March 12, 2011


First a  big 
...THANKYOU ... 
to all out there trying to help me with the Mgazine...
You are amazing!!!
Happily everything have been solved.. think the magazine is on its way!!
Thanks to Jane!!! :o)

Otherwise ...
Have to face the facts that I have a really messed up head....
Cant´sew... cant decide on what to sew... 
and definitly not chose colours...!!

So while I aint sewing  I shop!!! :o)
These I got just after Christmas...
Bought a cute bundle from Brenda Riddle at the Acorn Company!!

Georgia Lou
Havent touched it yet... 
yes touched and touched.. but not SPLIT!!  :o)

And I also bought these...
So Yummy!!!!
Brenda is the sweetest!! 
She even added some extra goodies in the mail...
some extra wool pieces... 
What  a lady!! 

 Yesterday I decided... 
I have to get out of my 
Sewing Blues...
Maybe there is some kind of step program for this...
(step one.. touch fabrics..  and so )

So I grabbed this pile!!!
Brew me some tea.. 
and even picked out some nice patterns...
went upstairs..
and NOPE... 
I just couldnt!!

Had some lovely emails from Shirley...
and I think she have to be my mental coach...
Cause she got me into this!!!

A one step program for getting back to sewing..
She called it 
...One Stitch at A Time...
"The Healing Power of Stitching"

And I am so Happy that I actually have used needle and thread
Three Flowers are Sewn.. Yippie!!! 
Thanks Shirley!!

So this is what I have done today...
prepared more hexagons so I can sit and sew 
and watch tonights competition and vote for which song that will compete
 in The Eurovision Song contest in May, Dusseldorf, Germany!
So see you ..


  1. HELLO Stina,

    Your purchases are sooooooooooo beautiful. So many beautiful patterns. Love all those lovely pastel wools too. All your hexagons are truly very pretty. Enjoy stitching on them. Hugs Judy

  2. hey Stina..........Georgia Lou is very pretty.........and I see a Hatched and Patched pattern in that bundle..........have fun..........

  3. Oh so darned pretty every time I get a chance to visit here! I've missed seeing you!

  4. Nice fabriks you have got :-)
    Good you have made some sewing today.

  5. You are on track now Stina :o)

  6. That's my girl. I knew you could do it and that it would be beautiful. Before you know it that fabric pile will be transformed into something that has your own unique style stamped all over it. Meanwhile, a hexagon a day keeps the blues away.
    Love Shirley.xx

  7. have started making hexagons...aren't they so much fun (and addicting?)!

  8. Welcome to the hexagon side . . . I think you find it very nice here *s*

  9. Oh, those Georgia Lou fabrics are delicious to look pretty. I would have a hard time splitting them up. All I want to do is stare at the beautiful colors.

    You're so funny :) :) It's hard to decide on a sewing project ;) :) I want 10 pairs of hands so I can make a bu nch of things at the same time. Your hexagons are beautiful. The lines are so neat and clean. Mine are messy...:) :)

    Have a lovely weekend :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  10. Hexagonerna är så läckra!

  11. I got that bundle for Christmas! Love the colors... almost too pretty to cut into.

  12. Jeg syntes de ordene:The healing power of stiching ,var så bra at jeg måtte ha dem med i et innlegg hos meg!
    Lekre farger på stoffene dine, og hexagons er veldig kjekke å sy:)
    Ha en fin dag !

  13. Hexies are addicting aren't they? Have you tried them the inklingo way? I love that and use that method for my One Flower Wednesday showing.

    Your fabric selections are just wonderful!! Very springy!

  14. What gorgeous fabrics you have to play with!! Lovely hexies...have fun, Stina!

  15. WOW, for noen vakre stoffer du har. Jeg kan bekrefte at det hjelper å ta å føle på stoffene hvis du har sy-vegring. Et aldeles nydelig innlegg fra deg.
    Ha en strålende og kreativ uke:-)
    Klemz fra Sissel.

  16. Oooh, hey now, I like those sweet little birds in the center of the hexagons! Too darn cute!

  17. Oh I do love that pile of FQs you got, the colors are right up my alley:-)

    I often hav a problem with what to do next when one project is finished. But I have another (and bigger?) problem - when I sew I don't read books and when I read good/great books, I can't find the energy to sew. I don't think even hexagons would help:-O

  18. The pastel wool is beautiful as are the hexigons.

  19. You have some beautiful fabrics there...hopefully when the magazine arrives it will spark the inspiration! :o)

  20. Hej Stina, vilken underbar blog du har! Jag undrar bara lite var i Norbotten du bor? Jag ar uppvaxt i Boden...flyttade till England 2001 for att bo med min nu make...just nu bor jag i Preston. Jag har borjat forsoka kvilta och gora lappteknik...har broderat sen jag var ca 12ar gammal, och har gjort hardanger i ca ett ar nu. Det finns inget sa underbart som att gora sina egna kreationer:) Kram Ylva

  21. Hello Stina, lovely lot of fabrics...I am interested in the pretty wools....I love clever with the centre piece....hugs lyn



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