Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yesterdays mail...

or the day before that... 
I got my Christmas gift from Marica

It was the sweetest little 
Christmas mini wallhanging... 
So so cute... 
Loved just everything... 
For ever thankful!
Thankyou Marica!!! 

Thought Louise´s  Gift needed a better photo..
 so here it is... :o)

Did promise Viktor to take care of his heating Bunny... 
So surgery took place...
...scary moment for son..when I took the head off...
-Mum.. are you really sure you can do this...!!!
And YEs.. I did it.. 
just forgot to take a picture of the fixed Bunny... :O)

Strange sounds have been going on in the house...
think we have a mouse here.... :o))

Wonder who?? :o)

This morning  these gloves went on... :o)

Back with report tomorrow..:o)


  1. That could be a big, two-legged mouse... :o)

  2. You do get the sweetest gifts!

    Glad you were able to fix the bunny head :D

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Så fine de to små teppene er. Og så rooooooooooooosa da :)

  4. The presents from Marica and Louise are both precious ,just sweet . Hmmm a mouse , maybe a very large one ;-0

  5. Lovely gifts ... love all the 'pinkness'. Can't wait to see what your quilting gloves have been up to.

  6. Heisan Stina ;) :)
    Hvordan går det? Oh, that fabric bunny is so sweet. Did you make that for your son, also? Very nice. Okay...there might be a mouse in the ho use. However, the one that ate the gingerbread house. That "mouse" is probably a two-legged human variety :) :) :) Your blog header is lovely!!! Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. I´m so happy you like it and had taken some photos. I forgotten to do that so if it´s okay can you send me one for my journal?

    hugs from Marica

  8. Hei. Så utrolig mye fint du har på bloggen din. Likte den så godt att eg har lagt meg til som følger. Gleder meg til å følge deg videre. Ha en fortsatt fin helg:-)

  9. I do love the little angel wallhanging. Do You know the pattern? Can't wait to see what else your working on with your quilting gloves on.

  10. It was so fun to talk to you, can't wait to see your quilt finished! So hot here, it is nice to cool down while looking at your pretty header. I'm not homesick yet, need some more tan first! Problem is that it's hard to get a tan while sitting in the shade:)Oh, well....
    Hugs Louise

  11. Such lovely and beautiful gifts!! You won't believe it, I also have a little mouse around here! ;-))) I'll be looking foward to seeing your report!

  12. Beautiful gifts you received. I am reminded constantly of the kindness of people out there who because of it become friends. Glad the surgery went well for Viktors Bunny and that he is fully restored and back in action. Pheww!!!
    Sure that isn't a human mouse? Hope he isn't living in the gingerbread house. ( proper mouse not human mouse).
    Love Shirley.x



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