August 24, 2010

Last weekend...

it was tennis all weekend!!! :o)
Not for me but for the guys in my life... 
Riviera tennis 2010...
Too bad  the name didnt live up to its name.. like it did last year with warm temps.. 
Rain and some more rain so a lot of matches had to be played inside...

Singles were played.. for Viktor.. 
losses and wins...
Double with his friend Jonathan in the picture...
First place...:o))
And Generation double was played .. 
and happily the finals was between 
Viktors friend Jonathan and his dad.. 
and Viktor and Lars in the black team..
 They had really fun .. just sorry they didnt win this time..
Next time we take them .. they said..:O)

On the sewing front it is going very slowly...
Top is finished... of Short Story.. well sort of.. decided to add a little something .. as usual... ;O) And have it prepped for quilting.. just havent decided what to do yet...
Will set up Bernie and have a go later today.. I hope..
But am a little bit tired.. still not better... 
The old neck wont give in for the better..:o)
At least I am back at work.. and hope It shall work !!

And Viktor .. what a sweetheart he is.. to cheer up his Mom.. he 
"invented" a new hairdo ... special for me.. just me..
with an antenna... LOL...

Well I shouldnt show... not to pretty..
but since you all are my friends.. 

Here you go..:o))

Well it took more then 20 minutes to get away from my hair...yikkes...
think he did it well 
Say something nice ..
 and see you..


  1. Lovely new hairdo - Viktor did well. :-)

    Your Short Story quilt is fabulous - love it!

  2. Yay vor Viktor and Lars...! They did a good job (couldn't for the life of me serve...don't have 3D I'm pretty impressed if someone does).

    Yay for your shortstory! Youd did a great job, turned out great despite being a little out of your box fabric-wise...

    As to the hairdo...yep, ingenious! Does Viktor plan to become a stylist? *g*.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Your Short Story is already beautiful/can't wait to see it quilted too! I use to love to play tennis. The teams look well matched! Very fun, even from the sidelines!(I have that same hairstyle!!!)

  4. Hahaha -- you're adorable Stina -- antennae and all! Love that Short Story!

  5. Wonderful work as always :) The guys looks to had a wonderful weekend and congrat them from us...

    Take care!

    hugs from M

  6. You look like a teenage girl!
    Victor is such a good boy. Nice to his mam and a good tennis-player.
    Your quilts are always just WOW.
    Hugs Louise D

  7. Very beautiful quilt. I love fabrics and colors !

  8. Well, that hairdo must bee the fashion this fall! Lovely on you, Stina!

  9. looks like the boys had your quilt top...and love the new do! very cute...
    cheers Julz

  10. Hi Stina!!! Your new quilt is beautiful, truly! AND, I love your new 'do'! Your son did a fine, fine job *smile*. The antenna makes a real statement, just don't go out if there is lightening and thunder *wink*. Hugs coming to you!

  11. Love the new's soooo you!

    Tell Viktor that he better stick with tennis and not hairdressing.

    Love your quilt top!

  12. Gosh Stina,
    I look like that all the time. Viktor is showing such artistic flair. Commiserations that he and Lars didn't win the tennis. I am concerned about your shoulder. Have you been to have it looked at yet? Sounds like you should. Take care.
    Love Shirley.x

  13. Tennis is a great social sport for people of all ages, too bad about the weather but it looks like they all had fun.

    Love your new quilt top and maybe Viktor has found his calling???

  14. Oh, that is a great photo of you with your new haircut. He did a great job.:D
    I used to play a lot of tennis when I was younger. Fun!
    Love your quilt and always beautiful photos of them too.

  15. A champion in the making, love the quilt and as for the hair style Stina....'unique'....LOL...very cute...

  16. You always have such good ideas to add or change something to patterns, I love it! And it seems that Viktor has a lot of his mother's DNA!!! How creative he is, too! Your new hairdo is so original!

  17. Lisa (från skolan)August 26, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    Men Gud, Stina så fina grejer du gör! Du borde ju hålla kurser! Jag skulle gå en direkt! Du kanske kan peppa mig så att jag vågar maskinkvilta, jag har velat det så länge, men får det inte riktigt att funka. Jag kanske måste byta fot på maksinen eller nått. Ser så fram emot att träffas och ser fram emot hela året! :)



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