August 9, 2010

The last walls...

in the yellow room...
from my exhibition in Skellefteå this summer....

This is a quilt made from one of the most fun challenges I have  had...
The Shirt project!!!
We had read about some ladies doing this In Australia some years ago.. 
could they so could we..:o))

We collected ten shirts each... and since we were five ( Marica, Cici, Kristina, Lotta and me)  it became 50 shirts!!!
We divided these equal among us...
and decided on the rules...
All 50 shirts had to be used in the quilt we made...
Just one fabric could be added...

And this is what I made...
( Oh you should see the other girls too.. they are wonderful)

"Fem Flickor ( Five Girls)"

Pattern by Cheri Saffiote Payne
And the quilt in the basket.. is a quilt I started with the leftovers from the shirts.. both on the back and front...
still not finished.. but will some day..:o))
And believe me.. I still have LOTS of scraps from those shirts...

(And you from Norway and Sweden might remember this since we have been in the local quilt magazines showing all the quilts..)

One time while visiting Louise in Östersund we started to sew one doll each..
and this is my version...

"Sarah Louise"
Sooo much fun we had that weekend!! :o)

And this quilt is another oldie....

Also a project shared with friends...
Louise in Östersund and Eugenie in Norway
We decided to sew stars to each other..
I sewed mine ( in my colors) and sent to Louise who sewed for me and sent to Eugenie...
who sewed for me and finally one day A large envelope was in my mailbox...
and then it was up to me to sew them together...

And of course I sewed stars for both Louise and Eugenie...
and they do have their quilts finished too.. 
Louise an America inspired quilt.. and Eugenies in pastels... :o)
This is how mine became

"My Stars"

And this is a quilt I gave my Brother and his wife Anna on their wedding day
Thanks for letting me borrow it ...:o))) 

"The wedding quilt"

And during the show I exchanged the quilts a little so I hung my 
Everyday Angels in the same corners as my brothers quilt...

"Everyday Angels"

pattern by the Chookshed ( I think..:o)

And this is a quilt I made for my Mother... 
she do always think we are too far away... so I decided to change that..
So I collected the handprints from my brothers families and from mine...

and made this quilt with just Kaffe Fasset fabrics...

"Mothers quilt"

So now she can have us all around her..:o))

The quilt below is the the oldest quilt I had in the show... a quilt that I made for my dads 60th birthday....ohh.. look at those fabrics.. :o))  talking about memory lanes... sweet memories.. and so is this quilt for dad too...

Some Pictures from his life transferred on fabric..
My christening... Dad just as a little boy...  Newborn sibling... 
Mom and dad taking a rest in the haymaking... Early days working in the woods...
Castle Rushen at the Isle of Man... where Our relatives lived during the viking ages...
The beard he had when he came home from France.. and still
early days  working with floating timber....

"My Fathers Quilt"

It doesnt show so much but I quilted a message for him on the quilt with runics all around the quilt... and well he says he have read it..:o))) Im not sure.... :o)

And finally  a quilt Viktor and I worked on together when he was about 5-6 years old... 

He picked the fabrics... and wow he was so sure where to put them... 
maybe he will be a quilter ..:o)))

Oh so much fun we had building all the trucks and cars...
Pattern from an Australian designer... think it was called Adams Garage...

"Viktors Garage"

And I totally forgot to take photos of the quilts that was in the basket.. 
but maybe someday... I will show them... 
hmm.. because the one in blues and greens... are needing some help to be fixed!!
It is so worn!!! :o)

 Well I hope you have enjoyed all the quilts.... 
Have some pictures left from what I had for sale at the show...  and then it will be all back to normal again here in Kviltstina Land..:o)))

See you!!
have to get back working on my Schnibble!!! 

Rural Jardin fabrics this time... :o)


  1. I am enjoying ALL the quilts! This has been a wonderful exhibit, Stina.

  2. They are ALL just sooo wonderful! You did a fabulous job! I especially love the handprint quilt!

  3. I keep thinking it doesn't get any better and then you show us more!! I loved the display again and I loved your sweet! The shirt quilt is so adorable and what a great idea!!
    Loved your post again today!!!

  4. This is so amazing. I love the shirtquilt. What a great idea to challenge eachother. You know Hanne, Bente and I are having challenges too and it is so fun.
    Love the doll and it inspires me in our challenge right now. We have called it "Sov dukkelise"

  5. Love the Angel quilt. I'm going to hunt to find the pattern. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I really enjoyed your tour today. Is this really the last post with pitcures.

  7. Stina, I have SO enjoyed your quilt show! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Those are all simply wonderful pieces. I love the stars and your doll is soooo cute.

    Your brothers quilt is lovely and I can imagine how much fun you and Viktor had designing and building the trucks.

  9. Busy, busy! I love the idea of the "shirt" quilt! And I LOVE your doll!

  10. Wow Stina -- what a legacy of quilts you have. No wonder you didn't have time for blogging this spring. I'm sure your show was a fantastic success -- all the quilts are so beautiful!

  11. What a Beautiful Show & Tell...Love the Shirt Quilt.

  12. very enjoyable show Vicktor has a good eye for color!

  13. Those quilts hold some lovely stories! I loved the handprint one, such a lovely idea.

  14. The shirt quilt turned out great. Beautiful quilt showing!

  15. Yeah! I love viktor's quilt! i've been looking for something just like this. will you please let me know where you got the pattern...thanks and i love , love, love all the quilts you've made. what a very busy lady you've been !!!

  16. Hi Stina,Everything just looks so fantastic and your exhibition has been a great success. Love the idea of the shirts. Maybe Viktor will pick up a needle and thread soon and at your next exhibition will show his work too. A challenge for Viktor from me.
    Well done Stina.
    Love Shirley.x

  17. Hei! Quiltene du har laget til dine foreldre er herlige!

  18. What a wonderful show of projects, your quilts are beautiful and the shirt one is extra special. Thank you for sharing them.

  19. What a beautiful show of quilts...thanks for sharing them with us!!

  20. What an incredible collection of all the quilts you've made, Stina. That is quilt a legacy that you have created and one that will be enjoyed for generations to come. I have goose bumps just from looking at all the eye candy. I can only imagine how the people felt who got to see them in person.

    A wonderful, wonderful show. Thanks so much for taking us there.

  21. Stina...again soooo beautiful quilts...some of them I already knew & now even love them more...just love your mother's quilt...!
    Hugs, Julia

  22. Hi Stina...whew! what a wonder you were tired at the end of it...a fabulous exhibition. I wonder if the Australian group you read about was one of the groups I am a member of...Sunbury Stitchers & Quilters? I joined after they had started the shirt challenge so didn't get to participate.
    Have fun working on your Schnibble...I love Rural Jardin fabrics so will be looking foward to seeing your quilt.

  23. Hey Stina! Oh I have SOOOOOOO enjoyed looking at your photos from your exhibition - so very inspiring!! I love that your quilts all seem to 'go' together, but also love the 'hands' quilt you made for your mother - you clever chook! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos ... will look forward to even more. :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  24. What a treat, Stina, thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself with us. I feel I am getting to know you better through your quilts!

  25. Beautiful, beautiful. You are so talented. The quilt made with the shirts is adorable. And your sweet doll is so cute.

  26. Sarah Louise is my favourite this time ... she is ADORABLE.

  27. Oh, Stina, I made the Everyday Angels quilt, too! Yours came out beautiful in those soft colors. I used scraps of a more bold hue. What fun I had working on it. ~karen



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