August 17, 2010

Before I forget...

I better show you the last photos from the exhibition!!!
But first I want to thank you all who have given feedback on sewing machines..
some of you have been set as a noreply and no profiles... so sorry I cant get back to you.. 
But thanks for the feedback given!!

Please keep on  giving feedback... 
go to this blogpost ..and say whatever your heart have to say!!
Pro and cons.. 

Kom igen alla Jämtkviltare med Pfaff... :O))
Synpunkter ...tack....:O))
Ok back to the exhibition...
 I made lots of pincushions.. different models...
Wristlet pincushions.. recycled from old table cloths...
Square ones...also made from old table cloths.. and small crocheted table cloths
I also made some small pouches from old bedlinen and scraps and whatever I found...
I used a tutorial given by Leka Quilt for these ones.. 

And more pincushions...
with the Swedish flag... :o))
And some more scissor charms...
Ones with a heart and also the ones with little strawberries on a straw...:o)
And I made a big pincushion too.. 
from recycled fabric... and an old candlestick..
pattern in an Homespun magazine.. by Anni Downs...

I also did some crocheted necklaces...
Flower and leave vines... 
Love these ones.... perfect for a girl like me..:o))

Thankyou so much every one .. who have commented and given me so much feedback on my exhibition.. it have been my pleasure to read everyone of them.. 
I hope I have answered everyone.. If I havent..
you might have been set as noreply..and then I cant answer.. so please look over your settings in the profile and make sure your email is visible... !!


 Promise.. no more photos from the exhibition... 
this was the last ones!!



  1. Wow! I love pincushions! I don't have that many but I sure do love them! You are one talented lady. You just keep on giving us more eye candy to enjoy!!

  2. I could look at your pictures forever. Your work is stunning and the way that you displayed it made everything look so professional.

    Simply beautiful! I love it all!

  3. You certainly have your own style when it comes to sewing. And you got so much done for your exhibition.

    Did you do a test drive on a new Pfaff yet?

  4. Stina, your pincushions are beautiful,all your work is lovely. Thank you for sharing

  5. What a lovely way to finish up your exhibition and so beautifully displayed.

  6. Tack för din inspirerande blogg! Jag har följt den en tid nu och har uppskattat alla dina alster med glädje. För min del kan du få fortsätta visa alster från din utställning för den har varit fantastisk!!
    Kram Susanne
    ps har ingen pfaff så inga inlägg där från mig...

  7. Thanks for a wonderful trip through your exhibition. It has been so fun watching it all.

  8. Din blogg är alltid ett stort nöje att följa och du är så fantastiskt duktig i ditt skapande.Utställningen är också underbar,tack för alla bilder man kan beskåda även här nere på västkusten/Hönö.
    Hälsar Gudrun

  9. As I have already said Stina, thank you so much for sharing your exhibition with all of us. You are so inspiring and do such beautiful work.
    Thank you again

  10. Hello Stina, thoroughly enjoyed your have a rare talent...and I was a lucky recipient...when we had our swap...Stina your work is absolutely beautiful...Hugs Lyn

  11. Stina, vilka underbara saker, jag vill ha alltihop! (men det går väl inte...skojar bara!)Inspiration fick jag i alla fall, i en stor dos...

  12. I have enjoyed every single photo of your exhibition and I am in awe of the sheer amount of work that you have. It is all so beautiful. I shall look forward to the next exhibition and maybe Viktor will have taken up my challenge.
    With love.

  13. Hey Stina! No more exhibitions photos?!?! :0( I have SOOOOO enjoyed seeing your fabulous photos and the gorgeous goodies you've stitched. I love the soft colours you use so often - they remind me of well-worn, well-loved vintage quilts that are just meant to be wrapped around you. I love, too, how many of your projects used recycled fabrics - lovely to give them a new lease on life - Well Done!!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  14. Hello Stina,

    I have admired you blog for some time. You create such very lovely creations. I have a few questions, first could you share with me how you "Frame" your photos on your blog postings?? Have many old "Homespun" magazines. Could you tell me what issue the "Candstick Pincushion" was located in?? I have a collection of Pincushions and this one would be great to add to them. Also I truly love your trailing vine of crochted roses. Do you sell them, and if so how much would it be???

    Thanks Hugs Judy

  15. Stina, Thanks for sharing your final exhibition pictures. They are lovely. You have a creative 'eye' in your work and display. I just love your style.

  16. I will never get tired of seeing all the pictures from your exhibition - everything is delightful. You are so incredibly talented, Stina - share it with the world. :-)

    I love it all and I love your style.

  17. I can't get enough of your photos Stina! Each group is exciting and fabulous to see! Are you selling any of your little creations from this group? I hope you are soon to create patterns... maybe even a book!

  18. Stina, Stina, Stina!
    I really thought your last about the exhibition was the parting-post & felt a bit sad that it ended...but then you hadn't shown all yet...;o)
    Love, love, LOVE all the little things, especially the giant's beyond cute! And so is the sweet lady fitting so perfectly in her surroundings...

  19. I love the idea of the pincushion on a candlestick! How is it fixed?

  20. Whew Stina! Did you ever sleep before the exhibition! Gorgeous pincushions and pouches...everything you made is so beautiful...have loved visiting your exhibition virtually...

  21. Everything is just gorgeous...I especially love looking at your pincushion displays...beautiful!

  22. You made so many pretties, I love looking at them all.

  23. Hallo Stina,
    wunderschöne Sachen. Ich bin begeistert. Ich freue mich immer deinen Blog zu sehen.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  24. Hello Stina,
    wounderful work.Congrats!I am from Brasil and I loved your blog.If you want to know what are we doing here in South America,go to my blog:
    Your visit will be a pleasure for me.hugs

  25. I really enjoy all your photos and I enjoy seeing all your projects. I love the touch you add to everything. I like your style.
    Hope your new Schnibble is going to be to your liking.

  26. Oh my gosh!!! I ADORE all the things in these photos. The pin cushions are so wonderful I just want to scoop them all up. So delicate and pretty. The pouches too and the scissor charms...OH, if I was feeling better I would go on and on. Everything I was able to look at here in the exhibition was a treasure. Wow! Big big hugs coming to you.

  27. My goodness you've been busy. Love all the pincushions .. the Anni Downs one is extra cute. I'm a bit sad it's that end of the photos ... would love to see more and more ... have enjoyed every post. CONGRATULATIONS ... such an inspiration.

  28. Great photos, thanks for sharing them, I love all you made for the exhibition.

  29. You have such a nice way about you and your work. I just love how you upcycled that embroidered tablecloth into all those lovely pincushions. You are a great motivator! ~karen



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