September 5, 2010

Resting ...reading...:o))

and this is my view ...
and has for some days...
Resting... Chiros order.. 
dont lift anything..dont work with arms above chest.. 
and NO SEWING!!!!

So it wasn´t even fun to stitch.. so what have I done then..
Reading.. or Studying...I should say...
This Monday I started to study again..
40 weeks ...distance course...
Craft and Design in Kalix... :o)
So I will have to have a very focused year ..
working, family ...and of course... 
still want to  have time for the things I love..
my PATCHES...:O))

So bare with me...
Firstly I am thinking of my three girls
that eagerly are waiting for their 
PIF gifts... they will come.. but like things are right now...
I hope you understand..:o)
And for my "Partner in Crime".. you know who you 
can we extend our date a little bit further...again.. 
I´m so sorry!!!

Off to some reading again...
and think family wants some dinner this Sunday
hmmm.. maybe we will have a favorite... like Viktor says :
-oh it will be a famous dish...


  1. Söndag är vilodag bara så du vet.Nu är t o m din kiropraktiker på samma linje som...Förhoppningsvis griper familjen /barnen in och lagar en härlig söndagmiddag till er alla.Säg inget till maken om att det är Fars dag bl a i Australien eller var det nu var.Inte ofta en mamma hinner ligga på soffan och invänta middag.Fina bilder har du också.
    Skön söndag
    Tygerna ligger bra där dom ligger.

  2. Some days rest is just what we need. Good to see your blog again after I've taken a long break from blogging. Hugs.

  3. Stina, trying again ... let me know if this again shows as a no-reply comment. It's not supposed to be and I'm unsure how to change the settings if it is ;)

  4. Stina;
    We all need to take a rest every now and then. You must be having a hard time avoiding sewing though with so much wonderful inspiration all around you. I will wish fast healing for you so that you can get back to sewing fun.
    Becky in South Carolina - USA

  5. Leftovers are great from time to time :)... you should teach your husband to make some delicious sandwiches like mine does lately ;), then you can take your dinner-worries off your head....
    I hope you recover soon.
    P.S. you've got a lovely room-view, so luminous ....

  6. Oh you poor thing. I knew that shoulder needed some serious resting. When it is mended then you can start afresh and the new course will take your mind off it for a while. Lots of inspiration out there for you to be thinking about but take the time to get it properly better.
    Love Shirley.x

  7. That certainly makes life difficult!!! Hope the resting will clear the problem up and let you get back to yourself soon.

  8. Oisan, har ryggen krangla til nå. Ja du får bare ta det med ro og følge kiropraktorens ordrer. Hust at det er investering i mer sying da du blir bra.

    Lykke til med studier.

  9. If you MUST rest what a gorgeous room to do it in...and that quilt at your foot of the bed..stunning!! Enjoy your surroundings and let hubby wait on you hand and foot!! Hope you get better FAST!

  10. A well deserved rest for you. Enjoy your reading with such beautiful surroundings.

  11. Take care of yourself, Stina! Love your blog header, by the way.

  12. Stina! Du ser tagen ut men jag hoppas bara att det är längtan att sy som bekymrar dig. Själv blir jag nästan tokig om jag inte har nåt på gång. Det är ju jättetråkigt att vara göralös. I dag har jag klippt häck och gräsmatta och känner av det i hela kroppen men det har jag glömt i morgon förmiddag. Vi skall visst få fint väder till veckan och då får jag passa på att vara ute o pyssla. Take care STINA.
    Hugs, Louise D

  13. Your body is insisting that you take a much needed rest - listen to it. Take care and enjoy reading and such.

  14. Hope you feel better soon ... in the meantime enjoy your rest/study time. You certainly have a lovely place to do it.

  15. HI Stina, I hope your back gets better soon so you can get back to some sewing! Good on you for going back to study and I hope you really enjoy the course.

  16. Take your time, Stina! After all, you have such a lovely and cozy place to rest!!!May I book it for a weekend?!! Craft and Design sounds like a great course, I wish you a lot of success, even thouhg when that means studying...Wish you well, dear friend!

  17. Stina, I'm so sorry you are down but rest and do as you are told! Take care of yourself...I am of course quoting what you said to me just a week ago. Good advice! LOL. Your view, at least the angle looks very much like mine and though I haven't been able to sit at my sewing machine for over 2 months now, I'm hoping in 3 weeks the doctor will say it's okay. I haven't even visited with my lovely hummingbirds lately and it is migration so there are many new ones to be introduced to!!! Ah well, it is what it is, right, and we will do as we have to do to set things right again. Hugs to you my friend in Sweden. Be well soon, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. Good rest is something we all need sometimes, but get well soon, I enjoy seeing your work!

  19. Hi-iam new to the blogging world and just retired!! i am a quilter and cloth dollmaker and my email has been for about 10 years! and now i find "kviltstina"!! hope you are feeling much better! pat

  20. Resting and reading.... sounds good! Take it easy and think of your body!
    I reversed my no-reply, have no idea what I did but as long as it works I'm happy.

  21. Sending you hugs & wishes to be well! Epson salts always help me. But it's a good chance to catch up on reading... and just maybe hubby and son can spoin you a little!

  22. Better to rest than make it worse. You take care and relax a while, you have been super busy.
    Yeah! for leftovers!

  23. Stina,
    I hope you're better by now!
    Please, do not hurry at all...take your time...we'll find a this life, too!

  24. Stina,
    I know once your rested and start feeling better soon that you'll be sharing with us all kinds of new projects. In the meantime, it was fun seeing all this past year Schnibbles finishes! Oh...and I spy a PIF from me there!!

  25. Hi Stina..Sorry you've been laid up with your shoulder....awhh... but boy have you been busy. This was supposed to be the year I caught up all my projects!! Not going as well as you I must get back to blogging again soon. I've taken time off from that too. I think I need to be motivated.
    Hugs from Queensland Australia

  26. Hugs to you! Rest, relax, all your projects in your mosaic!



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