October 22, 2011

An orange fix....

never thought I´d start to love orange...
but I have had some orange days over here...
maybe it´s the Autumn... ;o)

So I have started a new little project...
orange strips  and neutrals....
and some flowers...

otherwise days are back to some sort of normal here
...dad gave us a real scare and have been at hospital for chest and leg pain..
he is back home but...BUT... 
cant say that Im relieved... :o/
still something wrong...

Will have to keep an extra eye on him...

Days are getting shorter and shorter here.. dark evenings... 
and a black dog ain´t that easy to keep an eye on... 

guess it will be easier once the snow is here .. yuck...

That was a little from me...
must say I´d rather would have been with Leanne Beasley in Vietnam and "Imagine"...:O)


  1. Första snöflingorna singlade ned.den lilla kvilt lyser säkert upp ditt hem.Fina färger!

  2. Beautiful photos. Funny how adding one color to the mix gives us a different perspective... Can't wait to see the finish....

  3. Love the orange! And love the photo of Molly. Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he has a quick recovery!

  4. Så fint...så fint...och ljuvliga färger!
    Mysig helg!

    kram Gudrun

  5. I really like the orange too!
    I wouldn't mind being at a stitching retreat anywhere with Leanne. I love her work!

  6. I really hope your dad will be okay, Stina. I'll pray for him.

    I am having a love affair with orange lately too. I do think autumn has something to do with it. But orange is looking nice in so many ways :)

  7. Lovely blocks, and they aren't pink:)) hope your dad is ok.

  8. Can't wait to see more of your orange project. :-)

    Sending lots of healing thoughts to your dad. I hope he's better soon.

  9. Your blocks look great! I think orange is becoming my new favorite color! :0)

  10. Det er jo lekre farger og jobbe med, så bare fortsett. Håper alt går bra med din far og han kommer seg fort på bena igjen.

  11. Högst ovanligt att se orange på dina bilder - men den färgen behövs den här tiden på året! Det blir ju, trots allt, ljusare när snön sedan kommer.

  12. Stina, det blir spennende å følge med, når flere bilder kommer. Uansett, vinteren kommer til vår del av kloden, så vi får gjøre det beste ut av mørketiden. Det har vi nordboere trening i. Ha en fin helg;)

  13. I'd like to be in Vietnam with Leanne too !!!!!!
    Your little project seems so lovely !! Just for autumn !

  14. What cute blocks Stina! Molly is really pretty gazing off into the sunset :o)

    I hope everything will be okay with your dad. I worry about my Mom too. It is hard.

  15. Sweet blocks darling! Maybe put some reflective west (or one of these flashing collars, not that I would ever use one on mine ;-o) on Molly to be able to keep track of her? When it comes to that Vietnam trip of Leanne's - I'm so jealous it hurts. Vietnam is such a wonderfully marvelous country and I do long to get back there some day ;-)

  16. Snyggt! Gillar ditt färgval på det du har gjort :)
    Roligt att du har kommit igång med lite syprojekt..
    Läser att din pappa har varit dålig?! Hoppas att han krya på sig och att den inte blir värre..

  17. Hey, Stina. I've been seeing orange for a few days now - everything orange is catching my eye! It's got to be an autumn time of year thing. :) Hope things turn around for you dad. Keep a close watch on Molly...there are skunks hiding in those dark corners, lol...or not so lol. The daylight hours may be getting shorter, but you quilts are always very sunny and full of light.

  18. I have every confidence that your new project will be beautiful. Lovely sunset and Molly looks very serene and calm. Thinking of you with your Dad and wishing him well.

  19. I recognize that orange project - it's just perfect *s*

  20. Forgot to say - yellows and oranges are not up my alley either. But I do try to overcome this fixation by adding a bit here and there. But to be as brave as you? Nahhhhh ;-)

  21. Hey Stina! It's fun sometimes to workoutside our usual colours, isn't it ... and your work in progress is looking great so far ... can't wait to see it finished!! Know what you mean about dogs disappearing in the dark ... we have one black and white dog and one very dark brown and both are hard to spot at night ... especially when they are sleeping on the top step!! Oops! Poor hubby has nearly taken a tumble a few times tripping over dogs in the shadows! :0) Enjoy your stitching - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  22. Lovely project Stina and i hope your dad gets better soon.

  23. Your colour sense is fab! I'd never think to put neutrals together with orange...but it works...really really well!

  24. Hello there, I finally am able to read your blog with google reader and what a perfect time to see you Cheri Payne quilts from the previous post. Love them both and the beginning of your next project.

    Nancy in MT, USA



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