October 6, 2010


This year our Yearly Swedish Quiltmeeting was held in Örnsköldsvik ...

Marica and I went by bus... 
had a nice catch up time in the bus.. 
(almost 5 hours for me) 
had my GJ (Gardeners Journal) stitchery with me..
did I stitch.. NOPE..;O) 
Just talked..
Checked in at our hotel...
 while we waited for Louise and Gulli to come by bus from Östersund...
 we looked around in town...
Had some of this... 

Friday we spent at the quiltmeeting looking at quilts.. 
searched for some perfect fabrics..lol.. 
didnt buy that much... seriously!!! :o)

Saturday morning... 
we headed out to the Quiltmeeting again...
Shopped some ... more on that later..:O)
Forgot to take photos of the shops.. stupid me.. 
Ate pizza .. no photos of that one either.. 
think I ate it to quickly!!!

Went back to the hotel...

Smiled at the sight of all our lovely toiletbags... 
 Looked through our shopping..
took a nice glass of white wine.. or two....
Nine a clock some of us became very hungry...:o)
Some of us ate tacos or ground beef patties with salad or warm foccacia bread with ham and cheese...and some just had hot chocolate with whipped cream... :o)
Pheeww... :o)

Time flies when you have fun .. 
suddenly it was Sunday morning...
and we sat on the bus home again..:o)
Will show  some pictures from the show tomorrow...
thought I had time to post everything.. but NAH!!!
Have to hit the BED!!


  1. Quiltmeeting like this is soooooo fun. Look forward to see more photos.

  2. We did have fun, didn't we!

  3. Oooh, I want to come to your meetings! Your food looks wonderful and those little bags are all so cute. What a fun group you have!

  4. Looks like you girls had a grand time.. I love your header fabric..

  5. friends, food and fabric, the perfect get together!

  6. I'm just completely jealous. Such a fun and delicious quilter weekend. Glad you had a good time. :)

  7. Great photos Stina, looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  8. It looks like you had a great weekend. I look forward to hearing more.

  9. What a wonderfull day with friends - what more could you wish for ???????

  10. You are teasing again. Sounds like great fun with your friends.

  11. Thanks for a wonderful weekend girls :)

  12. That afternoon tea looks to die for. I am supposed to be going to bed and now I am hungry. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend

  13. So much to see, eat, and laugh! A great time!

  14. Oh what a fun trip! That food is making my mouth water...and I love those bags, sooo cute!

  15. heehee...the quilter's bathroom makes me smile ;)



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