Thursday, July 7, 2011


First of all ..
A big bunch of roses to my daughter and boyfriend.. 
for the lovely dinner they made for us last week...
Prosciotto ham, melon and mozzarella...
Salad, homemade potato salad.. yummy...
grilled pork or and chicken....
and lovely Panacotta desert...
It was all so good... 
Thankyou sweethearts!!
It was very much appreciated..
hope this was a new tradition..;o)

Heavy rains in the middle of June... 
made me realize I needed new rubber boots...
(got kind of wet on one foot..:o)
And lookilook...
I got PINK ones!!! :o)
And talk about ROSES...
Miss Molly..she loves to pick flowers...;o)
Thats why I decided..
no flowers this
And she really have an eye for the pink roses...
they must be tasty..:O)

And just to show you that I am doing something crafty...
I crocheted myself a little rose  to wear..

( Yes Molly likes this one too..;o)
And  hooray.. I have finished all stitcheries on Butterfly Garden...
Hope to start to sew it all together soon...

Been home today with horrible headaches..
too little sleep...
Cutie Pie have been sick two days 
( note: dont eat rubbish and squirrels)
so there havent been so much sleep...
lot of night walks...:O)

So lets hope for a good nights sleep for both me and Molly...

See you all..


  1. Hello Stina,

    Happy Summer!!!

    Your dinner with your daughter and her friend looked very yummie! VBG Oh Miss Molly is a sweetie, but I have never seen a puppy eat roses! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Love your "Pink Boots"! And Your crochet PINK rose is very lovely.

    It has been at least a couple of months since I have been able to leave comments but finally solved the problem. Thank Goodness.

    Hugs Judy

  2. All that lovely pinkness has left me with a rosy glow. Roses are my absolute favourites and yours look good enough to eat - oops! Molly did that. Love the pink wellies and your pink sofa. Isn't it great when your children grow up and do such wonderful things for you. May you have many more happy days. Get well soon. Shall look forward to seeing a beautiful quilt very soon.

  3. What a wonderful dinner your daughter prepared! Miss Molly is getting cuter all the Sydney loved Rosemary for some reason...strange what goes on inside their heads!

  4. God bedring! Jeg har også lyst på rosa støvler :-)

  5. God bedring, Stina!
    Håper ikke du trenger bruke dine flotte, rosa støvler mer før til høsten! :-)

  6. Molly is growing more cuter each day! Love all the pinkness and those boots are very you!!
    I'll have to learn to crochet a rose too, it's very sweet!

  7. Molly is very cute, love your pink gum boots to,

  8. Hey Stina....Molly is soooo cute!!! And I just love those pink roses and gumboots!!!

  9. Molly is so adorable .. please keep the cute pictures coming. Hope you feel better soon .. I've been sick this week too ... a few more hexies is about all I've managed to do.
    Take care.

  10. How wonderful that your daughter made you dinner -- it all looks wonderful. And I LOVE those adorable boots!

  11. Hoppas allt är bättre idag.Stövlarna är riktigt läckra och gör säkert att det blir lite roligare att röra sig i eventuella regnväder.Ha det så gott

  12. What a lovely pink post ! We can effectively eat these roses, we can drop the petals into whipped white eggs,then into powdered sugar and finally let them dry... They make a marvellous deco on top of cakes !
    Katell in France

  13. Hey Stina! Oooohh!! Your dinner with Petra and her boyfriend looks DELICIOUS!! I think if should definitely be a new tradition for you! :0) Poor Miss Molly having an upset tummy... hope she is all better now and that you can get some good sleep to get rid of your migraine. Love your crochet rose and can't wait to see your Butterfly Garden! Your first version wat what finally tempted me to start my own ... but it's on hold until I finish Gardeners Journal at the moment ... one day I'll finish it! :0) Happy summer stitching - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  14. stina!!!
    olivia and I want pink boots!!!
    nice dinner
    love and kisses

  15. What a feast!
    Yay! for pink. The pup is growing fast!



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