks very good too. Have you shown it before?

  12. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! I love that you used your own language on Butterfly Garden. Great idea! Wish I had been at your exhibition!

  13. So pretty!! All of it! I just love the butterfly garden.

  14. I love everything Stina. It is so beautiful in that little house. Lucky Marcia! Love that pincushion with the little quilt inside. How clever!! You make pink a beautiful color.

  15. Oh Stina, everything is beautiful - thank you so much for sharing. You are so incredibly talented.

  16. Chris
    From Wellington in New Zealand said...

    Hi Stina

    what a wonderful..visual symphony your blog was today...

    It really cheered me up..we are in our winter here and while we do not have any snow where I live...days of rain and low cloud...well...bring on summer I say...

    Thanks for sharing & giving us some inspiration

  17. more gorgeousness.........I know why you didn't get any GJ stitching done........to many visitors.......wonderful.........

    I know you will get caught up with the SAL now the exhibition is over.........

  18. Every picture is absolutely lovely! Every item gorgeous!

  19. Stina, I'm drooling over all your lovely work. It makes me want to get back to Norway (my husband's home country) soon and a visit to Sweden too!

    I, too think you should consider a book with your inspiring work. I would be in line to buy it!!

    Can't wait to see more!

  20. I'm just loving seeing all your beautiful creations. And you have more! I'm amazed.

  21. Your work is gorgeous! Can't decide what is my favorite piece. Your colors are lovely and what a wonderful building to display your work. I'm still drooling!!!

  22. Love your style soft & romantic. Butterfly garden is gorgeous and all the pictures are wonderful. I would love to visit your show, thanks for sharing.

  23. Just one word. AMAZING!!!!
    Love your Butterfly Garden quilt. Hope to finish mine ....some day.

  24. Stina- everything is just so beautiful! You did such an amazing job on your exhibition, I wish I could have been there to see it in real life! I had to find it on the map and see how long it would take me to drive, and it was over 12 hrs.... So it didn't help much to live only an hour from the border then...

  25. Hey Stina! Well ... all I can say is WOW!! You are amazing!! Look at all of these gorgeous projects that you've made!! I am so loving looking at all your wonderful photos - I feel like I visited your exhibition, even though I am so far away. And I LOOOOOVE your Butterfly Garden quilt!! It looks like a quilt that has faded a bit because it has had years of love and washing. You should be so proud of yourself for putting together this wonderful exhibition!!! Can't wait to see more photos! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  26. Such loveliness! I could look at your pictures for ages...you definately have a gift!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  27. Stina, your quilt looks fantastic!And all the other small projects are so pretty.
    Thank you for visiting and leaving massage.

  28. Oh, Stina, I have so enjoyed this trip with you. You should be a professional photographer too. Everything is just so beautiful. I wish I could have been there in person.

  29. Hej Stina!
    I´ve been following your blog for a quite a while now and I get so excited every time I take a look. You make the most wonderful things and it makes me so happy that you share with us. Your exibition are just beautiful and I can´t get enough of the pictures.


  30. Lots of pretty projects and photos. Love your blog look.

  31. Wow! I absolutely love everything you have done. So much work has gone into these beautiful pieces of work. Thank you so much for sharing. Nola

  32. What a delightful quilt. And the mini in the jar is darling. I also love the heart mobiles. I might have to copy a few of your fabulous ideas, unless you would like to come and decorate for me?

  33. Utrolig herlig! Så mye flott du har laget, så fint du har stilt det ut og så nydelig du presenterer det her i bloggen din. Takk for at du deler opplevelsen med oss

  34. I sure wish I could have seen this show up close and personal! Everything is delightful...I do mean everything!

  35. Stina, I have been away and have looked forward to getting back on your blog to see your show. You did such a great job with all your creative pieces. Your work is so beautiful and I really like that you have used old vintage items in some of them. What a perfect place for and setting for people to come and see everything. You should be very proud of all your hard work and accomplishments. Can't wait to see more. Thanks so much for sharing.

  36. Absolutely wonderful!!! I knew your exhibit would be great but it was even better! You really managed to capture our Swedish summer with all the wild flowers.

  37. I forgot to mention the quilts...what can I say, your work is fabulous!

  38. Love the heart idea, very cool,

    And also loved the jar pincushion,

    Take care

  39. I am totally speechless Stina.....your display is awesome...

  40. Love it all! Beautiful work Stina... and the displays are amazing... I like the way you hung the quilts also... clever girl! Does the bucket bag come from a pattern? or did you make it up???

  41. Thank you for the tour through your exhibition. Beautiful quilts and bags. I'm soory but I like to make bag, I love the bucketbag, is it your own design?

  42. What a Beautiful show & tell...your Butterfly Garden quilt is Gorgeous & I love how you changed the language on it...

  43. Stina,
    I knew you would show your own 'butterfly garden'...it turned out awesomely beautiful. I love your soft, muted color palette. It truly speaks 'Stina'.
    I really, really wish I could have visited,

  44. Så mycket fint du sytt Stina. Följer din blogg med stort intresse för inspiration och nöje.

  45. Butterfly Garden looks amazing. I've always loved the pattern ... yours is definitely the nicest version I've seen. The Swedish words are a nice touch. Oh and a very cute bunny. And love the mug bag.



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