Monday, August 2, 2010

Finished... all quilted and bound....

July Schnibble 
Joy Luck....

Made in fabrics from Urban Chiks.... Dream On....

After I had sewn the top together... I had lots and lots of little snippets left...
and I couldn´t throw them away.. so I used them in the border...
making tiny little flowers.... :o)

New goals for this month..
Have 3 Schnibbles to make...
The first one that I missed out completely on...
Too short on time ...even if Sinta tried to help me out... 
long road to Sweden from USA...:o))

December Schnibble... 
The pincushions...

And August Schnibble....
still havent decided on which one to make yet...
have to sleep on it a little bit longer!!! :o)

 Or just relax and read and let time tell...

Got this wonderful book in my hand..
and I am so in love with it.. 
Lynda  have really done her best this time.. (Well... she always do..:o)
but the book itself is so pretty ... gorgeous photos... and LOVE the projects!!!!!
Got some more things....
but wont show... it might be gifts ...:o)
Otherwise I am recovering from a cold I got at mom and dad´s...
long time since I had so much trouble with my asthma...
sometimes I almost forget I have it.. but not now... 

No sewing here at all..
having big big time no mojo at all...
Too much sewing ... 
Give me some more time and I will be back... 
full speed..

it´s still Summer... and I enjoy days with Viktor...
two weeks left of my vacation....

Daughter just moved in.. and out again... 
She and her boyfriend.. found another apartment...
and tonight they will sleep there for the first time...
I am sooo happy for them... 
their happiness is so wonderful to see
and love for each other... 

Tomorrow brother is coming.. or on Wednesday...
have to think on something nice to feed them with... ;o) 
Any ideas ... someone!!!! :o)

See you!


  1. What a lovely quilt STINA. It´s just summer and a girls dream I think. Wish it was mine.
    Asthma is not good at all-I know I have had trouble since March.
    Wish you good days with Viktor and sewing.
    Louise D

  2. I love the little flowers in the border of your quilt. You are so good at making special touches!
    How about a taco casserole? Easy, good and kids usually like it!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. I love your Joy Luck! The little flowers really add to it!

  4. Stina, get well, soon! It's summer...and if it's possible, to have a cold in summer is even worse than the rest of the year.
    As I said, your Joy Luck is so beautiful. I love your quilting, it really makes the quilt...and the little details you added are so sweet.
    Good luck to your August goals,

  5. Ohh such a lovely quilt! I love the flowers! And I have been eyeing up A Little Porch Time too. It looks like a great book!

  6. The little flowers were such a cute idea! And the quilting is beautiful.

    You'll get your mojo back soon!

  7. Oh what a pretty Schnibble! Love how you used up the extra fabric pieces :)

  8. Your quilt is lovely and summery! The new book looks beautiful! and maybe some ideas for new projects?
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. What a pretty quilt. Take care of that cold.

  10. The little flowers are a pretty addition to your quilt. The quilting looks very good!

  11. What a cute quilt!! I LOVE it.That's so nice idea 'tiny flowers'.

  12. The flowers are a perfect touch, Stina! Very sweet. The quilt is truly adorable.

    Summer colds are awful - feel better soon.

  13. Beautiful quilt and I also want a copy of Lyndas new book, maybe soon!!!! Get better soon!

  14. Love your july schnibble. And your book looks great.
    You have really had a busy sewing spring/summer and have a lot done!!
    You are so clever.

  15. Love your Schnibbles, again... you always have so wonderful & creative versions !

  16. As usual, you manage to make even one more of the wonderful schnibbles on your "own way" :)

  17. Your schnibbles is beautiful. Enjoy your book, you have been very busy , so you deserve a break.

  18. Another awesome finish, Stina! Yay!

    At the rate you've been sewing leading up to your show I can imagine that you need a little well-deserved break. I say 'just do it'!

  19. aahh Stina this one is Gorgeous & I Love the flowers on the Borders...Enjoy the rest of your vacation...and get better soon.

  20. Nydelig teppe, og veldig fint med små blomster rundt kanten :O)

    Ha en trivelig uke.

    Klem Linda..

  21. Hope you are feeling better soon. You did a great job on your quilt. Love the little flowers. Great idea.

  22. Congratulations for the work and the Blog
    You have good taste
    Invite you to visit my blog
    Hugs from Brazil
    Fernanda Felix

  23. I just love your Joy Luck quilt, what colours, very summer!

  24. What a gorgeous quilt!! I just love the freshness of it and the colours...just beautiful!

  25. Stina, I just discovered your blog while looking for hand embroidery patterns! I have some health issues that prevent me from doing the very elegant stitching and crocheting doilies that I used to do so I have been making quilts with the help of my sewing machine. But somehow the longing to do hand stitching just won't go away so I have been re-teaching myself to do simple embroidery and doing okay at it. I love the stitching patterns that are so popular for quilts and wall hangings these days. Anyway I just ended up here and wandered about for a while and just had to tell you, I truly love your "Joy Luck" Schnibble. I believe it is the most beautiful I have see as I've looked around at many of them. I haven't made any Schnibbles yet but I have one pattern and intend to do but I have been side tracked by the longing to do needlework. Your stitcheries are also beautiful! Well, I just stopped in to tell you how wonderful your work was and now I'm off in search of the "Simple Pleasures" embroidery patterns. They seem to be hiding from me. *smile* Happy stitching!

  26. Just catching up reading your blog. Always lovely things to see that you make. Love the little snippets on the Joy Luck quilt.
    Your shirt quilt is just precious.



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