Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Better late than never....

 at least it´s what my dear friend Louise had written on
 these lovely presents that came last week!! :O)
(Had my birthday in March...:O)
And I can tell you....
it was all worth waiting for!!!!!
I didn´t mind at all!!! ;o)
Can you believe me....
if I told you I had big eyes when opening the first package!!!!!

A tin suit case from Cath Kidston!!!!!! 
Oh my goodness.. isn´t it lovely!!!
And when opening it up it was filled to the brim
 with more packages!!!!
 Birthday gifts and Advent gifts 
in a lovely mix!!
 See for yourself!!!!
Only goodies!!!!!! :o)
Wow... and if this wasn´t enough...
Look here!!!

The CUTEST and Loveliest little Stina quilt... EVER!!!!
Promises of Spring...

(Sorry about the bad light photos.... its getting dark so quick here now)

Dear Dear Louise...
What a wonderful Birthday I have celebrated this November...
Let´s do it again.. and again..lol...
(Do you think I cried ???)
Hint: YES!!

Will be back showing more about the little mystery!!
Promise!!! Got sick so I´m running behind my time schedule.. AGAIN!!!!!


  1. LOVELY !!!! what a wonderful birthday gift !!!

  2. Helt underbara presenter som du har fått! Lyckliga dig! Du är värd vart enda dugg! Njut i fulla drag!

  3. What wonderful gifts, Stina and you were right...they were worth waiting for!

    Enjoy them all my friend because you deserve them!

  4. Wow! Those are some wonderful gifts from your dear friend. I love Cath Kidston tins. They are oh so beautiful!

    The quilt surely did remind me of you :)

  5. The Cath Kidston case is gorgeous as is the little cupcake and quilt.
    What wonderful gifts!

  6. Now...that is the sort of friend to have

  7. I love it - so pretty Stina! I especially like that cute Cath Kidston box!

  8. What a delightful surprise. In our family we manage to string birthdays out for weeks. But not months!!! At least she didn't write "Do not open until your birthday"...
    Here it is almost summer, and I am over it already! Yesterday it was 35*m today back down to 20* - I want winter back. At least you can put more clothes on when it is cold, in summer there is a legal AND aesthetic limit to what you can take off....
    Although, we don't have snow (sometimes, but not all the time) so it isn't as cold as you have.
    When I am melting I shall think of yoou...
    Warm sunny hugs from Australia, xxxx

  9. What a lovely surprise. So many nice things for you to enjoy.

  10. You deserve to be spoilt! You have a sweet friend... do you think she would like to be mine too... LOL

  11. Good morning Stina, what a beautiful gift from your friend. She knows you so well and it definitely was worth the wait. I need a trip to the Cath Kidston shop now for one of those tins. I would have cried too.

  12. You are soooooooooo lucky. Good friends are the best :)

  13. All of these gifts are "so very Stina" and totally welcome anytime. Such fun! Glad you are feeling more cheerful...did you delete my blog from your reader list while feeling the grumpies?! I am one of those 'three liners' that has not posted in months, so you weren't missing anything there...too sad. :-D

  14. What a wonderful package Stina -- you lucky girl. And I LOVE your new blog header -- it's beautiful!!!

  15. A real tribute to you from your friend.Lovely gifte and so much Stina,

  16. stina!!!
    I have been a little blogger absent lately
    but it's always delightful to update with you and your blog
    happy birthday .. in november, if you are going to receive such wonders, I wouldn't mind celebrating twice. and now, you are "escorpio" like me, it was my birthday last 22th; I am "40" can you believe it??
    hugs hugs hugs!!!! get well soon

  17. Christmas has already started at your house! Lovely presents, what a a dear friend you have.
    Hope you're enjoying this sweet season!

  18. Wow, so lucky you are :-)
    Sooooooooo many great things.

  19. OH, those gifts are all so special. Happy Belated birthday.



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