September 25, 2011

A quick update

Ahhhhhhhh.... Thought I would be finished by now... But NOT!!!

Have the flowers webbed to the little quilt... And working with scraps... you know... You never know what happens... So I added orange ... Not so often used in my quilts...;0)

So I'm trying to get used to it.. And I think I like it..:0)

Otherwise days passes by...
Tomorrow I try to get back to work again and hope my back and hip don't mess with me so much!!! Lots of physio right now... But it's ok...:0)
Over and out from me with a picture of Molly...:0)

Have to face it...
Autumn is here...

Love xoxo

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  1. Stina, that is turning out so lovely!! You have really come quite a ways on it. I think the added touch of orange is so nice too :)

    Stay healthy!

  2. Nydelig liten quilt. Orange er en av mine favoritt farger - har vært det i mange år. Høsten er tiden jeg henter frem orange quilter..... Har store planer om å sy en orange guilt til :o)

    Lykke til på jobb i morgen !

  3. Coach here Stina. Like the orange. It is not too much and enhances it well. Hope you keep it in. Love that Molly. She has such a sweet face and I love her pink collar.

  4. Ja, så är det bara - hösten är här! Och i och med det så är det som är orange här också..... det ser sååå läckert ut!

  5. Molly is SO darling! How do you get anything done . . . except playing with her *s*

  6. That's so sweet! And I love the orange you added.

  7. I like the orange a LOT! My husband and I have just booked a trip to Sweden for next summer -- a lifelong dream of mine . . . .

  8. Hi Stina,
    So great to hear from you :-)
    I really quite like the touch of orange.. it lifts it.
    Do take care of yourself.. and cute Molly! xx

  9. I love your quilt and I think the orange gives it a little pop. Cute quilt it's going to be. How sweet is that Molly - adorable pic

    Hugs- Karen

  10. Gosiga vovve, jag minns hur gott det är att gosa med dom!
    Kvilten blir sååå läcker och lycka till med ditt jobb.Håller tummarna för den där nacken!!
    Kram Gudrun

  11. What a pretty project you have going, I'm loving watching the progress. I just LOVE the applique. :))

  12. The orange is great! It really gives the quilt some "zing".
    Now you need to work on your "black phobia"!!! :)

  13. Glad you are on the mend...your new project is lovely!! You take care!

  14. The orange is a lovely addition to your beautiful quilt. I hope your hip and back heal soon. Molly looks very sweet.

  15. WOW! Molly has grown into one beautiful dog. And your project is lovely!

  16. Hope your back and hip are behaving. I know all about back pain!! Love the picture of Molly ... what a sweetie. Enjoying the progress of your little quilt.

  17. Hello Stina, Your quilt creations are always so beautiful too look at. Lovely work. Molly is certainly growing. I hope you are feeling better. Hugs Judy

  18. I love it. And look at big girl, Molly. What a beautiful dog.

  19. I got a green package!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!! It is so cute! I love it!

  20. Hi! Greetings again from Finland! That quilt looks fantastic!!! It's so nice to find other quilters from the other side of the world! :)



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